Man City want Kieran Tierney to replace Zinchenko?

The latest Arsenal rumour to appear this morning is extremely unlikely in my eyes, which is why I have put a question mark in the title!

Many popular media outlets are reporting that Manchester City, with time running out in the transfer window, have put Kieran Tierney on their shortlist to replace Oleks Zinchenko after losing out on Marc Cucurella to Chelsea.

The fact is that Mikel Arteta bought Zinchenko as competition for Tierney, which allowed Nuno Tavares to go on loan this summer, so the chances of Arsenal allowing the Scotsman to leave now would severely weaken our options in the crucial season ahead, and there is no way I can see Arteta sanctioning this in a month of Sundays, no matter how good his relationship is with Pep Guardiola.

There are probably some Arsenal fans that would say that the Gunners should cash in on Tierney due to his continual injury problems, but as far as I am concerned, this is a rumour that is dead in the water and purely paper talk.

What do you think?


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    1. On the subject of left backs, I find it incredible that Chelsea have paid around 60m for Cucurella from Brighton particularly when Chilwell is now fully recovered from injury.The Spaniard is a very decent player but 60m seems indecently over the top for a guy who has only one full season in the EPL under his belt .That said the Brighton Management are to be congratulated for maximising their short term investment in Cucurella and for plucking him from relative obscurity for a very modest fee.As they have proved on numerous occasions Brighton FC are a very well run Club and along with Brentford they will surprise many wealthier sides this season.

  1. Another in the long line of JA fantasy pieces , created from the writers imagination and from nothing TANGIBLE at all!
    To be clear, silly rumours are NOT something tangible!

    IF they were tangible , then we would by now have signed around three hundred players this summer!

  2. This one is a dead rumor.. We can’t allow Terney to go.. For 100 million yes, not less. We need a strong team with depth this season, every position should have two strong and trusted players… If Man City missed on cucurella that is their own cup of tea and they should look somewhere else..

  3. How much are they willing to overpay should be the question. If they tried earlier in the window maybe they’d have a shot. But I don’t see us wanting to scout and look for another LB this window if he were to go. I wouldn’t be opposed in all honesty though. End of the day Tierney is injury prone, and if we are confident in our scouts having a good replacement why not. We have made many mistakes with holding onto players too long and then the eventually just dwindle. I dont think KT is going down that road, but its important to know when to sell.

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