Man City vs Arsenal clash postponed and Gunners players put into isolation over coronavirus fears

Man City vs Arsenal has been postponed as a precautionary measure.

The game between Manchester City and Arsenal tonight has been postponed over coronavirus fears, with some of our players also being put into isolation.

According to BBC Sport, this follows the news that Olympiacos owner Evangelos Marinakis has announced he’s contracted the illness, and this comes not long after his presence at the Emirates Stadium for our recent Europa League defeat.

As noted by BBC Sport, Marinakis met several Arsenal players at the game, so it clearly now makes sense to delay tonight’s game until we know more about who at the club might now have caught coronavirus.

It seems increasingly likely that the football season as a whole faces major changes in the coming weeks, either in the form of games being played behind closed doors, or with the entire campaign being put on hold.

Serie A has already been suspended, while several games in the Champions League, La Liga and Ligue 1 have been played in empty stadiums.

It now seems Arsenal have a particular problem, so it will be interesting to see if they’ll be able to play again any time soon.


  1. @Jon fox is a wise man last week he commented here that he forsees this virus disrupting the remainder of this season and games being suspended.I laughed thought it will not be that serious. But with our Eurapa league game having been played in a cold night and some of our players and staff having contact with that sick olympiacos owner well the virus could be at arsenal..

    1. @counsel,scientists working on cofid 19 have stated that unlike previous viruses,they still don’t know if cold weather helps spreading it or if that warm weather will slow down the spreading,the last thing we need is people spreading false information and I’m not saying that you are!👍

      1. @Siamois I’m not a scientist but mine is not wisdom of fools,in a freezing cold weather there’s a possibility of someone having a running nose,when you wipe your nose and get into contact it can spread like wild fire

        1. @counsel,I never said it was my friend,I was just pointing out what I read on a scientific site,and you’re making a valid point in that in cold weather there’s a possibility of the virus spreading as you put it like wildfire!👍

    2. Counsel
      As yet the scientists don’t know whether or not the virus is affected by the weather
      I have followed advice from my BBC news app on how to check for symptoms. According to what is known so far, a runny nose is most likely to be a cold not Coronavirus A dry cough and fever are the first signs.

  2. Our players won’t be returning to training until this coming Friday so it’s likely our weekend game will also be postponed.

  3. @Siamois I’m not a scientist but mine is not wisdom of fools,in a freezing cold weather there’s a possibility of someone having a running nose,when you wipe your nose and get into contact it can spread like wild fire.

  4. Disappointing but a wise decision to postpone the match
    In response to GB I can only hope that the affected players can still train at home to keep fitness levels sharp. Not sure that the PL would allow a postponement unless someone in the squad tested positive after becoming unwell.

  5. You could be right SueP but I think, as I said a week or so ago, that all games will be postponed within the next couple of weeks when the virus is forecast to hit its peak. Let’s all stick to the guidance and see what happens. I hope everyone on here stays safe and well.

  6. A Spanish team is not travelling to Italy to play Inter,with Espirito very worried and not keen on travelling to Greece,can Wolves do the same??

  7. Owner of Olympiacos visits the Emirates and we get our matches postponed with our players isolated. Yet, Olympiacos itself is hosting another club in Greece today.
    Well, maybe he never visited the team a long while ago.
    How could he have had contact with members of the Arsenal team without having contact with members of his own team at the Emirates?

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