Man United legend agrees with Arsenal fans for a change

It seems that every single reader of JustArsenal has made it clear for months (or years?) that Arsenal are in dire need of a strong defensive midfielder, amongst other things, and it seems that Gooners have got an unlikely ally in the form of the Man United legend Paul Scholes.

The highly experienced ex-midfielder has stated in the Mail that he agrees with our assessment. He said: “The whole world seems to know that Arsene Wenger needs a high-quality holding midfielder but for some reason he chooses to ignore that inadequacy in his squad.

“Mikel Arteta is a nice footballer and does his best in an unfamiliar role but he is not a defensive midfielder.”

But that is just the start. Scholes also agrees with us that Wenger must take Mesut Ozil away from the left wing and put him back in the No.10 position. He continued: “I admired Mesut Ozil as a player at Real Madrid but it is no use playing him wide. He is not interested in defending and he needs to be in the centre, among good quality players who get the best out of him. He has that languid style which makes it look like he isn’t trying.

“I am sure that isn’t the case but he is struggling to find his form and he is too good a player to waste.”

So I wonder just how many of our readers have already stated these two obvious insights since the season began, and how many other people have also made it clear to Wenger where he has gone wrong so far this season. The fact is that Wenger seems totally oblivious to our obvious failings, and is determined to go his own way whatever the cost to the team in terms of results…..

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  1. It’s frustrating, because Wenger does some things really well, but weaknesses we have had for years he still hasn’t addressed. I’d say give Wenger until his new contract expires and then we need some new blood – someone like Jurgen Klopp. I would love it if he took over.

    1. Wenger has many strengths as a manager, but now that we have a much larger budget and financial muscle i feel his weaknesses now outweigh his strengths.
      Ill never criticize any one for defending wenger or still trusting him as its understandable wenger has earned that level of respect and loyalty but for me i think for us to reach where we want to be as a club it would be best if wenger left

  2. It is more than DM that we need, I think we have a lot of average players that are not going to get any better than they are, They should be replaced with good players that will play with some passion and pride, We have to many that go on walk about then the team is under pressure, We need a few battlers no goo just keep bringing in fancy footballers as they just dont like doing any work, It is fine to have 1 or 2 like that if you have a strong team but we keep buying them, Wenger needs to take a good look at the players he keeps buying and go for a different style of player the club is so much in need of a few battlers

  3. I hope Rosicky and Campbell starts tomorrow.

    1. Ezat
      you are a true gooner, u love this club I can feel it.
      them akb ball licker are the biggest problem we have, they don’t care abt the club, they only care as long as ther loard getting 8 million a year doing fck all.

  4. I hope Rosicky and Campbell starts tomorrow.


    1. We should play like Tony Pulis stoke. Or Klopp’s BvB.
      Long balls. Very very very very long balls. From the deep. Thats why i put Mesut where I did, for the long balls.

      And the first three(excluding Campbell) are very hard workers and will chase balls like dogs.

  5. I have to agree with paul scholes! 1 a DM is needed and 2 wenger continues to be too stubborn to realise this! Scholes is right!

  6. Am I the only one that thinks a fit diaby and walcot through out the season will determine whether we successful or not? diaby is a tremendous footballer, his a level above arteta and flamini and will surely improve our defensive mid crises. Walcot will just automatically make us more deadlier on the attacking front. I’m actually looking forward to their comebacks, then again injuries has a way to stop our team from reaching its full potential

  7. is it just me? Ozil was overjoyed with the signings of sanchez and welbeck and is very much anticipating the return of walcot(via facebook). Its like the guy said “finally i’ll have speed and finishing beasts infront of me” then Wenger came along and shifted him. Maybe the oke sooo badly wanted these guys in front of him to unleash his potential. Oh well just my opinion

  8. Scholes is saying what everyone agrees….it’s a no brainer. A CDM of reasonable quality before we sign Carvalho in January so there are 2 for the same position and we can sell Diaby, or pay someone to sign him.. 😉

    On another note, I was pleasantly surprised when we put on 2 subs well before the 80th minute on Tuesday…there was about 25-30 mins to go if I remember correctly. Good to see!!

  9. About our Deficiencies:
    * Arsenal fans know it
    * Arsenal Players know it
    * Rival fans know it
    * Rival players know it
    * Rival managers know it
    * Rival ex-players/legends know it

    ONLY it seems Wenger doesnt know about it….

    1. “You know there is a thing, on the radio, a debate where people call in,” said Wenger. “I didn’t even know it exists. I am here for 17 years.”
      Hence explains his ignorance.

      1. When a person being to high up, he can’t really see what is at the bottom. He just like a king don’t care about his people and do whatever he want.

  10. For me Ozil has to change his on-pitch attitude, he’s a great guy off- field as we his followers on Twitter and Instagram knows. His languid attitude and frustrating looks on the pitch is just not good enough….Even flamini and mert for example even screams, shouts, claps and motivates the other lads after a misplaced pass or during one of their OFF Games….c’mmon mesut, show some steel.

    1. That his personality. He most of the quite type. You don’t see him celebrating like a mad guy after a goal, even lifting a world cup.

  11. in the short or even longer term it makes more sense to bring on Chambers in the troubled holding midfield area. The young man is strong & tenacious. Beskitas & Ba tried to target him in the champions league play offs, but they found him impeccable. To me he is the buy of the transfer window, & I have taken a great liking for him.

    1. yes.. everyone seems to be impressed with Chambers. Even I am. Also Sanchez has scored 3 goals already for Arsenal in EPL and CL play off, so he has been doing what we wanted him to do. Now someone has to form an attacking partnership with him to help and share his goals scoring and overall goals amount.

    2. Play Chambers instead of Per in Defense, so that we can gain a little bit more speed there. Bellerin-Chambers-Kos-Gibbs. I know it looks very young but that is all we have. Per can be a sub at best with his lack of speed.

  12. I’ve always wondered how a midfield trio of Chamberlain, Wilshere and Ramsey would look. All thee are in a sense complete players in that they can tackle, dribble, pass and shoot. Since we have a weak DM, why not use a formation that doesn’t use a DM? Instead play three box to box players.

  13. The no10 Position is dead in modern football. Mesud Özil is one of the last of this species. James Rodrigues has problems too. most of the teams plays with a double six. no place and time for Mesut Özil for looking and passing.

  14. Ozil is played on the wing exactly because he doesn’t defend-

    Ultimately its his choice – Defend and you’ll get put in the middle-
    Dont defend, and you’ll be placed out wide where your less of a vulnerability, or put on the subs bench-

    So whats it to be Ozil?

    1. No, not right, In the middle as number 10, he needs to defend a lot less. There are 4 players behind him 2 in midfield, 2 in defense that can cover, on the wing he only has one player that can cover his lack of defending.

      A team that plays attacking football like Arsenal, can maybe afford one player that doesnt track back and that player is usually the creative player in the CAM position.

  15. I think we need to kidnap Wenger’s Mrs and his favourite cheeses and hold them until he plays Ozil in the middle.

  16. Ozil should definitely be played in his preferred role, we need to build his confidence back up and start to get the best out of him, only way to do that is to play to his strengths and try to hide his weaknesses.

    Scholes is also right about the DM situation. It’s even more vital when you have a slow CB like Mertesacker, you’ve gotta have protection if he gets caught out otherwise you’ll always be vulnerable to the counter attack. Arteta isn’t a true DM because he doesn’t offer that protection and Flamini is not disciplined enough. We also can’t afford to put Chambers there because we’re too thin at the back, one injury and we are in big trouble, so can’t risk him.

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