Man United to hijack Arsenal´s top striker transfer?

We will have to wait and see whether Arsenal are willing to pay the big money for transfers we need to, in order to challenge the big spending clubs now that the Emirates stadium is paid off – and Arsene Wenger supposedly has the funds available to get the best players.

We might soon find out though, as Man United are apparently stepping up their interest in the young Argentinean striker Paulo Dybala of the Serie A club Palermo. Dybala has a great reputation in Italy where they are comparing him to players like Sergio Aguero, partly because of his compact physique and low centre of gravity that allows him to hold off players and use his technical skills to turn defenders inside out.

He is a good finisher as well, which is why Palermo are looking for nearly £30 million for their star this summer, according to a Daily Mirror report. You just know that Wenger and Arsenal are not going to want to pay that much for a 21-year old who is more promise than finished product, but times have changed and big teams have to pay the big bucks.

There was a certain Cristiano Ronaldo who Wenger wanted to sign as a youngster but it was Man United that coughed up the cash. Can we afford to let the same thing happen again?

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  1. Budd says:

    EPL is not fit for everyone. We learned that from Falcao. Also, not everyone is a good manager in EPL even if their CV is pretty loaded. Example? LvG. It sounds cliche but it happens every season : anyone can beat anyone. While in La Liga it is a huge drama when Real loses to Getafe, here Burnley beating City is seen as yet another day at the office. The speed difference between Serie A and EPL is just like the difference between a turtle and a rabbit. This is why I believe in Wenger’s judgement above LvG when picking players from the other leagues. If Dybala can significantly enrich our attack then he will make a move. Just remember that in the summer we all were jealous for the fact that Manure got Falcao and we thought LvG is the new genius and players want to work with him. Kinda puts some things into perspective. Now, everyone, focus on the game we have this Saturday. We need three points.

    1. jermaineBryan says:

      I rate dybalya but all the hyped kids in seria to come Bpl haven’t lived up to there billing.

      Gaston Ramirez

      Haven’t recaptured there seria a form

      Montolivio was poor at liverpool

      1. admin says:

        Alberto Aquilani was the biggest flop ever at Liverpool!

        1. Sumo says:

          Thierry Henry was from the Seria A. 🙂

  2. whitehelios says:

    Personally, I am not quite sure with dybala. President of palermo sometimes blew up his player too much in media. Look what happened with pastore in PSG who was predicted will become world class. He is overrated

  3. Arsenal Fan says:

    Czech and Schederlin would mean players who know the premiere league and can hit the ground running.
    Meaning any other purchases will have the time to settle in. A striker and DM would also mean great business

  4. KickAssFan says:

    Honestly, I think anyone that plays under LVG at United will certainly flop. The guy should just go back to being a classroom teacher.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      In preseason, MU were killing it with their style of play and I thought”damn, they’re a force to be reckoned with”But that style is too much for the players he has to cope with week in and week out.

  5. FFFanatic says:

    I am not a scout and do not know if the player is good enough. If he is worth the money, Wenger should cough up. If not, then I don’t mind us not paying over the odds. We are not going to buy the Prem, so I don’t mind us actually having some sense with our money and trying to build consistently.

  6. fred cowardly says:


    Awesome player. only 23 and improving every year

    23 goals in 25 league matches
    27 goals in 32 total matches

    1. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

      Would love Lacazette. Besides the obvious, he does remind me a lot of Henry. I don’t throw that around like a lot of other people. If anyone can prop him up to the next level I think it’s Wenger.

      1. YingYang69 says:

        He reminds me more of your man liv got some years back who was supposed to be the next Henry and also reminds me more of your man at che.. cisse and remy. I dont think well ever see another Henry, there will be poorer imitations. Henry was a once in a lifetime player.. maybe even much longer.

        1. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

          He would never BE Henry. That is certain. He reminds me of him with some of his skill set. Do I think he could duplicate what Henry did? No never. Not even if he played Championship sides week in week out. Henry was that special

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