Man City want Ramsey and the Ox – Should Arsenal sell?

There have been loads of Arsenal transfer rumours lately that Arsene Wenger is going to have a clear out of underperforming Gunners this summer, in a final bid to win the Premiership in the last year of his current contract. To be honest it sounds very unlike Wenger as his favourite words are usually cohesion and team spirit during the summer transfer window.

But it is no means beyond belief that he may sell a couple of stars to add to his transfer fund and bring in a top striker, which is something we obviously need (and have done for some time). Today, according to FootballInsider, it would appear that Manchester City are still trying to desperately increase their home-grown quota to satisfy the new FA Rules, and there may be an opportunity to Wenger to get some (normally) inflated transfer fees from the Etihad coffers.

The report reckons that City are keen on prising Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain away from the Emirates, and I know most readers of JustArsenal would bite their hands off and probably drive the players to the airport, but I’m sure wiley old Wenger will make them pay through the nose for two midfielders that have contributed very lttle to the Arsenal cause this season.

So, if you were Arsene Wenger, would you let those two follow Nasri, Clichy, et all up to Manchester if City came up with a reasonable offer?

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  1. Hmm. If the price is right. Ramsey is not a bad player, he has shown it before. However, for a while he has been stuck in the idea that he’s a CAM – when his strengths clearly show he’s not.

    He should concentrate less on attacking and neat flicks rather than tackling, interceptions and just tracking back. That’s what his role is, the ENGINE. If he can’t assimilate that, then there is not use having him on board.

    OX is a huge dilemma. On the other hand he has not made ANY progression over 4-5 years but then again he’s still 22 (Kane started delivering when he was 21). Maybe a loan would do it for him.

    Theo, however, I wouldn’t mind selling. His stats are alright comparing them to ie. Sterling. Surely City will pay +£25 millions for him, after all they are desperate.

  2. Can’t imagine this is true in the slightest, just more fantasy rumours, but sell, sell, sell, if there is any truth in it. Ramsey and the Ox are awful, so the transfer would definitely weaken Man City, whilst at the same time, strengthening us.

    In reality there may be a slight chance of the Ox leaving, but no way is Ramsey going anywhere, Wenger is obsessed with the guy!

  3. Pep might be able to help them with their careers as they undoubtedly have talent but have just not pushed on under Wengers tutelage.

    But this is, of course, just toilet paper transfer talk.

  4. Delusion continues..this sounds like an early tactic of justifying why they will still be with us..Le deluded will say “top clubs came 4 our best players but i blocked da transfers so we r hapy with the depth and cohesion these 2 player bring in da team”

  5. Sell.. Sell.. Sell.. £££

    If City are buying then with that money we could afford to buy the whole of Leicester’s team, Batteries included ( manager) And next season we would win the league for sure. ???

    1. @Twig
      Draxler looks about as injury prone as our “M.A.S.H. Unit”…Dude got stretchered off the other night.

  6. This is Wenger’s fault for mostly getting average to slightly above average players over the past decade instead of excellent to world class.

    For example, even though I like Welbeck, it made no sense to get him when we had Giroud, Walcott, Ox, Campbell, Alexis. Because it would prevent us from getting another World Class striker. Welbeck wasnt and still isnt a consistent, precision goal scorer that we need. The last two seasons Wenger has said “We have enough strikers” which is contradictory to what he usually says about Quality over Quantity.

    As to Ramsey and Oxlade. WILL Wenger replace them if sold? There is no guarantee. Wenger didn’t replace Song or Vermaelen when they were sold. No guarantee. Also Wenger may be happy with Eleney and Wilshere and Cazorla for Box2Box

    Wenger said that Oxlade should play Central Midfield. He may keep him.

    To me a good solution would be to get Xhaka because he can play both attacking midfield and defensive midfield. And keep Ramsey and Ox unless we are offered good money.

    Also Wenger is generally against selling to rivals with some exceptions (RVP, Nasri, Clichy, Sagna, Cole, Gallas)

    1. K.Toure and Adibuyswhore were also sold to City,
      Sagna went for Freeeeee!!

      As for Gallas… I think he sulked his way out for free…
      not sure, but didn’t he end up going to the Spuds?

      1. Talking of Gallas- just to use as a random example for some perspective on Oxlade-Chamberlain: Willy G had a goal record of 1 in 11 for us, Ox’s is less than 1 in 14. He also has zero assists this season. He also gives the ball away. What exactly can he do well?

    1. I heard that his splashing the Cash on one NFL player for his Rams team… It’s been compared to the fee that Arsenal paid for Ozil.

      1. @FBG
        In the NFL they trade”drafted players” coming in from college or other teams. They traded their choice of others players for the choice of another teams Quarterback.
        The ironically perverse thing about the NFL, is that it’s a tax free venture. Stan moved the Rams to L.A. from St. Louis to up the teams world wide marketability. In doing so, the city of Los Angeles builds him a brand spanking new stadium, all on the tax payers dime. He gets the lease and pays zero rent for it…Effin win/win…

  7. i think every current player could be sold , what difference would it make ?, none i tell you .we need to start from scratch all over again . we want team players at our club , we do not need nor want wanna be world class players whose only ambition in life is to make as much money out of us as is humanly possible .since the likes of adams and vierra left we have no soul , no heartbeat and no pulse . arsenal need payers with passion, even a short fuse or two . i for one dont like watching robots on the pitch trying to score the perfect goal after 50 cross field passes .bring back the tacklers to the emirates , there is room for the prima donnas as well , but we sure as hell do not need eleven of them on the pitch during any one game .

  8. I support the sale of Ox especially..
    Some say he is 22, well at that age he should have the BASIC brain any professional footballer has..
    Ox can’t pass, makes a lot of foolish decisions,he has no particular position,he gives the ball away, can’t even use his pace well..anyone remember how he got injured??..
    He lacks the MOST BASIC things any street footballer should have.. I mean just look at Iwobi…

    Was watching “Telefoot” (French program) and Carlo Ancelotti was invited (next Bayern M manager)… He said (and I quote) “Alexis Sanchez is one of our priority for next season”…

    This is not coming from me and not a “rumour”… Just saw it now?

    1. @ LoCkAy
      I read that rumour two days ago!… and going by what your saying… it must have been true, then ?

      To be honest.. If they offer 50 -60 million then so long and good bye.. my one season wonder! ???

      We need a massive clear out. .. With Mass Quality arriving in their place.
      Bring in Lukaku and his younger brother who is a very pacey LB .. Bring in Mahrez to replace Sanchez and Kante who has a 20 million release clause.
      Sell Walcott, Ox and Ramsey too, There’s plenty of cheaper options out there, who could do a better job than them.

        1. Bayern Munich have made Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez their top priority ahead of the summer transfer window.

          According to a report in AS Chile, Carlo Ancelotti, who is set to take the helm of the Bundesliga club in the summer, has already communicated his transfer wish list to the club and Sanchez figures at the top of that list.

          Sanchez’s national teammate, Arturo Vidal, already plays for the current Bundesliga leaders. However, it is highly unlikely that Arsenal will entertain the idea of letting go of one of their top players this transfer window.

          1. Sanchez has already had more than a few moans this season. .. Some rightfully, whilst other’s being hypocritical… He won’t hang around if Munich or even if City come in for him.

            Ask yourselves… What difference did he or Ozil make to our chances of winning the premier league?
            Think about it!!… Without being Bias.

            1. I think he may just go.

              He said himself his main driver is winning things and with ancelloti and Bayern let’s be honest: he has a greater chance of doing that.

              I get the idea he has little faith in Wenger. Perhaps big summer transfer activity might persuade him otherwise. But that is not a likely scenario either based on history.

            2. “What difference did he or Ozil make to our chances of winning the premier league?”………not sure if serious, they are clearly our best two offensive players:
              Sanchez: 29 starts- 12 goals 9 assists (21 direct goal contributions- nearly 1 a game)
              Ozil: 30 starts- 6 goals 18 assists – the most in the league and the most chances created (24 direct goal contributions- nearly 1 a game)

              These two are anything but the problem. For comparison:
              Oxlade-Chamberlain- 22 apps. 1 goal. 0 assists. – no hope
              Ramsey- 25 starts- 5 goals. 3 assists. Needs to raise his game.
              Giroud- 26 starts. 13 goals. 4 assists. Needs to find consistency.
              Walcott- 15 starts. 5 goals. 2 assists. Needs to raise his game/force a run in the team.
              We also have had major defensive issues- we need a third quality DM & a top, physical centre back to partner Kos

          2. If Bayern include Lewandowski + 28m pounds then I don’t see a problem with the deal if it is true.

  10. Wow!!! They might offer us 60m+…
    Sanchez…I don’t think he will be able to resist Bayern..

      1. Götze and buying option of Kingsley Coman (since he is Juve’s player) + 40 millions..

        Yee something like that!

  11. Ramsey and chamberlain have one thing in common.
    Versatility is their strengths.
    And we all know how pep likes versatile players.
    Another thing is that on their day these players can be unplayable.
    Due to injuries and form however they have not been able to be consistent.
    But guardiola is best known for bringing consistency such players
    If the price is right I would gladly let them go if it means bringing in better players

  12. you rightly said so, Aaron is not a bad player, and never was until he was Wengerised. Ox oh my god is something else. So much class and talent but lacks professional help to blossom. Current coach can’t help any of the two to hit tip top form and to still show levels of consistance other than to sell everything except himself!

  13. Pep will make or break the pair, they will either come back to haunt us or they will become over priced flops.

    Not a single manager can develop EVERY type of player, some players need a relaxed atmosphere with advice given while others need the hard hand of authority.

    SAF had the hard had approach and it worked for him brilliantly, Pep has a hard hand approach and it works for his style of play.

    Some players just do not have the mentality to develop under Wenger, they become jokes. NB52 is the obvious example, great talent when he turned on the desire but 99% of the time he couldn’t be bothered and was at fault for a LOT when he couldn’t be bothered/not 100% dedicated and focused. NB52 had off field issues as well which made it easier to identify the issue but lets be honest with each other, some current players are the same on the pitch as NB52 was.

    Ramsey and Ox are two that fall into the same category but just without the arrogance.

    I think the players we moan about have shown this fault, this common issue, the need of a stricter authority figure to keep them on the path they need to walk.

    Ox, Ramsey, Theo and Gibbs are clear examples.
    They all have great traits but they have failed to keep hold of the form they have briefly grasped in short periods, Ramsey has the flair which sets him apart in many aspects but even he hasn’t developed the intelligence to manage himself.

    It is no wonder that these players also end up injured more often than other players, they allow desire to rule them a bit too much and that leaves us exposed more often.

    Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they had enough quality around them to learn from but a problem has been the sales of anyone with enough quality for £25 mil for so many years that it just lowered the result of training and stunted the development of some players.

    Recently we got a few players with the right mentality and attitude, this has had an affect on the team but we still lack some quality to push others on. Theo should be a great CF but he is too quiet in games to make any real difference on a consistent basis, I have noticed how he has picked up when Henry was training with us or even Beckham, he thrived when he had top quality to watch and learn from, he hasn’t had enough competition of that standard to push on his development.

    I do think a strict manager will drill their roles into them and they will feel more at home and perform better… something which Pep can do.

    Should we sell them to City?
    Only if we are going to reinvest that money into players that will fit our style of play better otherwise no, do not let them have such assets.

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