Man United deal for Schneiderlin points to Arsenal bagging Arturo Vidal

Name the player who was close to joining Arsenal and told his club of his wish to pursue the transfer? The same player even went on a mini-strike to portray his anger when the deal didn’t go through. But, he pulled his socks for the rest of the season and put up a good performance for his club. And just like that as the season ended, he’s back on the transfer market.

If you guys have guessed the name as Morgan Schneiderlin…well…you may not get any brownie points. The French midfielder was so close to joining Arsenal. The interest was real from the Gunners; the reciprocal interest from the player was evident. The bid was also ready to be placed. The only thing that was missing is the fact that Southampton didn’t want to let the player go at any cost.

This was almost a year back. Schneiderlin proved his worth again at the club but still harbors the hope of playing Champions League football. For someone with his skill and calibre, that should not be an unrealistic hope.

Little wonder then that as the season wound up to a close, Schneiderlin is back being linked to every club. Actually, it’s not being linked to every club but specifically Manchester United and Arsenal. The Manchester club is looking for a midfield general to partner Michael Carrick, and Schneiderlin fits the bill perfectly.

Early reports pointed that he was interested in a move to Arsenal. There of course is no substantial confirmation of the interest resurfacing from the club or that the player himself is interested. However, Arsenal checks most of the boxes that any player would put up before a transfer market opens.

However if the latest reports are to be believed, Schneiderlin is close to accepting personal terms with Man United. The transfer fee is to be finalized between the clubs but that could be a major shoo-off for other interested parties including Arsenal.

Will he be missed as a target or is it something that the club can do away with? A hypothetical question but Schneiderlin has proved in his time at Southampton that he can step up his game. Obviously he would be a good addition to any club in the Premier League.

That wouldn’t however mean that Arsenal could miss him. On the contrary, it could be a blessing in disguise as the club can now move for more realistic targets. Better still if that target is Arturo Vidal. Who knows, the Chilean midfield general may be pursued more vigorously now.


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  1. Kondogbia first, Schneiderlin second and now Vidal wtf. The media is stupid. When Juve says Vidal is not for sale our next target acc to media will be Krychowiak or Imbula lol.

    1. just so u know…… We are currently being linked with Illaramendi ….Haha! It never ends

  2. Why didnt Arsenal sign quality keeper for the last 10 years ? Quality keepers have always been available at cheap price. Almunia, Fabianski, Szczesny and Mannone mistakes have cost us badly for the last decade.

    1. There was no point of buying a WC keeper because we didn’t have the team to compete on a WC level. It’s like buying Ronaldo and telling him to accept top 4 trophy until we have enough money to challenge for PL. Do you think he would agree to join ? No, that’s why Wenger prioritized on developing his own players from nothing because he knew they would be more loyal during the trophy-less years.

  3. our problem is that we dont actually know wat we want in transfer market, we contiune linkin to every player available in the market, nxt tin u hear is oh arsenal has lost one of his target to inter, juv, atlectico, etc but u wil nva hear dat dos club lose their target to arsenal which is vry bad….every window same old story

    1. Arsenal have lost confidence in scouting a talent. Why cant we find a hidden gem like Athlectio Madrid ? Griezmann, Costa, Vieto. They didnt cost too many.

      1. We can’t becouse the FA do not alow third party intrest in a player and in South America allmost all good players owned by two or three persons or companies, take for instance Neymar Barcelona had to pay undeclared cash to a third party and now they are in trouble becouse of it.

        1. There are other European players available at decent price between 20-25 m but we dont have good scouts especially for strikers. Grimandi should be fired. Look at our strikers over the past 5 years. Podolski, Gervinho, Chamakh, Giroud, Park and Welbeck. Its laughale. We should atleast have the ability to scout quality young strikers.

          1. Have you ever considered the fact there’s still no good striker until now ? All the best ones were already playing for the best teams when we were still trophy-less so I don’t see what you expected us to get. The reason we bought crap strikers was cause we didn’t have the money or stature to attract the most wanted attackers I thought that much was obvious. You can’t expect Southampton to buy a Suarez like Liverpool did for example. Sure Liverpool only got him for 20m, but had more to do with luck than anything else.

      2. 1. Arsenal were interested in him before Atletico 2. Hardly a hidden gem when he was shining at Real Sociedad.

  4. I would be more than happy if we got Vidal.
    He is not a DM but is defensively sound. We also have Coquelin

    In terms of striker, after not going for Martinez, I’m beginning to think we will go for a winger and make Walcott a CF. I’m not happy with this but it’s possible.

    I would love
    Lacazette, Benzema or Reus
    (if not them than Ibrahimovic, Benteke)

    But we missed the boat with Martinez, Dybala, Greizmann,

    1. I also hope we will sign these players but is signing a striker a realistic thing in Wenger’s and Gazidis’ eyes? We have Podolski (still), Giroud, Walcott, Chamberlain, Sanchez, Welbeck, Gnabry and Akpom for the front 3 spots while Rosicky, Wilshere, Ozil and Ramsey can all play wide. We’ll need to offload some players first before signing a new forward or the wage bill will get out of control just saying.

  5. Hope so but a very presumptuous statement! Try mu get schneiderlin arsene decides to stick with coquelin, arteta, flamini, wilshire and bielek!

  6. i’m i the only one who thinks…….West ham are begining to flex their financial muscles in the Transfer market? L()L

  7. We are dreaming if we think Wenger is going to sign a DM, with Arteta and Flamini still around (wonder why), can’t see how Wenger will make a DM addition work. Think if Wenger was going after a DM Arteta, at lest Flamini would have been placed on the transfer list.

    1. Every year we cry for DM and striker yet Wenger disappoints us. Thankfully we have top class Cech GK coming and Coquelin is performing well at CDM. I have no confidence in Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott.
      Giroud- lacks pace and is useless against quality teams
      Welbeck- Unproven and lacks finishing
      Walcott- injury prone but he is a better finisher we have.

  8. Cech and Vidal will be great if trure. Im really nervous whether Wenger will think we dont need new striker.

  9. Those who say we do not need Vidal, how about :
    Koscielny/Chambers Per Gab/Monreal
    ——————-Giroud/anyone new——-

    3 engine rooms in the mid-field, hell of an energy level
    Jack can come in for Ramshy–Coquelin–Vidal
    Cazorla can come in there, as well as for Ozil
    welbeck in front 3 spots alreadt

    This might be the reason why we have 3 RBs, and still linked to 1 LB/1 CB

  10. Vidal or carvalho only one of them 2 and we’re good to go along side cech imminent arrival.

    Can’t see wenger buying a striker pretty sure walcott will be used as a c.f more and gnabry going to be understudy to ox on r.wing.

    1. Check U21 matches he is playing, alternate matches he is scoring 5/5, 10/10 ratings and MOM contender in almost all matches

  11. Vidal will turn arsenal to some serious contender for every title available…just check out what the inclusion of Matic did for chelsea
    Wenger, I hope this Vidal rumour is for real

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