Man United v Arsenal Player Ratings – Cech MOTM

My ratings for the utterly dismal performance against Man United: by ThirdManJW

Cech – 8
Didn’t have too much to do, but excellent when called upon

Jenkinson – 4
Looked really out of his depth in this fixture, seemed weak in challenges

Mustafi – 6
Up and down performance, and dwelt on the ball at times

Koscielny – 7
Fairly solid from the boss

Monreal – 4
Really struggled today, defensively, and offensively

Coquelin – 7
Not his best game, but some quality tackles, and arguably our best outfield player

Elneny – 5
Didn’t really offer a lot today

Walcott – 5
Typical Walcott performance. Looked like an inexperienced teenager at times

Ozil – 5
Non existent for the majority of the game

Ramsey – 3
Easily our worst player. Gave the ball away so many times, which led to many United attacks. Have no idea what Wenger, and some fans see in him (even as a bench player)

Sanchez – 6 Tried to make things happen, but held on to the ball for too long, and tried to too much on his own


Xhaka – 6 Was okay, but not a big impact on the game

Giroud – 7 Didn’t see a lot of the ball because of the tiki-taki, but delivered when played to his strengths

Ox – 6 Didn’t have long to do anything, but beat his man well, and delivered a perfect cross for the goal.



  1. gotanidea says:

    I agree on the man of the match. No worries guys, Arsenal has the right strategy, they were just tired because of the international matches. If they cannot win the league this time, prepare for a big change next season…

  2. Taiwo says:

    Until Wenger stops using sentiment in his team selection, we won’t stop having problems . I personally don’t know the rationale behind starting with Ramsey while players like Iwobi, Ox and even Girioud was on the bench.

    1. Budd says:

      If Ramsey would not have started, the last two subs wouldn’t have been possible. It was the plan all along. Should Sanchez score at the first header then game could have gone totally different. I would give Ozil also a 3, just like Ramsey.

  3. Alexis the Great says:

    There was no sense in Wenger’s team selection, and Elneny and Ramsey should not have been on the bench. He says he picked Ramsey for his experience but hes started just 2 games all season. And how many has Elneny started?

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Ozil was poorest of all players. A player can have a bad or mixed performance, can play a lapse pass or two, or make an error in defence. But what should never happen is a player to go completely off the radar. About half the match went by with me thinking at one stage, did Ozil go off injured but I missed it when I went to the fridge, then it took about 5 – 10 minutes before I said no sure there he is. That should never happen in a professional game, and esp not one of this magnitude. Anyone who looks for other reasons to why or what made this happen for Ozil is just lying to themselves. Ramsey and Elneny were picked to help soak up pressure, which they did, I have no problem people saying they want more from them but there was two more forwards on that pitch that done a whole lot less than they did, the reason for their (Ramsey Elneny) inclusion was a defensive standpoint, it’s the offensive standpoint that completely let us down.

  5. Ks-Gunner says:

    Wenger is a genius, its only his favorisem which kills of his genius and makes him look like a clown. Way to soft. Just look at Klopp and Guardiola and you acknowledge the real deal. Wenger would never in million years bench Yaya the way guardiola does, and he would also never bench an english player in Sturridge.

    resulults before favorisem where wenger is favorisem before results.

  6. Ks-Gunner says:

    I salute Jenkinson. He did very well and deserves more then a 4. As for monreal. I like him so much but the time to think of an replacment has come near.

  7. summerbreez says:

    In all honesty the job was done we went away to united and got a point a valid point I am delighted Its games like that that we need to make a point we marsh on the unit gets stronger on to Wednesday where we pick it up where we left from and move up with it

  8. Harold says:

    Ramsey and Elneny was pick to give Arsenal control or more possession. This view was taken base on how the last home match against Spurs unfold. Spurs virtually control the game at the Emirate, greatly limiting Arsenal chances to score goals. Arsenal only manage 39% possession in the first half that trend continue for the entire 90 minutes.

    Both Elneny and Ramsey to a certain extent did the job required of them that is to give Arsenal more possession and keep the ball away from Manchester United. We were very ineffective in their final third but they were very effective in our final third. Therefore, all Manchester United needed was a bit more of the ball to defeat Arsenal. But fortunately, with the presents of Elneny and Ramsey that was dificult for them to achieve.

    The most dissapointing sight was seeing Xhaka, a 35 million player, on treble the weekly wages of both Elneny and Coquelin on the bench in such a high profile match. With Xhaka sluggist acceleration and inability to stay on his feet and take on the one on one chase back toward his goal has left Mr Wenger with no choice other than to hide him on the bench.

    Antony Martial and Marcus Rashford likes to charge defenders with the ball at their feet. Xhaka has not work out an effective method in dealing with these type of players, had he started the match he would have committed a foul get sent off and Arsenal would have loss the match. So, we have to give Mr Wenger credit for leaving him out.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Unfortunately we have too many who will just say ..look, they played and we didn’t win, must be two and two. Or look, a bad pass which has to mean I told ya so I was right. Even though they’re arguing against a hypothetical scenario they believe they have the high ground some how.

  9. Kumagaya says:

    I would request admin to give us pleqse the template used for giving player ratings. None could get a7 if it was me. Do we niw mean that if a class of 11 students has exams and the leader got 40 out of 100 percent then we need to move the 40 to 80, or do we just give him or her the 40 and everyone get marked according to their ignorace. If we understand who and how the ratings are done then better. But as long as its not clear it impossible to see MoM with that higj score. Czech could get a 6 from me and others below

  10. TH14-TW14 says:

    “Looked really out of his depth in this fixture, seemed weak in challenges”

    Some people just don’t like Jenkinson. No matter what he does they’ll criticise him. He was one of our best performers at Old Trafford. The writer said” he was weak in challenges” but match statistics showed that he won 100% of his tackles (you can confirm this from ESPNFC.CO.UK ratings) which shows he rated him on bias rather than the game. Man U rarely threatened us from his flank and Rashford had little impact on the game. Be objective in your ratings and not be filled with hate even when evidence says otherwise

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