Man United v Arsenal review – Spurs win completes woeful weekend

With Arsenal really needing to take all three points back to north London to keep up with Leicester City in the race for the Premier League title, a trip to a hughely injury depleted Manchester United who had played a big game on Thursday seemed to be just what we needed.

But whether it was the old mental block against our old rivals or the pressure of expectation on Arsenal but we just did not get going and some shocking defending allowed their 18-year old striker Marcus Rashford to score twice in the space of four minutes in the first half.

That finally sparked some life into the Arsenal side and it was the lively Welbeck that got us back into the game five minutes before the break, scoring against his former club once again with a well placed header from and Ozil free kick. The German nearly created another before halftime from a series of free kicks and corners as we pushed hard but Arsene Wenger still had a big job to do during the break.

Arsenal started the second half with intent but we still struggled to create any real chances and after 15 minutes Wenger replaced the ineffective Walcott with Giroud. Minutes later though the task got tougher as some lacklustre defending and a huge deflection off Koscielny gave Herrera a goal to make it 3-1.

We only had ourselves to blame though because the performance was just not good enough throughout the team. Hopes were raised again with 20 minutes to play when Ozil scuffed a second goal after Welbeck should have scored. We should have then been able to exploit their tired legs after two days less rest but the passing was not crisp enough and United found it quite easy to cope.

So the terrible record against Man United goes on and with Tottenham coming from behind to beat Swnsea after Leicester grabbed a last minute winner, this was a truly woeful weekend for Arsenal and our hopes of the title.

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      1. Seriously were not out of the race but we have taken a huge step backwards. 5 points and all we can hope for is a win at spuds and slip up by fking Leicester. Today was a must win game and we fked it all up. Now we must just keep winning our remaining games and hope for a slip up

        1. I called it 2 days ago and won 40 quid in the process.
          When you remove sentiments from the equations , you know from day one that we are seriously missing Cazorla.
          They is no creativity coming from the middle of the pack with Ramsey totally out of his depth.
          Ramsey is offering nothing creative offensively and his defensive work is so so as well.
          Only once did a quality ball come from the middle and that ball came from Ozil late in the game.
          This problem has been there since Cazorla got injured and it was not addressed.
          We even resorted to long balls to by pass the non – existent midfield with defenders having to move the ball from midfield to attack.
          Those clamouring for Iwobi are also part of the problem who are giving the board and Wenger the excuse to fill gaps with inexperienced albeit promising players. This kid should not be anywhere near the first team. He should be on loan somewhere.

          1. Spot on Galaxy, we got out muscled by Mata and Herrera !!!! Enough said really.

            Truth is we don’t have the drive and physicality in midfield nor a world class striker to get the goals.

            No leaders we are afraid to win, made 4 tackles in the first half the lowest by a team in the premiership!?

            Insanity is to try the same things and expect a different result said Einstein. Wenger you are no professor of football.

          2. That’s what I’ve been saying for the past 3 months, it’s not Ramsey’s fault he’s forced to play a role he was never good at. Wenger should’ve bought a midfielder in the summer because relying on Cazorla alone was never going to work and now we’re paying the price !

        2. Facts: Ramsey is a one season wonder – the guy has gone back to his old self. Walcolt plays better when it is contract time. The English core are all squad players at best. Wenger is naive and arrogant, after 20 consecutive years in same club and same league, he still doesn’t know how to win certain matches. The board needs to be told that if you are successful on the pitch, you make more money, Arsenal was the 4th most profitable club in the world, now we are somewhere around 10th!

          1. Good point there.
            Can gaal copied from Southampton’s play book by overloading the midfield.
            Wenger should have reacted to this but he did not .
            He did that to stifle our game and take advantage of our pathetic midfielders.
            We could not even get Ozil and Sanchez on the ball .
            Unless something forces Wenger’s hands , he will do nothing .
            Play coquelin and elnieny behind Ozil .
            Yes , play Ozil in CM and either bench Ramsey or move him behind the striker where he would cause less damage to the team.

            1. Does someone have to get ozil on the ball??? What is he ?? A player on life support ??? Why can’t ozil be good on his own , we always say ozil is not good because Giroud is slow, today Giroud is not in and yet we say ozil is not good because they couldn’t get the ball to him.. FFS should we sack all the players so ozil plays alone.. Watch the game and leave so u judge as a human…

              1. Ozil had a goal and an assist and played a perfect pass to Monreal that should have resulted in a goal. It is not Ozil’s fault that Ramsey can’t link with the defenders and get the ball forward leaving our CBs heaving long balls the entire second half.

                1. One pass and so ?? 42million is what we got him for ..
                  We would be better off wid a continho, isco or oscar in number 10

      2. wenger hasnt got it in him anymore.

        this was a team of undet 19’s players coming back from injury an b teamers.
        we were challengij for title…yet showed no urgency
        cant wait to hear your drab excuses for this loss…real winners dont make excuses.

        another season will be bottled .same as every year. wenger hasnt got what it takes to build a title winning team anymore. never will

        1. The only first team players playing in their preferred positions were Mata and De Gea, and neither had a notably good match.

        2. Although I feel Wenger is responsible for this loss, I feel the entire team is a bigger culprit for the loss.
          The choice of players seemed correct for me with a lot of pace in the forward line.
          But honestly the players let us down. United were not that good except their build up for the goals.
          Some players I think were utter disappointment.
          1. Walcott – He is on a f*****ing 140000 contract and he sh*ts all over the ground. How may touches did he have ? Wenger needs to bench him for the rest of the season, he is taking things too lightly except for the time when he is playing for his contract. Let iwobi play, let Campbell play, at least they give a fight.
          2. Alexis Sanchez – Although we have no doubt about his abilities, the time has come for him to perform at his level. He seems a shadow of his last season after his injury this season. High time he gets his scoring boots on.
          3. Ramsey – I think he is a better player than what he is performing. He needs to stop trying too much.. Stick to his job and goals will come.
          4. Gabriel – For a moment in the match I felt mertesacker would have done better than him. Whenever Gabriel makes mistakes, they prove to be costly for us. He needs to up his game or we need to buy a new center back this coming transfer window.
          If this kind of performances continue then it won’t be a surprise if ozil and sanchez leave this summer 🙁
          One last thought….. Have we become officially a choker team ? If not this season , then when ?

          1. You can look at a singular loss, or you can look at trends.

            “Same sh!t, different season” still applies. Players in the first team might change, but Wenger remains. Who is at fault?


      This site is very bias
      Sanchez was never worldclass, it was just a trick which has been found out
      Ozil when the useless number 10 arsenal has had in that last 20 years, if we wana be honest we can name 100 no. 10’s who would cost less than him nd still be able to shoot..
      Mert is this , mert is dat .. well datz Gab for u .. Are u happy now???? Get off Merts back
      Welbeck has scored so he is sooooo better than giroud ?? Yerrr right
      Walcott = useless flash

      Our team is still 4th because of CECH/ GIROUD/ COQUELIN & BELLERIN (YES JUST 4)

      1. Rubbish .
        He is world class who plays a free interchanging role for his country.
        I would rather have him in midfield than Ramsey .

    2. totally agree! Look at Leicester they are on top of the table and still playing like got nothing to lose. Now look at us, we’re playing like we are 10 points ahead of them!

  1. Premier league, champions league, forget it. We’re owned by people who don’t care about arsenal don’t like arsenal, and don’t give a monkeys about the people who do. Money is what drives them, and as long as they get top four, get champions league football then they have fulfilled their yearly business remit. Face it, we’re just a business now, not a football club. The only way that changes, is those people in charge of all of this either leave, or die. Sad thing is you’d get better odds on the latter happening.

    1. To the people who thumb me down, have some stones and tell me why you don’t agree with me, instead of being voiceless, show me why I’m wrong in your opinion.

    2. What even the essence of supporting bunch of useless and heartless human beings lead by a clueless somebody??? I have no reason to hate any successful team like barca anymore. They got what they work for and we got what we deserve.

    1. Time to judge wenger already!

      *puts on a court dress and wig* *strikes gavel*


      1. Hes already been convicted. But the fact remains that we lost at an united. Which we do every single year so it’s hardly a big deal.
        but that doesn’t mean we can’t still win the league and the cup does it?
        It’s not over until Rooney sings!

    1. Why does everyone go mad when THE PLAYERS lose a game? This is football. You win some you lose some. We lose LESS than most and are 5 points behind the leaders with another 39 to play for.
      If you want to say Wenger out i want an explanation of why and who you will get to replace him. Not just these knee jerk reactions with no substance whatsoever. I am serious if you don’t want to talk about the football the tactics whatever then go somewhere else….

      1. its simple admin.

        hes had ample time to build a team prepared to challenge hes had all the money he could need, the scouting network, the prestige, the time necessary an hes most experience manager in the league.

        yet he still cant motivate a team to play with urgency when they are losing a game to a kids first 11 in a title race we are competing for.

        not to mention this is his team his buys so if its the players fault….who bought the players..

        hes finished as an genuine title elite manager

          1. Why are you making straw man arguments. You sound like Trump. Comets and utter nonsense continuously.
            We get had enough time and resources and stability and backing to build a winning team and he has failed. This year with all the big guns struggling we had a real chance to win the league, we still might but it’s likelier that we won’tt.
            This is Wemger’s team – all the players, all the training, all the coaches, all the tactics are his. There is nothing that he has inherited, there is nothing and no one he can blame but himself.
            Year in year out the board and the fans stuck with him and we got practically nothing. There is no progress in the league or in the CL, so we need something, someone new. Will it be easy? Absolutely not, will it be smooth? Hell no. But he will leave one day anyway, and it will be tough and rough that day as well. So we might as well rip the band aid, deal with the pain and move on.

            1. I actually agree with you. If Wenger fails to win the league badly then I think we should try a change as well. But I’m not going to protest to throw him out in the middle of the season. Some people want the manager sacked every time a game gets lost. So sack ten managers every week? Evety team even the team that wins the league, loses games at some point. See what I mean about talking sense?

              1. @Admin,

                I am one of those who was not so sure that we would get a good result this weekend given that we were playing MU away…But I must admit it was still painful to watch our supposedly seasoned pros and world class players got schooled but MU youth players……Walcott was easily the worst player out of the 22 + 6 players who were on the pitch
                …and I am utterly dissappointed with him because I thought with Giroud being off form, he would grab the opportunity to start with both hands and showed what he could bring to the team. But all I saw was a total lack of application and effort….He might as well sit on the bench for the whole game because u dont see him on the pitch anyway.

                I remember a few seasons ago we played a strong MU team with somewhat our B team with many players out injured and we got whacked 8 – 2 at Old Trafford and it was downright embarrasing….This time the scoreline was close 3-2, but what was particularly hard to take was the manner how MU 2nd, 3rd and 4th string players was made to look world class in this match … Varela fared even better than Darmian against sanchez , the kid who replace rojo look like he’s been playing there for years instead of his first few minutes, depay,rashford, lingaard was made to look like messi, suarez, neymar as Coq impact was anonymous and Gab played as though he was the one rookie on the field…it is too early too judge because after all he hardly got a decent run in the team…but based on this display you would say that it would be hard to fault the boss for not playing and trusting him more…

            2. I agree. But NOT in the middle of a season where we could still be champions!!!!
              When it is mathematically impossible I will consider it but not just 5 points behind….

      2. U mean consecutively clawing out a freak win wth the last touch if game drawing with hull b team losing at home to barca losing to manure reserves … And repeating the same basic footballing mistakes year in year out for a decade…. ain’t enough for you … Jesus admin !!! Think you need to change that to ad (ho)min em … The case is closed 13 years of failure is enough for any club not just one with the resources we should have at our disposal

        1. Like man u when fergie left?
          Yeah its easy to get a new manager that will suddenly win the league isn’t it?
          Klopp? Haha Pellegrino? Haha? Mourinho?
          We can’t sack Wenger because there is no one better…

            1. its the fear of losing wenger that alot of these fans would rather sit on our top 4 philosophy

              i love him fot what hes done but hes taken us as far as we can go.

              this summer another marquee signing. cl group of 16 exit an top 4…..repeat every year

            1. Ahhh so he is MY Manager is he? Are you not an Arsenal fan?
              Because I actually support the team. I will support whoever is playing and whoever is managing it. And i find both of hese change quite regularly but i still support ARSENAL

          1. You are missing out ranieri from your list which is very convenient …. Obviously there are lots better whether they would come from winning outfits to a club hard wired in to a 4th place mentality is another matter however … The more important point is that wenger cannot deliver the trophies we fans want and it’s time we looked for an alternative that might …

          2. any other user apart from the admin would hve had his or her account blocked by now.. Why not the admin.. This site is being run like America.. Damn america is everywer..

            1. The reason I am in charge is because I worked hard to build this site up from nothing to what it is today by working every hour God gave me. I have not done that to end up being insulted and abused by childish keyboard warriors that want to take it over for their own warped agenda.
              So anyone that doesn’t like me or my attitude is welcome to go to one of the other 100 arsenal we sites out there and annoy someone else. Have I made myself clear???

              1. If i knew any i would have.. I happened to find this site 1st .. Suggest some sites .. U don’t have to right to direct peoples view even if u u own the site.. Dictatorship

                1. I have always promoted freedom of speech and have no problem with pro or anti Wenger feelings. But I created this site for people to discuss and compare different points of view about the football.
                  I will not allow fanatics to come on spouting nonsense without any reasons or opinions to back it up.
                  And you may not be happy about it but if anybody insults ME on my own website is not welcome. Why can’t all fans who profess to be Arsenal supporters be polite to each other and discuss things amicably?
                  If that is being a dictator then so be it. At least im not calling for everyone who disagrees with me to be put up against the wall… like some commenters on here.

                1. I rarely interfere on comments unless they become abusive and pointless and nothing to do with football. Tonight there has been a lot of that. You think if someone owns say a pub and a crowd comes in and start smashing chairs. Should they be democratic and let them stay?

              2. There is no site without visitors, no ads, no income.
                No one that I have seen here today has been more antagonistic and unreasonable and ruder than you admin.
                People have been saying Wenger out or Wenger knows best for years on this site.
                Nobody here deserves this type of treatment from you.
                We are why you exist, not the other way around.

                1. Correct I have no problem with AKBs or SOBs I am used to it. As long as they discuss things in a friendly and informed manner. I actually think that these aggressive keyboard warriors with their own agenda discourage sensible readers from leaving comments.
                  I would rather not have a website than have one that is famous for insulting anyone sensible who disagrees with their opinion. If they want to insult people go elsewhere. I’ve had enough…

                  1. Please show me examples from today, where people of either point of view have hurled insults at each other. I honestly have not seen it.
                    The only thing I have seen are frustrated Arsenal supporters screaming for this unsuccessful 14 years to be finally over (and I seriously doubt if any one is calling for Wenger to leave today)
                    Look there is nobody above Arsenal – so why are some people putting Wenger above Arsenal. He is a manager who has had a 14 year unsuccessful spell, yes he was successful before but I think we have him enough slack for past success.
                    In my opinion he has sullied his own legacy in the last few years.

          3. U dissing Klopp? He has not got a single player of his own yet, and his team is shot to pieces by injuries, and he still manages to do fairly well. To add further, he still also has the horrendous transfer comitee being able to trash signings he requests. Klopp did what in Dortmund again?

            With wenger, you know what you get, and it comes out from your rectum once or twice per day.

          4. Pellegrino and Mourinho both won the league.
            Would you prefer to win the league as much as Chelsea and Man City did in the last 10 years or just make it to the CL through being 4th every year?

      3. Hahaha have you not seen the way we are playing. Seriously our performances for the best part of 3 months now have been atrocious. I admire your optimicy but its so misplaced. You have to be realistic.

        We played against a team that have 4/5 players under 21. A centre midfielder at the back. And what trouble did we cause them??? Nothing.

        If danny simpson didn’t get sent off against leicester we would have lost that also.

        When will you take a step back and realise a change might be healthy. Things are stagnant. The likes of ramsey play 90 mins every week. He wouldn’t get in the teams in the top 10.

        And if I were campbell, i would rip my contract up instantly. That substitution was an insult. He’s got goals and assists this season in very limited game time and he brings on Iwobi.


      4. ADMIN COMMENT Oh yeah sorry I’ll change the my site anyway you want because you swore at me? You need to grow up and start your own website then you can run it how you like ok?

      5. @ADMIN,

        1. Frustration I understand. You don’t think I feel it too?
          But I want to here solutions that are practical and doable.
          Wenger out is not an option available so what is the point of screaming it every time a player makes a mistake???
          That is what annoys me….

          1. If it’s not wengers fault, how can you explain “Same sh!t, different season” being confirmed every year?

      6. @CONAFC I’m glad you brought up Campbell, and not me. I use to support AW then two things changed my mind first was the Kim Kallstrom debacle, and the second has been his stupidity over not playing Joel when he should. Why oh why isn’t he startinghim on the right, and what on hell was he thinking about not bringing him on as a sub, he has the ability to put the kind of pass in to the box for Welbeck Giroud or Alexis to score or even knock one in himself.

      7. But Kroenke , Wenger and how average players stay winning while we the mugs who pay continue to bleed

      8. With Wenger in charge, arsenal cannot win any major league. Trust me. Losing against Manchester United at the moment they are struggling. Wenger out and trust me season is over.

      9. Well said. That is a very good point that many over look. People want Wenger out but they don’t have a clue who should or could replace him. PS-I love that profile pic.

  2. Can’t wait for the usual we were jaded and naive comments from wenger. He should leave arsenal along with his british lovers ramsey walcott and ox. So many useless players at the club. Herrera’s goal was the worst for me. Can’t believe no one was closing him down. Such a pathetic display

  3. Without Cazorla Arsenal have ZERO creativity from central midfield. It’s just sad… I miss the little magician so much.

    Clueless Manager, poor squad… unbelievable!!!

    1. With Cazorla out we lack positional discipline in the midfield as well. Ramsey for me provided us absolutely nothing this game or in other recent games. As he struggled on the ball, he then vacates his position near colquelin ever more and keeps trying to get ahead of the CF in the box. Herrera’s goal was clear evidence of that.
      Theo hasn’t looked a footballer for weeks, somehow he earned the start, and his give-away led to the first goal.
      Another average display from Alexis. And somehow Iwobi came on before Campbell.
      Just wrong all over the place. Just wrong.

      1. @TH14atl
        Thats how we’ve been losing matches, through our midfield. Santi always targeted the player who supplied the forwards and marked them out of the game, all the while creating for our forwards and defending as well. Ramsey is clueless to this and AW, Bould don’t prep him in what his real job is in midfield…

        1. they have had how long to prep him?

          the basic fundamentals of there best qualities are not being used.

          saddest thing….they dont show eagerness to fight for a tltle..

          thats not winners

          1. @muffdiver
            This is what pizz’s me off about AW. The favouritism. He should see that Aaron is too lax in his midfield duties and put on Chambers or someone who will get the job done…

  4. Just pathetic. We really don’t deserve to win the league. To make matters worse we were done in by players still wet behind the ears. Ramsey is back to his old sh*** self. We had absolutely no midfield, no one to pass to, poor movement off the ball. Even before Herrera scored I could see it happening, all our players ball watching and not using their brains and anticipating. Who do we blame? Wenger? The players? I think both deserve a lashing.

  5. Absolute joke.. How many times did we pass the ball backwards in a game that we had to win.. no penetration what so ever… again I’ll say it Absolute joke…

    1. I know right, 10 years of a beautiful new stadium that we have filled with so many troph. . . Oh wait, I’m dreaming again.

  6. Walcott will only play well when he’s negotiating for his new contract ! Hope this is his last Arsenal contract , Wenger shouldn’t be fooled by him anymore !!

  7. British core my a**. Walcott ten years at arsenal. Ramsey 8years. Ox 5yrs and no development while Rashford <1 year at united with a brace

    1. I’ll tell you what happened to Alexis, he realized landing in a team where mediocrity is not only accepted but rewarded to whom has become the most mediocre manager in the EPL and Europe.

  8. Crap performance to have any chance of the league we absolutely have to beat spurs can you imagine instead of iwobi why not bring on Campbell I feel sorry for that guy every bloody time when the pressure on we choke this man u team where not even that good I don’t care about the hype we had enough to beat them and o how we miss car zola caus ramsay is but rubbish these last few games

  9. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    but some of fan still think this man is good club and if somebody say that wenger out then he is plastic fan but i dont care i m plastic fan or real fan i want wenger should not be Arsenal manager
    also Ramsey,walcot

  10. Manchester United
    Manchester City
    Stoke city

    Which regular team in Premier League we can beat without stress ?

  11. Don’t forget Wenger did not get a single outfielder this past summer, let alone a top Striker
    Name top European teams that did this

    Shocking negligence and we are feeling it now
    Now Spuds or Leicrster could win
    Very Shameful

    1. If you say something totally idiotic without any reasoning to back it up then im not going to be happy no.
      I’m sick of schoolboy ranting without any reasoning.

      1. What about all those who are sick of the endless support for Wenger and those players who keep on disappointing everyone with an arsenal heart?

  12. my thoughts:
    1) walcott is just useless. he gets us a goal here and randomly there, but for the most part, its like he’s dead. same goes with ox. ox development has not skyrocketed; i wouldnt mind if we sell him
    2) ramsey needs to stop being such a bum and an ozil-wannabe. your job is not to run forward and be in front of our attackers half the time. you need to also help hold. we really need santi back. when we leave coq all alone on counters, we are setting ourself up for failure right away.
    3) Arsene’s subs – why sub coq? was he maybe signalling he wanted off? otherwise, why not take off ramsey.
    4) iwobi – while he didn’t play long, he got manhandled off the ball and lost headers like a boy. show some damn strength
    5) we gifted that bum teen rashford 2 goals. while he did play well ultimately, we still gifted him 2 goals. both were handed on a silver platter. people praising him need to sit the F down.
    6) herrera goal was a damn deflection. no keeper in the world can do anything about it.
    7) of course, to cap off an already terrible sunday, spurs had to find a way to equalize and ultimately win. life is good…. (sarcasm)

    1. @nygooner
      Our problem is our midfield is porous. There is no transition from defense to attack and no creativity coming from there.

      1. I agree with you at the higher level, but that was a poor ManU side who we should easily have beat. There is a more fundamental problem with the team, and it isn’t working as a unit. There is something upsetting them, I ddon’t know if it is because there is a problem between Joel and Wenger, but it is becoming clear that he doesn’t want to play him. That can upset his buddies Bellerin and Giroud in particular are very good friends. tbh this needs to be worked out because Joel and Hector make our right side tick. When Santi returns the transition from midfield means we he good attacking and ball control on both the right and leftfinal 1/3 too.

    2. All translates to one thing and one thing only a deluded and outdated Manager…..last year and the year before and before I gave WENGER the vote of confidence and to some extent agreed with his thinking but NO MORE this man needs to leave I don’t care if the next one after him is worse….we need CHANGE and we need it NOW …..for whatever honor is man still has start looking for a successor

  13. The AKB’s will not blame their god, their excuse is the players didn’t step up. Tell me, who keeps chopping and changing the team? Continues to leave in the players who have consistently shown poor form Donkey Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey, Mertesacker, then wonders why the team doesnt gell??

  14. Worst weekend ever. Spurs and liecester celebrate and we get trounced by united’s academy and reserve players. Shame on this team and it’s manager.

  15. Who thinks we can still win the title, hmmmm? Spuds will beat us next week. In wenger we don’t have the ability to bounce bk from this. If I hear Wenger mention mental ability I’ll go down that training ground and kick him in the nuts. A bottless, headless team beaten by a bunch of kids my 2016 ruined. There should be protest at every home game until the season ends, Some of you fans have no bottle either. A dream day for Adrain Darum on talk sport tommorow. I say Arsenal listen to him and hear some hard truths. Wenger do us a favour and leave. Can’t say how gutted I am.

  16. Walcott doesn’t give enough for Arsenal, in this game he looked like a championship player.
    I like Ramsey but he makes it hard to make a case for him as he is selfish and rarely looks to pass forward because he wants to be the one receiving the forward passes from other players because he wants to score…. but by acting like this he slows down our attacks or makes our counters pointless.
    Gabriel looked like a player who has hardly played football and I wondered if he was even match fit but seeing how quick Utd were I doubt Per would have been much better.
    Sanchez hasn’t been the same since coming back from injury but at least he tried.
    Iwobi has been great recently but was shocking when he came on.
    And Giroud only got 1 cross when came on…. (wth!)
    Don’t know what it is about Old Trafford but we have only scored more than once against Utd there (in the prem) only once before in the 8-2 loss. So Today we scored two again for the second time in a 3-2 loss… asking for a third was a tall order.

  17. I don’t know how this happened a clueless manager maybe, players with no passion, no skills, can’t hold the ball, getting outplayed by youngsters, experts at passing at our own area. This was never Arsenal but right now this is the only Arsenal available under this manager, board and players. Thanks to destroying our day and lately destroying each match day .

  18. Ozil will leave soon if this persists. The team and players have no heart whatsoever. They are so casual that its appalling.

  19. Unbelievable ?… who am I kidding ? deep down, we all knew that this was a likely outcome!

    That’s it now…. No more title talks, we will struggle to finish 4th now that Utd have boosted their confidence and I’m expecting Chelsea to still have a say about that 4th spot too.

    Wenger is supposedly a man of his word and someone has to remind him of his words: “I will leave when I cannot take this team any further forward”

    Gutted… we got done by a teenaged ‘ich’.. two goals and an assist.

  20. Wenger is just deluled.. why take off coquelin and let Ramsey be on the field.. what does Campbell need to do to get a game..

    1. Because we don’t know what happens in the training surely Wenger sees a lot more than we do. So this is why he chose Walcott because Walcott is superior in training and Wenger surely knows more than we do. Wenger always know more than us we are just stupid and don’t know what is good for our club. He spent 10 years from embarrassment to another but he knows better. He didn’t buy Suarez and he was stubborn but he knows better. He bought one player last transfer market and this player was a goalkeeper but he knows better. He spends every match at the sidelines watching as we do but he knows better. Oh sorry sometimes he goes to the referee and scream but he knows better. We are out of the champions league and our title hopes are fading but he knows better. So I hope that the clueless board are negotiating with him to renew his contract till 2100 so that all arsenal fans are either dead or paralyzed.

      1. Oh please come on. Theo has been a wet rag on the field for match after match. AW has a problem with JC especially if Iwobi is a sub above him. The reason for our form is probably tension, that is now begining to tell in our performance. AW wronged Santi by leaving him on in the Norwich game and getting him injured so badly. He also played Rambo on the right even though Joel had played a blinder the match before.HB is Joel’s mate he’ll be off to Barca like a shot if AW doesn’t stop being so pig headed as usual.

        1. Seriously, some of you think it was ok to do what AW did to Santi? Or that Rambo was fit to play on the right and Alexis didn’t need a rest. Please, if you are going to defend AW through hell and high water you are more fans of his than Arsenal.

  21. Say what you want but Gabriel had very shocking moments and lacks composure. The only problem Per ever had was pace and it’s no mistake he had that many caps for the German national team. Walcott is crap in the middle and crap on the wings, get rid of that burden that’s been here for 10 years in conjunction with our title drought. Joke!!! We do the same thing EVERY match, try walking the ball in the net. Direct attack gets you goals but only if you SHOOT!!!

  22. Cech, Özil, Sanchez chose a right club run by Wrong Manager.

    That’s why Mourinho (a name a hate to mention) will always be the better manager than Wenger in the footballing world. He does the needful. He is not after owners dividends at the end of the day.

    Shame on you Wenger !!
    My perpetual support for you has waned!!

  23. 5 reasons why wenger should renew his contract

    1) None whatsoever
    2) No reason
    3) NiL
    4) No viable option
    5) Reasons untenable

  24. I’M DONE! If Wenger has any modicum of dignity about him then he should just resign at the end of this season. I’m too exhausted to even bother writing anything more. Jesus!

  25. Normally I don´t get mad on Wenger when we loose, but he did not show up today – Why play with Wallcot? I had really expected him to play with Giroud and Welbeck today. Man U have no central defender and are no that good in the air. Dtill we are trying to play trough the middel only? with a very disappointing Ramsey. Why don´t we play from central defence, to midfield, out wide to center back back to the center and distribute the balls to the wings play the ball´s behind there defence and challenge them in the air with our tall Players in domination in the air Giroud, Welbeck, Iwobi, El Nenny, ect….

    1. If only OX had scored his chance against Barca. Does it matter we lost. At the end of the day the team that scores the most wins.

  26. Absolute embarrassment and by the way how will you sleep Arsene how the F**k will u sleep and when they put on 18 year old player who scores 2 and you put on Iwobi who is disappointment and does nothing useful. This team needs to ashamed of itself and i mean that in the worst way of possible.

  27. a couple of seasons back, when we were plagued with injuries, we fielded a make shift team from our FIRST team, United blew us apart by 8-2 margin.

    Today, we presented our best team except Cazorla. United presented many U19 players, yet we were still beaten.

    What a shame ???

  28. I always support Wenger. I never say ‘Wenger Out’… But today’ Wenger Outttttt. He should go. I won’t be surprise if Ozil leave the club. This is pathetic!

  29. every reserve player playing against us looks WC.,the Hull Neur previous week and the Man u (watford) Ronaldo today.! were walcot and giroud on the team sheet today.?unseen

  30. I am sorry to say this but I think it is a very good lesson for Arsene Wenger and his team as well as commentators. The obvious flaws of Wenger are known to all of us but I think Wenger’s greatest flaw is underrating opponents which is the reason why he might not win any major trophy this season. No serious title contender can play the way Arsenal did today. It was simply criminal. Secondly no player should become indispensable like Ramsey and Sanchez whether or not they deliver. Ramsey should have been substituted at half tiime and Elneny brought in.There was absolutely no reason to drop Mertesacker to the bench and bring a man who was just coming from an injury. Mertesacker’s omission left the team with no leader as was seen in the team’s response to shock goals. Furthermore there was no reason to play Walcott in central forward role when there was Welbeck. In fact Campbell should have started in place of Walcott who should have been on the bench. Wenger has reaped the fruits of poor decision making.
    Turning to many on this site, I think you too got what you deserve! How many times have many of us been calling for Mertesacker to be benched in favour of Gabriel. When Mertesacker makes one mistake it is magnified allegedly because of his lack of pace but football is not all about pace. There are other crucial factors such as game reading, mental stability and calmness which Mertesacker has in plenty. Therefore, you Mertesacker haters have also got what you deserve. So no complaint, is there?

    1. @ davidusa
      You made some sence in some parts of your comment but to say that the fans on here got what they deserved regarding Mertesacker is just plain stupid!
      As if he would have made a big difference to the result ?

      1. Perhaps you need to read what luvdaguns wrote below so that you realise my point about Mertesacker and Gabriel. You should realise that it is these same senseless emotions of yours that I was criticising and luvdaguns concurs with me. My quarrel on this site has always been that emotions rather than reason dominate the site.

    2. exactly, one goal was unfortunate off kos’s head, the other 2 were gabriels, not to mention his stupid tackle just outside the box after he was beat bad, he also single handedly lost to chelsea as costa exposed him… he is fine, but as a bench player,

    1. Hahaha. .. Hahaha. . ???
      Why ?…. what did you do?

      Are you Wenger in disguise or something?… What? ?
      if you are. .. Then just retire man!

      Thanks for making me laugh man ???

      1. why?
        because i actually was thinking we can win….because i was thinking that PL is not far….even though i knew what our team players are like……how our manager thinks…..and how we have been ending up for the last 14 years or so (forgive me if i lost count, it has been too long).

  31. Hhahahahahahahahahahahahah! Spuds will win next week and we bloody deserve it!, you support Wenger that’s what to expect, hope we finish 5th I’VE HAD ENOUGH! Highest prices in Europe for supporting s@#t! , Lots of money, no ambition, no guts, no world-class players, Leicester to win the league says it all. The league was there for the taking and Wenger refused to bolster the side, it’s embarrassing!

  32. Well time to see who will lift the first trophy of the season at Wembley. How did we not make it to this final again? Oh yeah, we got beat by the mighty Sheffield Wednesday. At least City and Pool aren’t taking this Cup lightly.

  33. Got bored of blaming wenger long ago,I blame the vast majority of fickle fans we have,those who refuse to move on from mediocrity. Surely how long can this go on?Wenger doesn’t have a birthright to manage Arsenal, we had managers b4 him and we will have managers after him surely

  34. Players ate just NOT good enough and the manager is cap now as well
    There’s no excuse that will suffice we’re not good enough and that’s that
    This is the last chance we will have at winning the premier league so we may as well say goodbye to it for another twenty years

    1. What I keep trying to say is that there are still 39 points to play for. I hope you don’t give up on life after every little setback because if you do, you are in for a very sad life…..

      1. Six little setbacks defeat-wise and and five little setbacks draw-wise.
        Barca game shows us they are more than capable to trash every PL team, but when they actually play a PL team they show us we are looking at a ballerina squad.
        How much does Kroenke pay you?

  35. apply logic, usually we win when score 2, what change took place in defense? point two, if you want to finish above the other top 3, should you not have a featured striker that would start on at least one of those three teams? would OG start at CF on spurs? LC or MC? what does that say, how about Theo?

  36. @Admin
    I think for once I have to disagree with you here for saying:

    ” We can’t sack Wenger because there is no one better…”

    That is what we are made to believe. We have not won:

    P/League in over 14 years. Mourinho and Ferguson denied him severally.

    Carling cup or Capital one cup under him. Chelsea and Birmingham didn’t allow him.

    Champions League is a no-go area. Even with Monaco, last 16 has been our ceiling in 10 years. What is special in this with Arsenal status?

    Many bogey teams giving nightmares to us: Chelsea, United (even with kids), Southampton, Man City, Stoke city, Bolton. Even a player with a specialization in throw-in: Rory Delap. Remember the name and how many times he had made our fans cry because of ordinary throw-in ????

    common !!! there are many cries than laughter in Wenger’s reign.

    I believe that a coach like Pochetino is better than him if given Arsenal job.

    There is a proverb here in Africa,
    ” One can only know the weightier between a keg of water and that of palm oil after lifting both”

    I believe Pochetino and a couple of coaches will give top four finish as Wenger does.

  37. Walcott needs to go, as does Chamberlain. Barcelona were supposedly interested in signing Ramsey ?? Please just take him. Walcott jogged off that pitch on the hour mark with no worries on his face what so ever. he done nothing, absolutely nothing….

    What an embarrassment. That team we put out today puts in that type of performance against a very weak/injured United side. Our overall play today was utter garbage. The passing from the players today was shocking!!

    I’m 90% sureAlexis must be already planning to leave. Özil will Be the next. But can you blame them?? Because I can’t.

    It’s our best ever shot at the title and yet, we still keep bottling it.

    I suppose we were tired Wenger? A little bit jaded from the Barcelona game Tuesday?
    Look errrrrr blah blah errrrrrrr.

  38. Dear Admin,

    We must change things are board level because someone there must have an issue with spending money, great finacial figures released by Arsenal again & we spend 5 million in the transfer window & to be fair spent little in the summer too in comparsion to everyone else, all we get is it is not easy to find you players & I take on board some of what Wengers says but at this stage we must bring in someone to help him because he is ntrying to do too much at the club & I would gladly through my hat in the ring to be come head of purchasing but I have a feeling they would not let me spend a penny 🙂 HELP WANTED to improve the same old story

  39. Disappointing weekend, to say the least. One positive is that Welbeck scored, thats two goals in about 90 minutes played in PL this season. Another positive is that Ozil scored and another assist. We are paying for not getting clear at the top of the PL when we had the opportunities.

    My main concern is that we need an exceptional run of games to win PL, recent form in all competitions is poor so realistically we are heading for our usual scrap for third or fourth place. So disappointing.

  40. Well there it is then.

    The end of us flirting with the title. We were never in it.
    We were never going to win it, not because we dont have the players, but because we dont have the manager.

    From here on there is no wasting my breath on this team anymore….

    What hurts the most is that all good managers are now taken.
    Am sooo done with Wenger.

    1. There are still managers available who are better than Wenger. Pep and Klopp are the only ones we missed out on.

      Big club managers better than Wenger: Pelligrini, Simeone, Rainieri

      Small club managers but up and coming:
      Koeman, Martinez, Pochettino

  41. That’s it. I’m suspending my cable subscription to watch the remaining games. Honestly I’m done. I’m getting headaches for nothing when I’ve got better things to do. Leicester should take it and not Tottenham.

  42. Not enough characters and warriors in this team. If Wenger can’t instil it with the current crop then make some well chosen changes. Not going to anlusre what went wrong today in detail but we lose too many games from the middle of the park. We miss cazorla and actually Jack’s grit and fight. Ramsey go and play some golf and watch the six nations!

  43. When are some of you gonna start placing blame at the right place, and come to the realisation that Arsenal will NEVER win the league with Arsene at the helm. It’s been the same issues since Arsene started building his own teams in 2005/2006. Weak mentality, spectacular collapses around this time of the season, and when the title is out of reach, and pressure is off the players, they go on a spectacular run and finish ahead of the spurs, everyone goes crazy, and ARSENE gets to keep is job for another season. Then, Arsenal signs a mediocre player in the summer, y’know like Giroud, fans get overly excited because, any signing is desperately needed, and then all gets forgotten. Fans buy their season tickets and the whole cycle begins again the following season.
    Arsene has managed to dupe fans into buying into his crap for a decade now, and amazingly continues to do so. Now i know some will say, look at what he has done for the club.
    New stadium
    champions league every year…….. blah blah blah
    Fact is Arsenal needs a new coach next season, and fans have the power to make that happen. Hit them where it hurts, and refuse to buy tickets, or merchandise, and see how fast they let Wenger. That doesn’t mean that i do not support the team, but sometimes it pays to take a step back, to make several strides forward.

  44. Really disappointed with the loss but the atmosphere makes me feel like we are 5 points behind and its only 1 game to go

  45. Am so disappointed by this match….so pissed off!!! Wenger better win all the next games…This is insanity losing over and over as fans we are getting tired of coming like 2 points of the title to only be brought 5points and the way things are going we may drop more…When this was our season handed in a platter….Am pissed!!!!

  46. Point of correction : we have less than 39 points to play for.

    And saying 33 points to play for is a Euphemism, there are only 11 matches to play for.
    A serious team like Tottenham and Leicester city will win their 6 or 5 home matches left. We can’t even win all our remaining home games let alone away games.

  47. Arsenal is tired most of our players r weak, where r those who condemn Mert, I hope dey see Gabreal today. Sanchez is becoming anoda thing, not contributing anything. Theo uhnmmnn mehn useless. We lost to man u 2nd team shameful. Wenger, U r no more getting it right. My hope is gone. We r not playing like a title contender.

  48. Supporting Arsenal is not good for the health. Wenger is the ONLY problem we have. He is the one who decided to play a tired Ramsey for 90 minutes. He is the One who failed to sign a forward in the summer. Wenger should be sacked. Wenger is past it. Bring in a younger Manager like Bilic or Allegri.

  49. I don’t really get the whole thing. A squad full of top internationals going out and playing a squad of schoolboys, and not even look interested in playing let alone winning. I don’t think the fans mind when we’ve put in a lot of effort, but still get beaten, but when we’ve put in zero effort into one of our most important matches this year, then you begin to wonder.

  50. Some one said Sanchez may leave pls let him go, he has been performing below average. Let me say this , We lost today game bcos Mert did not play. He is d one who organize d back n distribute passes. We also miss OG contribution to defence n forward work rate. Presently, OG n Webek should pair. Likewise, kosheny n Mert.

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