Man United expected to call upon return of superstar against Arsenal

Manchester United are expected to bring superstar Cristiano Ronaldo back into the squad to take on Arsenal on Saturday.

The Portuguese was unavailable in midweek when his side were 4-0 losers at the hands of Liverpool, after it was announced that he and his wife had lost a child during childbirth, while their daughter was successfully received.

The superstar was expecting twins with his wife Giorgina Rodriguez, but were only able to take home the one child, and a minute silence was held in solidarity at Anfield to show that their thoughts were with the star who has given so much to the beautiful game.

He is expected to return to the field to take on Arsenal in tomorrow’s early afternoon clash however, having returned to training on Wednesday, just four days after his son was initially born, and is in line to feature at the Emirates Stadium.

He will be a big boost to their chances having been their main outlet for goals despite his advancing years, although it is questionable whether the rest of his team are better or worse with him in the side.

He will no doubt need extra attention from our defence as we look to close in on fourth spot in the table, with no wiggle room for error as we bid to return to the Champions League places.

Will Ronaldo make things difficult for our side tomorrow?


VIDEO – A great win for the Gunners at Stamford Bridge and Mikel Arteta was in an upbeat mood after the game…

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  1. IWhite and Gabriel must focus 150%not 100%.CR maybe a superstar but he has been lucky not to have been seriously imjured like other stars.
    MA must make sure the defence can give give him no time and space.The Chelsea win has given me hope.

    1. MG, Sorry to have to break the news to you , but 150% does not exist in any player!

      Only 100% does and that will be necessary and also forthcoming, I much hope.

      1. That’s absurd sir. MG was referring to percentage increases i.e give 50% more focus than you usually would. A 50% increase on a hundred is 150 by my calculation.

        Even then, we should qualify what we mean by 100% focus…it could mean the focus level we usually see from players but is not the actual “protecting an edgy 1-0 lead in the last 5mins of a world cup final” focus that they may be capable of

        1. SK What YOU are trying to claim is what is really ABSURD! The original post asked for 150% focus.


          I do not know, but perhaps English is not your first language, but IF it is, you have no reason to argue against what is an undisputed fact, not an opinion!

  2. Ronaldo is the GOAT and deserves a huge ovation when he comes on to the field. Its a journey back in time. He comes back bravely after his son was still born. Will he be the emotional key to unite the rabble United has become.? So many Utd players are out of form and under huge pressure from their fans like us before the Chelsea game. Maguire is a laughing stock, Bruno has gone off the boil. Rashford is dire. Sancho is not scoring. MacFred are in a mess. Their wing backs are all over the place. But they are all potential match winners if we give them a chance. Varane is said to be returning. The Ronaldo factor could be massive. We must not be distracted or buy into the hype and wilt at home under fan expectation. The lunch time kick off is an advantage this time for Arsenal as it limits the emotional lead in time for the Ronaldo fator to play a part. If Ronaldo scores he will most surely look to the heavens and say “For you my son”. Or he might have a mare and be hooked at half time or pull up with a hamstring twinge in the warm up. This game is humungous with the result having a huge bearing on both sides season. A ten goal thriller or a 1-0 owngoal?

  3. Selfishly, I hope he plays. I’ve seen George Best, Bobby Charlton and many other greats over the years from ManU play at Highbury but I’ve never seen Ronaldo play at all.
    I hope the Arsenal crowd give him the same thoughtfulness shown by Liverpool if he plays. I hope we absolutely stuff ManU and I’m going. Whoo hoo!

  4. United will be sky high for this game. Fernandez on Elneny will produce shots on goal. Must hit the ground running, no slow start today. Regarding Ronaldo, In American basketball a great offensive threat is treated thusly, it is called a box and one defense. Put a tireless defender on Ronaldo, run with him, bump him, frustrate him , stay between him and the ball, jump in his face on any high ball to his head, don’t let him measure it. The rest play normal pressure defense. Remember Xhaka cannot tackle (Wenger’s comment) and Holding gives way to much space in the box. Please give respect or United will score 5. They will be up and each knows Ten Hag is watching with a telescope. Deny Ronaldo the ball at all times and play a pressure defense. Frontmen keep the ball under the bar, Make Degea stop every shot and play rebounds. Congratulations

    1. The prototype defender I was referring to was Michael Cooper of the University of New Mexico and The LA Lakers. Find a 60 year old Laker fan to verify.

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