Man United urged to move for Champions League star ahead of Arsenal

Ruud Gullit has told Manchester United that they should make a move for Dayot Upamecano, who Arsenal are also linked with.

The French defender was the stand-out star in the Champions League quarter final match against Atletico Madrid, and has been attracting plenty of attention for his impressive displays at the back for Red Bull Leipzig.

While Arsenal have been linked with his signature, Gullit believes that United should be looking at the centre-back, whilst comparing their rebuild job to that of Liverpool.

“[What] Was the first thing [Jurgen] Klopp did with Liverpool?

“He bought a good defence. He bought a goalkeeper and good defenders because everything starts there,” he told BeIN Sports (via Football.London).

“And I think Man United should start there as well.

“I saw something amazing with Leipzig and Dayot Upamecano. He was outstanding [against Atletico Madrid].

“He can play football, he’s hard in the tackle. Defence is what I would start if I was Man United.”

Upamecano recently signed a new contract with his current side, which is believed to have included a release clause which doesn’t activate until next summer.

His new deal is expected to mean that he will stay with Leipzig for the upcoming campaign, but a bid in excess of next summer’s release clause could well tempt Red Bull into selling.

Could Red Bull be persuaded to part ways with Dayot or will they dig their heels in until the clause is activated?


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  1. I watched the game against Atlético, he kept Costa so quiet that he was substituted,MOTM performance,sadly we can’t afford him.

  2. Everyone will wait until next summer when he has a release clause. And bigger clubs will be in for him too. We had chances to get him before he officially blew up, but unliekly if we dont get UCL football next season.

  3. Is nobody talking about Raul leaving, wow I read from a source & several people also commented that they had heard something similar, the investigation into the Pepe transfer has discovered that Raul took £10M out the deal for himself & another person, their saying its embezzlement & he was sacked, not sure how true it is I’m just putting it out there

    1. Yeah Yesterday someone tweeted about how the Pepe deal was under investigation because apparently Raul overpaid for him so he could get his friends some money in the deal. Our competition for Pepe heard about the money we paid and said it was way more than what Lille asked for that’s why they backed out.
      Oh ye Don Raul supporters where art thou?
      I can’t believe people supported ousting Sven for this fraud. To me he’s always been a fraud from day 1, I’m glad I never hid that fact and I’ve always pointed it out.
      I’m glad he’s gone. Fook him!!!!
      Yes Fook him big time

          1. I refer you to an article in “le grove” by Pedro dated 15 August 2020 “Something rumbling at Arsenal HQ” resulting from investigation by Tim Lewis into transfer dealings.
            The bringing in of Tim Lewis had to be made by the highest level by the Kroenkes!

          2. Confirms what I have been saying for some time; finally KSM have had enough. Promises looking hollow re leaving Highbury and Arsenal asset value dropping £150 million!

          3. I read the article you recommended on Le Grove,oh my God,when you put everything together like he did,what a wake up call,it really opened my eyes,what a bleak picture,the waste of money,the politics, even on a sporting level…bad decisions after bad decisions, I’m kind of stunned to be honest.

          4. Certainly was an eye opener, Ozzie!!
            Great article.. and there’s another one up now – also great!! Kudos to Pedro 👍

  4. I knew about the internal investigation and thought it was that we just overpaid for Pepe but was not aware of any other payments,Raul 10M really?we can’t even trust some people working for the club or meant to work for I should say, it’s embarrassing, infuriating….

    1. It’s awful, Siamois… if we can’t trust them, then who can we?!
      Some people are just happy to rip others off, without even a thought for anyone else and the repercussions of their actions… I bet those 55 poor sods didn’t even enter his head at the time!!
      I’m glad he’s gone and I hope he’s made to pay for his actions….

      1. It is Sue, you’re definitely right the 55 didn’t enter his mind for sure,no remorse or guilt,like you said I hope he pays for his shameful actions!,

        1. It sure is, Declan… I’ve just finished it and they’ve put another article up – another good read!! 👍

      2. Well Sue, you have hit the nail on the head and like you I hope he pays for it. Apart from those made redundant he has ripped off the club right royally.

        It begs the question, were there other dodgy dealings?

        1. Sanllehi’s arrogance has always made me question where his loyalties were. Someone of his character usually out just for themselves. Also, getting former Barca people is just a bad idea. That club has been being run into the ground for years, and the trophies gloss over the downward spiral that has been going on behind the scenes at Barcelona where everything is hyper-political and a power game. If it is true Sanllehi was pocketing off of these deals then good riddens to him. I’ve heard better things about Venkatesham, who is more of an accountant than anything. Edu & Arteta given more power in transfer now. I hope Edu we can trust. I wonder who was pushing these sleazy super-agent connections? My hope is that Sanllehi was the bad influence and not our former invincible.

        2. I bet there was a lot going on, Sue. No doubt it will all come to light in the next few weeks… all I can say is thanks Tim Lewis… shudder to think how long this would’ve carried on for otherwise!
          Definitely onwards and upwards now 👍

  5. Effing Raul and his cronyism.
    Glad he got his walking players
    and hope to never see him in
    European futbol again.

    And those bashing Sven about his
    role in the behind the scenes
    power struggle at the club, wasnt
    it the German who recommend
    both Diallo(PSG) and Soyuncu(LC)
    as ideal CB replacements but was
    forced to pay more for Socratis
    when AFC dragged there feet on
    both players?

    Arsenal predictably chose the thief
    over one of the most respected,
    young futbol minds in Europe


    1. Long before Sanllehi came I should say. There is a long-standing inefficieny behind our transfer policy that has been going on essentially since David Dein left. Hard to diagnose the problem but Mislintat clearly saw this and got very frustrated. Also tho, Sven’s signings were not all too great either to be honest. Maybe that is not all down to him, but Arsenal’s recruitment is honestly just very bad and I’m glad heads are rolling. Hopefully more to follow and we get an actual revamp.

      1. I’m glad they’re rolling too, RSH… pleading poverty while that was going on is nothing short of disgraceful!!

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