Do Man United have momentum to overtake Arsenal?

While Arsenal have not been getting what we deserved for some pretty good and certainly dominant performances at times this season, our Premier League rivals Manchester United have been generally awful but have somehow picked up points fairly steadily.

And now that the Gunners have hit a really sticky patch at the same time that United have found a bit of form, a quick look over the shoulders will show Arsene Wenger and the players that Louis van Gaal and his misfits are now sitting just two places and four points behind us in the league table.

Of course the Dutchman and various United players have now started talking about the top four and if they keep building on their current momentum and we cannot get out of this rut then it could be Arsenal that they knock out of the Champions League places.

So just how worried should we be? Well not too much I think. First of all this run of four wins that everyone is banging on about has not been as good as you might think. First up was a lacklustre Shrewsbury who basically allowed United to do whatever they wanted. Then came the Danish club that had been roundly thrashed many times this season and had not played for two months. Then we gifted them a nice easy win and this week they were very lucky not to be well out of the game by the time Mata scored a good free kick with seven minutes left.

So they are on a good run but are not really playing all that well and they have some tough games coming up, so as long as Wenger can stop the rot with Arsenal then we should have no problem staying ahead of Man United. But can we stop the rot?

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  1. If they want to prove to us they are men and not bottlers, just go out and win the last ten games.

  2. Very Possible. If we lose on Saturday to spurs and then Manu win against westbrom on Sunday’ Then we only top them with 1 Point..

    I hope we start winning again. It’ll be shameful if Manu and even Chelsea tops us. Chelsea haven’t lost a game under Hiddink. They are building momentum as well.

    We should blame ourselves (Arsene, Arsenal) if we don’t win the league but if Manu/Chelsea tops up come may’, then that’s devastating and shameless after such an inspiring start to the season with other big teams falling off…

    1. If chelsea manage to surpass us, then surely Wenger must be given the boot. Anything else just proves how little football/ambition means to the top management.

      This summer, Wenger should be either a BPL champion or a pensioner

  3. lets lose the next 3matches(which is achievable wd our play) and chelski will be a game away from kicking us to top 11 and we will be relegation contenders(our new trophy after decades of 4th place trophy)

  4. I reckon they do. Aaand as soon as they get closer to the fourth spot the sooner we will see Arsenal fight in their games.
    As Fatboy had mentioned on a previous article. They will only start playing for real, once the top four is in danger. That’s when the senile old git remembers he is a manager, that’s when the ballerina ensemble comes to realize their performances are below par in regard to their wages. That’s when the AKBs start spitting their acid on the fans of football all over the world, praising the lord for another good season. That’s when the transfer rumors start circling to little final effect. That’s when we know a real Arsenal fan is living the groundhog day.
    Until the same old tomorrow, see you in the Wenger-trophy-land.

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