Man United v Arsenal Preview, Line-Up and Score Prediction

Manchester United vs Arsenal Preview, predicted line up and score line by KJ

This is it. This is the biggest game of our season so far. Win it and we are very likely to go on and retain the FA cup, lose however and the whole fan base will be questioning whether the team is truly capable of getting the result against the big boys away from home once again.

Man Utd aren’t playing very well at all. They are picking up points in the league thanks to extreme luck that you’d expect to run out soon. They can barely string passes together and seem extremely disjointed as a team thanks to poor implementation of formation and tactics by Van Gaal.

We aren’t looking too hot either with us struggling massively against QPR at Loftus road and with us in general playing pretty dire football. The only real spark at the moment is Mesut Özil. He’s the only attacking player consistently keeping the game ticking for us. But he can’t do it on his own against a side like Man Utd at Old Trafford. He will need other players to step up and take the pressure off him and to provide the movement that his passing deserves.

Predicted line up:
Bellerin – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs
Coquelin – Cazorla
Welbeck – Özil – Alexis

Szczesny to start the game providing he’s fully fit.

I expect our back 4 to have Bellerin in it with Welbeck providing defensive cover.

Cazorla to stay in central midfield as I can’t see Ramsey starting the game with no game time under his belt.

Welbeck to start over Chamberlain. He has a lot to prove to the United fans and LVG. He needs to prove to them that he is good enough for Arsenal and therefore more than good enough for United. You’d hope he could do something spectacular like scoring the winning goal.

This is going to be the most difficult game of the season. I can’t see us winning at all but you’d hope we could pull off a 1 -1 and bring the tie to the Emirates.

VIDEO – Greatest Arsenal v Man United FA Cup Highlights

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  1. “I can’t see us winning at all”?? a bit too much innit?
    i personally would be very disappointed if we didnt beat them..

    1. That’s what i thought when i went to the Emirates in November hoping that there is no way we can lose, but there it went.. We have the players to beat them, but we don’t have the mentality and the manager, and that will cost us. I agree with the article and think if we snap a draw, it would be great.

  2. If that’s the line up – Szczesny better not FU..
    That leaves real pace on the bench Ox and theo…hope wenger brings them in early if things don’t go according to plan.
    I know we don’t have a good record at OT- but it is a cup game….(Liverfool failed to score against Blackburn, Astn Villa beat WBA) – jes saying anything can happen.

  3. this smells very bad, arsenal fans confident, this could be very bad day for us, same thing happend against monaco, only shoot for some silverwere is fa cup, and not only for us, its for them too, so expect tough game, i would be delighted with the draw!

  4. 2-2
    A nail biting evening awaits!

    There is real pressure for AW now! Being only 10 on this list from his work in the first decade at AFC does not help his cause now.


    1. What you no like? The fact that our manager is rated as being 10th or the fact I predict a draw..

      No voice, faceless shadow creeper! Shame on you.

  5. Stats wise ozil has been really good recently, but saying he’s the only spark in our team atm is a bit silly to me. I dont think he has been playing to the standard that he should be playing at…

    1. For me i wouldnt play Ozil or Welbeck in this game I think OX would provide alot more going forward and defensively. I honestly dont see what Welbeck as done since arriving from united. I would play Cazorla in the Number 10 role and wilshere alongside Coquelin if he is fit. I think Ozil plays poorly in big games.

      Thats my team

    2. For me i wouldnt play Ozil or Welbeck in this game I think OX would provide alot more going forward and defensively. I honestly dont see what Welbeck as done since arriving from united. I would play Cazorla in the Number 10 role and wilshere alongside Coquelin if he is fit. I think Ozil plays poorly in big games. Also how much better Is Ospina over sczny i think you guys are being unfair i think early in the season we were awful defensively and how ironic he Will be playing to night With mert again. Sczny in my opinion Is a better keeper than Ospina

      opinions divided

  6. i think welbeck wont start, cuz with welbeck we are too offensive, and with welbeck on pitch sanchez hardly scores, if i were wenger i would go with ox, his tricks and speed could be essential, either way expect hard game with few clean chances, hope OG brings his shooting boots he wont have many chances!

  7. Ospina for confidence. He is not traumatized by manure. Cazorla at B to B? Ramsey if he is fit. Ramsey- Le Coq combo works better than Cazorla Le Coq combo at the centre of our midfield. Then who drops out of Welbeck and Ozil? I leave the headache to Wenger but I want a win which we can if our players all turn up. It will be one win I will cherish more than Man c win. COYG.

  8. Hopefully Schez has not fully recovered from his illness. His lack of match play and his tendency to goof could be our downfall.


  9. Bellerin — Per – Koscielny – Monreal
    Coquelin – Cazorla
    OX – Özil – Alexis

    Get an early goal, and bring on Wellbeck/Wallcott for Giroud for pacey & suckerpunch counter.

  10. Ramsey comes in. Ozil to the wiiings. Get raped on our left. Giroud pulls a monaco. Wenger makes late subs. 2-0 to united. Typical trafford perfomance.

  11. Arsenal should have beaten them at the Emirates. At OT it will be too difficult psychologically.

    United just seem to find another level defensively and we drop a gear.

    Rooney seems to get something with us.

    But saying all that I would attack them with some width and the only player we have that really does that is oxlade. So oxlade to start on the right wing.

    Giroud to start over welbeck. Giroud is a better box finisher and if oxlade does attack the wing there needs to be someone reliable there to finish.

    Sanchez, ozil and carzola will start because like it or not they are our three best players ATM.

    Coquelin is are only DM.

  12. Just play like how we played at the Allianz Arena after we lost at home against Bayern in the CL some seasons ago…with guts and not feeling intimidated. We won even though Bayern had not lost at home then for a very long time. COYG!

  13. I am sure this will be today’s lineup, why because is predictable as it’s WENGER, but today is not about complaining against Le Prof at least not till the game ends, hopefully by then we will be chanting his praises like good old AKB’S……..sighhh
    Now with regards to OZIL the spark of the team?????? he has had a few good games, not spectacular games but far from being the spark of the team that we are all expecting from him… be quite honest worried sick that since he started playing SANCHEZ who was actually the spark of the team has almost disappeared from the field………..anyways we need to win this game ……………..COYG

  14. we need to be clinical in front of goal and we will win. Chances will come a plenty coz United defense is an atrocity to behold

  15. Predicted line up:
    Bellerin – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs
    Coquelin – Cazorla
    Ox – Özil – Alexis

    I opted for Ox over Welbeck because he is a much better ball carrier and we need our two wingers to carry the ball in this counter formation when we transition form defence to offence.

  16. I don’t care about the line up(we had virtually our best XI against monaco and lost)…all I want is; want whoever is called to action tonight, should deliver a solid performance in his position..

  17. i am hoping we get the result tonight am on the fence in my head but in my heart we will win wont be easy as always which arsenal will turn up.

    as for a comment on the last post someone mentioned about josh kronke supposedly talking with wenger after everton(could have been spelling out what he/daddy demands for this season and beyond) i have got a funny feeling that the young fella is getting more involved in the footballing side of things than his dad as he more invoked in that side of thing in the american teams they own.
    i have read that he is not scared to get rid of the coach of his teams if they are not performing to the winning goals they set so josh kronke on the board (if he gets enough support) could the king maker and breaker for wenger reign, he might just be what we need on the board someone who is more worried about how successful we should be also with wenger talking so openly about his successor and what he is leaving him behind, this is not very wenger like at all could be another indicator of things to come in the summer maybe we will have to see.

    1. Not if Arsenal play the way we did against Man City. Afterall, this is also another Manchester team but lower in position than Man City and us at the moment in PL. I hv a feeling that the players are seeking redemption for losing in Nov when they were actually playing better then and with many of the key players missing but are now available.

      1. We seem to perform much better against city.

        With the exception to that 6-3. Even then we were way better then we was against the likes of liverpool 5-1, Chelsea 6-0.

        It has to do with the way united play against us. They don’t give us the space city do. They come onto us like city do.

  18. For me, Coq and Ramsey, with Cazorla as 10 is a better combo. Sanchez and ox on the wings. As much as it hurts, Ozil cant impact this game positively. Ozil can only excel in games with dominate.

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