Man United win would be double boost for Arsenal

As an Arsenal fan it is not often that I would not take great pleasure in any misfortune that came the way of our old rivals Manchester United but rules are there to be broken, as it were, and circumstances dictate that I will be crossing my fingers and hoping that Louis van Gaal and his team get a win this week in the FA cup replay.

There are two reasons for this as well. The first is also the reason why, even though I want United to win I do not want them to win easily, because their midweek game is the FA cup replay against West Ham who Arsenal face away in the Premier League on Saturday.

What we really want is a hard game that goes to extra time with United finally winning so the Hammers are tired and dispirited when Arsenal arrive there at the weekend. But we also want United to go into the weekend buzzing and full of confidence because their game is against our north London rivals Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

The spuds are already faltering in their own title challenge and another game without a win would surely herald in another St. Totteringham’s day for Arsenal fans to celebrate. We could well end the week just point behind them if Man United beat West Ham and give our season a timely double boost.

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  1. points to note:

    1) Arsenal are not masters of Taking advantage of situations

    2) Arsenal perform better when under intense pressure

    3) Arsenal wakes up when 4th place is in Danger

    4) Arsenal still got a few Bogey teams in existence

    5) Arsenal still got problem with finding the right formular

    6) Arsenal often end up bottling it up after talking alot before a game

    7) Arsenal may show up on the day or ruin the party, u never know…

    There’s more…

    1. Optimistic as ever SoOpa. Lol, many truisms in what you say though!

      I actually think that Iwobi, Elneny, Welbz and Gabriel have gone some way to giving us the ‘formula’ we’ve been looking for.

      We’ll see…and before you say it, of course we’ll also see if Wenger sticks with it.

    2. Sad but true. There has been a dispiriting pattern this season where we have a lot of “boosts” before a game we need to win and then we still go and don’t win. On the other hand when things look a bit bleak we sometimes pull out a performance.

      The teams we’ve won against recently have been poor on the day. Time will tell if we’ve recovered enough form to beat opponents when they come out fighting.

  2. Hahaha ?
    I also made the mistake in thinking that the Fa cup replay between West Ham and Utd was before this weekend’s games, but unfortunately it’s after… on the 13th of April.
    But you have gone and made the same mistake twice now, Mr Bob, You’re getting as bad as Mr wenger ?

    At least, we can hope that West Ham will have one eye on that replay, when they face us ??

  3. Actually, from a strategic point of view, is much better that FA game is after the weekend. Will keep Manure on their toes against the Spuds because against West Ham we will not be given any quarter so we really have to put bones to the work in any case.
    In any case, just assume that teams will win their home games. We just have to look on us.

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