Man United v Arsenal – What a goal by Aubameyang, the calmness in front of goal

Before todays game, Arsenal’s brilliant striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, had already scored six goals in six Premiership games, and tonight we saw exactly why – the calmness, the composure, the knowing exactly where the keeper is going to be.

I loved the way he took the ball so calmly and knew he had all the time in the world. Then it was only a matter of finding out where the goalkeeper was and he did the coolest chip to give Arsenal a deserved equaliser. I am in awe, and I have been watching it again and again.

Right now I’m more than happy to be an Arsenal fan.

Let’s celebrate.
Sam P


    1. Emery is to be blame for Pepe’s poor performance …Can he give him some serious aggressive talk on how to be passionate on the pitch
      Or drop him

          1. Brilliant performance by Arsenal.
            Emery deserves huge credit for getting a point with such a weak squad.
            When we finally get rid of Wenger’s deadwood Ozil Mustafi
            Mkhitarian etc we can buy a decent central defence.
            Really encouraging result.
            Auba Saka Guendouzie Willock all excelled.
            Still have Hector Kieran Alexander to return.
            So many positives. Faith completely restored in our team.
            Happy to be a Gooner tonight
            Time to celebrate.
            COYG 🙂

      1. Pepe is to blame for his performances. He thinks he is in France where he has a ton of space to dribble and do tricks. He needs to put in more effort. Cant blame Emery for this horrendous crosses and free kicks.

    2. Obviously he needs more time, but yes, he has been awful so far. Fair play on Emery for taking him off before Saka, as it’s easier to take the kids off. I thought Saka was excellent, Guendouzi as well. Chambers did well again at RB, so hopefully no more AMN in that position. Thank you Auba!

    3. Everyone seems to flop under Emery.Apart from Auba and Guedozzi we are all trash. Nelson should not be ahead or Martinelli in pecking order. Playing Torreira out of position just to sub him is hilarious. Bringing willock to play in the wings so as lover boy xhaka can remain in the field is terrifying. Our tactics against top teams is one.. playing defensive minded players.. EMERY OUT

  1. 17 goals in 17 games.
    God bless Sven for making sure we get PEA.
    This guy will walk into any team on any day.
    Thanks for always coming through PEA

  2. EMERY love to repeat his mistakes
    Dnt introduce Nelson when u need a goal
    Pls Gabriel Martin can do a better job

  3. I won’t give up on Pepe yet. A lot of clueless posters bagged Guendouzi last season and even now…and Guen has been our best player this season…apart from PEA.
    Pwpe needs a season to acclimatise unfortunately BUT this clueless manager needs to get rid of the captain as our forwards have no one to feed them. An oil or cebellos with Guen as the b to b and torreira as the def mid

    1. 70m shouldn’t need a season to a climate. He had 2 golden chances blew them both. Saka will be involved in more goals than Pepe this season.

      1. Why are Arsenal fans always hating on their players
        Have you taken a look at Hazard performance in Real Madrid, who is by far a better player than Pepe but still not performing at all. We all should just fake a chill on him, yeah yesterday wasn’t one of his finest game and that’s the reason he was substituted before saka

  4. The only fault Emery made was starting Xhaka over Ceballos
    But it was a big Fault

    I don’t know why he and Wenger likes Xhaka so much.

    1. What did Cebellos do when he came on. I’m not belittling the players but I think he is regressing under Emery as other players. Thanks to Auba once again.. How many passes was he given centrally in this match. When you have play front 3 of Saka-Auba-Pepe you don’t need to rely on your fullbacks for attacking play just keep passing the ball forward to them and let them do their thing. Man U was their for the taken but we have a coach who played cowardly. The zearlier he goes the better

      1. IMO we should have put that Man Utd. team the sword right from the whistle. We played with rather fast paced and tricky forwards who could do all that but played a formation of players that didn’t guarantee them the supply needed to activate their planned potentials against United. We showed Man U too much respect by fielding not 1, not 2 but 3, 3 central mid fielders who know better how to defend (save for Guendouzhi’s recently acquired all round central display). There was no player to guarantee supply gets to our forward trio. Van Persie’s half time commentary highlighted this after which Ian Wright suggested we mad the changes in our field personnel to ensure this which i guess was what Emery did to bring in Dani Ceballos. Ceballos’ job was not to score but to link play to the forward trio which he did early on after his arrival on to the turf.

  5. There is one thing not being good enough, but I think Kolasinac is the most daftest player I’ve seen in Arsenal. He gets out of the way for the opponents to go through. I can’t wait for him to get dropped

    Saka is like a Kante for Arsenal. I think he will score soon and become a big player. Pepe won’t ever live up to his valuation but he has room for improvement Needsto do it quick.

    1. The error did not commence from Kolasinac leaving acres of turf for opposing wingers and players to run into but in playing Kolasinac as a full back. It appears many are not aware Kolasinac is not as skillful at being a fullback as many think he is. Hate to burst your bubble bruv but Kolasinac is a traditional flying wing back not a full back. His potential comes to the fore when we play a 5 or 3 man defence but when its a back 4, there is trouble for him as he would now be charged with doing what he has little idea of. Imagine Aubameyang playing center back or Leno playing as a winger. It is so not Kolhapur’s fault. In fact, he has done appreciably well n this position. Like ANM, Kolasinac would continue to make school boy errors playing as a full back. It is for this reason i do not put blame ANM for the red cards he has now started accumulating at this position. Just as ANM, Kolasinac is being played at full back for reason of necessity and not by reason of skill. So give the dude a breather, Kieran Tierney was purchased for just this purpose, to relieve Kolhapur of his folly. So instead of playing critic, lets remain hopeful Tierney get fit to start on time.

  6. Pepe needs more time
    He will come good

    Some players like Ceballos adapt quickly and some like Pepe don’t

    He’s still useful out there even if he isn’t playing his best

    1. Leroy Sane struggled when he came to the PL.
      So did Mo Salah and Kevin De bruyne at Chelsea.
      Look at them now.
      Pepe is going to be dynamite.
      Just needs time.
      But we still need 2 top CB’s more.
      Sell Mustafi, Mkhitarian, Kolo and Ozil in January to raise the funds.

  7. I hope Emery gets sacked very soon.
    He is definitely not up to being an Arsenal coach. Why start Luiz and Sokratis again? Why that midfield? The only thing he did right was taking of Pepe and even that took to long.

  8. Very mediocre by both teams, but I thought Saka did very well, as, in fact, did Kolasinac. Pepe needs time in the reserves, there is just no excuse for such a poor performance. He cannot evem take a proper corner kick!

        1. He had a slow start to the season, understandably so.. he played very well against Norwich, had an assist. Even the manager said he’s back to his best and doesn’t want to lose him, as they need him.

      1. Sue, I recall you and some others said you wanted Zaha. But I also recall that many here said he was worth the 80m price tag. So how was Arsenal going to get him?

          1. I even said the 40m we offered should have been ample, but Palace had other ideas…not only with the offer, but they weren’t interested in instalments, so that was the end of that, unfortunately.

  9. Emery will ship the usual stuff after tonight (some justified).

    But I just hope he doesn’t get a stiff neck looking DOWN at “ Poch” “Super Frank” and “Ole at the wheel” !

  10. Just you got to love this guy auba👏👏👏 I hope that he doesn’t get fed up with Emery like most of us and look for greener pastures.emery should go first before that happens

  11. Guenduozi should be releasing ball on time he seems to spend too much time on ball. Hmmmmm despite all my cry and warning Emery finally made his brother inlaw (Xhaka) the captain. I wonder how bad our mentality have been, arsenal fans are now celebrating draw with the worst man United team in history while we have the best striker in the league in Aubamayang. Emery with his sentimental selections is making me to lose interest in football these days because I can’t support another team

  12. When Xhaka gave that free kick at the top of the box in the 80tj minute, I almost threw up in my mouth thinking here we go again

  13. Playing Xhaka and Kola in the starting lineup, we start the game with 9 players. Saka is going to be a player in years to come. To expect Pepe to be playing like this and better. I hope he is not just a YouTube player.

  14. Was this good enough from Arsenal?

    3 DM’s against one of weakest utd teams I’ve seen.

    Xhaka, Luiz, Sokratis, Kola despite Holding and Tierney returning.

    Can Emery inspire the players?

    What happened to the attacking, pressing, aggressive style of play he promised?

    Aggressive tinkering is the only aggression I’ve seen from Emery in his nearly year and a half in charge.

    Shame this guy has no understanding of Arsenal’s attacking DNA.

  15. And it ends in a draw. Both teams should donate both points to charity. Easily one of the worst games of PL football in recent memory. Haha

    Well, I predicted a draw. We haven’t won at Old Trafford for 13 years now.

    Aubamenyang is a quality striker. Wish he has enough support around him.

    Pepe had a poor game. Rubbish passes, won’t show remorse even when he hits an awful shot but I won’t give up on him yet. He had a decent game against Liverpool but he’s been poor after that.

    Chambers did well even after his yellow card

    Special shout out to Guendouzi.. I like him. Still has mistakes in Him as he is still young but his drive is commendable

    Saka is hungry.. Caused young some problems with a goof assist

  16. I’m honestly worried. 4th sounds good right now but It’s not on the back of any convincing win and emery isn’t an arsenal fit. There is something wrong with the club given our defensive issues which have lasted years now. Emery is taking us backward in terms of football entertainment but it’s clear we have a squad capable of trophy’s and champions league qualification. We are missing a steel through the squad and are starting to lack an identify in our football. I hope we change out the manager before this season gets worse and we have the players we want to keep looking elsewhere.

  17. Seeing Saka give Ashley Young A nightmare on the wing was a joy.This kid made my day…Chambers was also good but this OT curse is still hanging over our heads…You cannot win the championship if tour not reckless un the turf of your rivals

  18. I think Xhaka did okay today, though I would rather have taken him off than torreira coz we looked more prone to the counter-attack when ceballos was on

  19. Even though I agree on the sacking of Wenger, for me he is better than this clueless coach. I feel pain whenever I see his stressed face.seriously he is not the level of Arsenal. I wish the mgmt sack him now and the players can be motivated by another coach..try Luenberg till end of the season….so depressed and frustrated

  20. What happens to Ozil again. Why wasn’t he on the bench at least. Emery needs to be shown the door and asked to close the door behind him. Playing 3dms and no attacking midfielder against against this poor and not inform Man U and yet they cut through our midfield easily.

  21. Though the CB’s didn’t play all that badly today, they were just a mistake or two away throughout. Luiz & Sokratis should not be playing together and Holding needs to get in there. Chambers did well after the initial jitters and yellow, Kola did fairly ok as well, but he is keeping the seat warm for Tierney. Once Bellerin is back, Chambers will slot nicely in as CB and there will be much needed speed from our LB’s.

    3 DM’s starting is a bad move and Xhaka was beyond terrible. Torreira is not a B2B player that Emery thinks he can make him to be. He is a DM and so is Guendozi, but these kids play with heart. They take one touch too many and tend to give the ball away but they fight to get it back. Other than Torreira, the other two weren’t fast enough plus they don’t release the ball fast enough.

    Ceballos is more a natural #8 but him coming on should have been in Xhaka’s place, with Torreira playing DM.

    Pepe hasn’t settled in yet and let’s hope he doesn’t get slapped with “big wages” tripe often. He needs a lot of guidance and isn’t getting it from the looks of it.

    Saka was lovely and yet got hooked. Auba needs a lot of service and it’s a wonder he got an opening and scored.

    Willock being brought on as LW is a practical joke being played on us. Reiss needs to sort his head out and grab opportunities that come his way, and not go down too easily.

    Emery was pathetic in:
    Team selection
    Substitutions…all 3 of them.
    Ozil situation.

    Emery needs to go, because we dropped another 2 points from our kitty.

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