Man United prove Arsenal CAN still win Premier League title

Okay it is pretty u7nlikely that Arsenal will be the club that is celebrating a Premier League title win when the current season ends in May, but to listen to some Arsenal fans and football pundits we may as well give up now, because the Gunners are being given about as much chance as I have of sprouting wings and flying to the moon.

It is easy for the fans of any football club to get disheartened, and especially for Arsenal fans after last weekend’s disaster in Watford added to a long list of things we would rather forget but cannot. But we mst remember that football is peppered with examples of things not going as people expect.

Take the title win of Leicester City for an example, or Greece winning the European Championships, Nottingham Forest winning back to back European cups after being near the bottom of the second division the previous year (that still amazes me what Brian Clough and Peter Taylor did and if you have not seen the film about it called ‘I believe in miracles’ then do yourself a favour and get it watched).

Okay so back to the point and the chances of Arsenal winning the league…a few weeks ago Man United looked like world beaters but after today, not so good. A lucky point at Anfield followed by an even luckier win against Benfica set the scene, but a loss away to EPL new boys Huddersfield just shows what can happen.

Arsenal still need the impressive (so far) Man City to hit a serious wobble but they did it last season. We still need Arsenal to improve a lot as well but I reckon we are better chasers than leaders and we all know that on our day the Gunners can beat anyone, so let;’s have a bit of optimism shall we.

Sam P.


  1. For that to happen we should not lose to watford at home lol we will lose many more games than utd this year be rest assured.. and we won’t win the league, be rest assured we don’t have the character that leicster had so that aint gonna happen either.

    1. Fair enough.. its high time fans start profiting in some way from arsenal.. which is why I believe a petition should be made for fans to be able to buy equity in the club, but its obvious that kroenke won’t be open to that.. Which is why he needs to go.. A new owner would hopefully allow fans to own a small portion of the cub..I believe AST had done this in the past ut owing to lack of liquidity it is no longer possible to do so. At the end of the day it is what it is and if nothing is going to change and honestly fans don’t want anything to change because we don’t see any real intention from the fans.So we might as well enjoy it, try to be happy competing for the europa league year in year out, lower our expectations and every now and again make a serious top 4 push.. Thats our level now

  2. Priceless!! Watford can also still win the PL, in fact, they are even better placed than we are.

    At this point our chance and Watford are mathematical. Man U dropped 5 points in 2 games and are still comfortably ahead of us.

    There is zero point for reasonable fans to speak about us winning the PL.

    Speak about it late March or April if we are within 2 points of 1st place, don’t speak about it in October whilst being 12 points out of 1st after 8 games.

    In fact, I find it a bit embarrassing when we talk about winning the PL. It makes it looks like we deserve to be the joke of the football world. Much better to be humble and learn from the past and wait till we start to behave like winners. Otherwise, we look deluded, out of touch and foolish,

    1. Arsenal just needs to be winning games upon games. I still think the speculation about Sanchez and Ozil should be sorted ASAP if both stay and give their best on-field Arsenal will be scoring goals.

      I think they have a chance as always if they don’t throw it away.

  3. De bruyne is doing everything that people expect Ozil to do. That assist for Sane’s goal was just incredible. Wow wow wow!!! Wish Ozil can up with some of his good stuff

    1. Özil is,finished at Arsenal.

      Almost November and he’s got zero goals, zero assists, zero shots on target.

      1. tell arsenal fans that
        half still come up with joke stats and excuses to justify him

        mentioning de bruyne an ozil in same breath is an insult to kevin

        1. Ozil is not in a good place football wise right now and he has himself to blame. You are absolutely right,the only way you can mention de bruyne and Ozil in the same is if he has done and achieve what Ozil has done so far in the game. He is 26 and Ozil is 29 so he has 3 years to catch up.

    2. When y play 433 formation, where y play as playmaker, with sane and silva in the wing, y got de bruyne
      When y play 433 formation, where a playmaker play as winger who have to defend and track the ball, y got oziel

  4. This is a joke right? They are still ahead of us, and are winning away games, which is something we have not been able to do this season, and man city won again comfortably…

  5. If Arsenal had beaten Stoke and Watford and Chelsea the way we should have if we were title contenders, I would agree with you. But at the moment, we are 12 points off the leaders, and it’s going to take one hell of a turn around to catch up, even with 30 matches to go. Let’s have this conversation again 20 games into the future…

  6. Is this 1st of April? Sam are you serious? We have as much chance of winning the premiership this season as York does. I think you should seek therapy.

  7. We don’t know who will win the league, so let’s stop speculating. Yes at the moment it doesn’t look real for us but Manure loosing today means anything can happen.

  8. Yes on our day we can beat anyone but when will we have our day?
    Alll our performances so far this season have been mediocre rather than encouraging.

  9. Lets be concerned about getting our “Cojones” back and securely grafted before talking about the title.

    For a while there I actually thought Chelsea would get the “cojones” treatment today……

    Consider this:

    ==19 teams are NOT going to win the title

    ==16 teams will not be in the TOP 4

    ==If current form continues into the final 8 games, at least 3 maybe 4 teams will be competing for 4th place.

    ==And it does not look likely that Leicester or any “upstart” will do a “Leicester” this season no matter how much cojones they think they have.

    ==Arenal is the only team that could still get into the CL even if they finished outside the top four.

    ===== Since there is no guarantee Arsenal won’t experience furthe cojones” malfunction which of these battles should Arsenal be fighting?

  10. Read the headline though has to the the delusion school boy Sam P didn’t need to read anything more

  11. Blah Blah Blah…

    Please let’s just get a win at Everton first and a winning run of at least 5 games before we even think about talking of our chances.


  12. Come on guys, let the man have his hope. I personally have become indifferent to arsenal, defeats dont hurt, now I just hurl insults and death wish at wenger and kroenke all match.
    They killed my passion just like to many of us here. He still has hope or is delusional.

  13. Sam P, Bob asked if Chelsea beatin Watford made them better? I responds to that smoking bandit that no, neither be EPL winners. So, MC SAm P, you do sound like flop rapper lost in time; of course if Man U lost, we can still win the EPL, specially with Man City 12 points ahead we not yet quarter of season, we will catch up and pass MU who are 7 points clear even losing…Then we only travelling to Everton, we lost home against waford, if we can drwa their be awsum to win this, yes yes yo, to the beat yo..Sam P on the M.I.C. Make some MF noise we champions already yo/..;We suppose to laiugh loud i guess, relaxes us…

  14. I’m not sure about that preposition.

    Thought kevin de bruyne was an awesome beast for Manc.

    Manure may not be the one to beat for the title, prob Manc looks more impressive.

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