Man ‘in the know’ declares Higuain to Arsenal transfer is 90%

I suppose it all depends on how reliable this man is and whether he really has got some inside information on the transfer dealings of his former club, but most Arsenal fans will certainly be hoping that the Napoli legend Jose Alberti is right when he says that Gonzalo Higuain will be leaving the Serie A club for Arsenal, not Manchester United as was being reported earlier in the week.

Alberti was quoted by Metro as declaring, “I’m 90% sure he will go to Arsenal.

“The contract could be a minimum of £3.6 million-a-year.

“It’s not possible that he will remain at Napoli this year after they missed out on the Champions League.”

Maybe not, but that does not necessarily mean that the Argentine international will be rocking up to the Emirates in north London when he has done representing his country at the Copa America finals in Chile.

The Gunners were said to be almost certain of getting the quality front man from Real Madrid a couple of years ago and look how that turned out. Back then we did not have the mega millions of Man United to fight against either.

There is one more problem for me about this piece of Arsenal transfer news and that is the claim that Higuain will cost about £42 million. Will Wenger really see Higuain as worth £12 million more than Alexis Sanchez?

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    1. Higuain would be a good signing but not for 42 mil, that’s just crazy. He’s worth 30 mil max

    2. I’m really interested in who you do want seeing as Higuain isn’t up to scratch supposedly…

    3. ANOTHER Metro based article, seriously admin most fans wouldn’t even click on a metro article as they equate to the Sunday Sport for authenticity.
      I visit this site 5% of the number of times I used to because of the constant Metro based articles and that stupid flashing thing on the left.

  1. i would gladly leave my ass to be kicked as long as Higuain doesnt come to the emirates. we need a 30+ goalscorer not a 20+ goalscorer..yes you fans could talk bout him playing in two major leagues but you and i know the premier league is far from what’s out there when it comes to toughness..Higuain was a better transfer target but not anymore.
    get a 30+ goalscorer,a world class DM and Cech and if for addition a winger maybe,there are lots of classy wingers but that shouldnt be our priority.
    #I miss watching our league matches

    1. Only 30+ a season scorers consistently are Messi and Ronaldo.

      Higuain has been a 20+ goals man 5 of the last 7 seasons while Giroud has managed 20+ goals in a season just twice in his entire career.

  2. We aren’t getting Higuain!:)

    It’s iust some old legend of a Napoli player
    Saying what he thinks ‘will’ happen. He also went on to say that Tony Bennett was in fact the Anti-Christ and would smuggle children into his room before gigs to devour them..

    Thinking about it, this one could be true but the Higuain story….Naaaaaaa!

  3. A striker who has scored 100+ goals for madrid and has linked up with ozil for over 3 years seems like a no brainer to me.

    1. Exactly, he knows ozil’s game, has more experience at the highest level and is younger than Martinez.

      The only issue is price. £30 Mil max for him.

      1. He scored a meager 18 goals this season (2014-2015) and 17 goals the previous one. Giroud can outscore him! With forty two mil, get a better goal scorer? It is plain hypocrisy to claim that Giroud is a squad player and Higuain a world class player.

        1. Where did u get your stats from? that was in the league. 18 league goal in italy is pretty good if you ask me. HE had 29 goals in all competition. Giroud is good but comparing him to Gonzalo? you are having a laugh. We arsenal fans are funny. Some people are even saying they don’t want him. yeah yeah we got danny welbeck. Crazy.

          1. AMEN. Can’t believe some of the stuff I read on here. Don’t want Higuain? Set with Giroud/Theo/Welbz I guess.

            Not worth 42mil? Suarez wasn’t worth 50mil I remember reading here too…..

            1. OG with a full season behind him will score many goals. If I had to ballpark it I would say 24 total goals in all comps and most importantly 10 assists as he is the best link up player in the Premiership. So why spend 40m on someone that might be responsible for the same amount of goals.
              I won’t go into all the other things he brings cause that might be over the head of a few here.
              If we have the pace on both sides not Jack or Aaron playing on the right then those numbers above are achievable.

              1. Ballpark it based on what? Pure guesswork? He’s scored more than 20 goals in his career twice. Buying Higuain or someone similar and you’re likelihood of return skyrockets.

                Not to mention the possibilities with the Arsenal midfielders at his disposal…

                1. Let’s see he scored 19 last year after being out 3 months so yes 24 goals is a very good ballpark number.

            2. can’t believe 12 people would thumb you up.

              theo is better. higuain is over rated.

          2. I am talking about the league goals. If he is scoring 18 in Italy, rest assured he will score less in the premier league.

            2014-2015 2013-2014
            games Goals Games Goals
            Giroud 27 14 36 16
            Higuain 37 18 32 17
            Bonus for Giroud, he is playing in the tough Premier league. Kindly lets talk about another striker not Higuain. He is not better than our Giroud.

            1. Gavana

              Giroud is playing for Arsenal. If Higuain had Ozil, Santi, Sanchez and Ramsey supporting him he would score way more goals.

  4. Think the old chap just wants his face in the newspapers to be honest. I’m not reading too much into this.


    The Gossip

    Manchester United are expected to sign Morgan Schneiderlin, according to the Daily Mirror.

    The Southampton midfielder has been linked with a move to Arsenal but Louis van Gaal joined the race last month.

    Old Trafford chiefs believe they have the upper hand on Arsenal due to their good relations with the Saints.

    And Schneiderlin is reportedly set to join United for £25m.

    The Metro claim that Arsenal are set to sign Jackson Martinez after AC Milan admitted a deal was proving difficult.

    Porto striker Martinez has been in negotiations with the Italian club but the Gunners are now reportedly set to swoop.

    “It’s a difficult negotiation,” Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani said.

    “There are a lot of other clubs interested in the player, his wishes will be crucial.”

    1. His wishes will be crucial eh? Where could this self confessed boyhood Arsenal fan possibly want to go!!!!!

  6. Just imagine the nonsense??? I get so angry, I punch myself in the face and get arrested for it.

  7. IN other news, Liverpool reFuse selling stalling Sterling, he gets super angry and starts scoring tones of own goals……..!!!!!!!

  8. Arsenal currently have depth in squad and options for every spot. Wenger has refused to let go of Rosicky & Arteta to free up space for new signings. We also have Poldoski, Sanogo, Campbell & Jenks coming back. I listed down the players we have and to be honest Wenger has to sell or loan out afew to accommodate additions.

    Ospina was bright in to replace Fabianski & unless Szecsny leaves (which aint gonna happen) we can as well forget about Peter Cech. We know Wenger will be patient with him…. he played him in FA cup finals, the only trophy within reach!
    The players on our “out” list should have been Podolski, Diaby, Campbell, Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini& (maybe) Sanogo & Debuchy/Jenks. Of the above, at least two -three should leave.

    RB is stocked with Bellerin, Debucy, Chambers &Jenkinson and it will be interesting to see how they will be utilized. I’d stick with Bellerin and the 2 english youngsters (for future) if we can get good cash for Debuchy.

    Additions :
    Top striker– Martinez, Lacazette.. Hiquein & Madzukic are good but not upgrades.
    DM— Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Wanyama and maybe a CB & GK (Peter Cech.).

    If Wenger can do this then we’ll contest to be EPL champions in 2015/16.

    1. I wouldn’t let go of Rosicky and Arteta. They have been the most dedicated players to Arsenal.

  9. Not now pal. I don’t want him. Let him stay at Napoli. He rejected us when we needed him. We need fresh players that can bring Sanchez type influence to the club or somebody that, in his heart, wants to play for the club. Have you check Ozil’s facebook page of recent? He has been posting a lot about himself as an Arsenal player. We need players that like the club.

  10. from what i have been reading and comments wenger has made i got a feeling we will get 3 players as he knows he has to do something else other than win the fa cup , we’ve been told that he want stars and my feeling is cech , vidal and jackson M , =£70m .couple of players out 12m atleast so for about £58 m wenger will have a team that is changable for different matches and is capable of winning the league

  11. Higuain is an average striker ,we have enough of his calibre . Definitely we need a world class stiker not giroud or higuain’s type of striker. Martinez & kondogbia will help win the Epl title come next season

  12. Higuain not an average player,I didn’t so much like him until he played fo napoli where he improved immensely fo me,come to think of martinez isn’t prolific fo me,he’s almost 29,has only played in porto. I just think higuain he’s our best option. Except fo lacazette, wu is a one season performer,a gamble fo dat price bt I don’t mind lcazette niether,let wenger make up his mind

  13. Oh yeah? Just like last time when he was “on the plane” heading for London to sign for us?

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