Man United’s Pogba claims fans need to help beat Arsenal

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has called for the club’s fans to make the difference against Arsenal on Sunday.

The Red Devils are expected to field a weakened side for the crunch Premier League match this weekend, with manager Jose Mourinho believed to be prioritising his side’s Europa League challenge, but a loss this Sunday could all-but end his side’s hopes of reaching the top-four.

Winning the Europa League would of course mean they do not need a top-four finish to secure a place in the Champions League, meaning they may well have their priorities right, but we do not have such a luxury, with no possible back-door into the competition.

United put one foot into the Europa final with a 1-0 away win to Celta Vigo on Thursday night, and Paul Pogba has credited the fans with helping them to achieve that advantage, while calling on a similar show of support at the Emirates this weekend.

He said: ‘The crowd has to be as good as it was against Celta Vigo, even with the noise of their fans, we could hear them.

‘They give us energy, so we need them – they always help us. They don’t know it, but when we’re on the field and hear them shouting our names, it pushes us to the limit.

‘Our support is very good – we need the fans and want to win for them.’

Our own fans have also been against us for much of the campaign, and we could no doubt do with a boost at this crucial time in the season.

Can United’s fans give them an advantage in Sunday’s encounter? Do our players need us to lit them back into this push for the top-four?

Pat J

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  1. John Barber says:

    United will field a strong side on Sunday they had Mata Rooney Martial plus the best goalkeeper in Europe on bench
    Arsenal will be well beaten long ball marshmallow defence easy as that
    United have a good defence Arsenal have no decent strikers can’t see anything but Manc win

    With Wenger leaving at end of season team have underperformed massively.

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    just look at how City tore Palace apart…they fight for every ball and are determined

    not to mention they will strengthen with a few signings

    if we are still keeping the same squad for next season…the useless British core and ageing deadwood

    we will never win the title for sure 100%

  3. Vish says:

    I really dont see any way wenger outsmarting jose in this one. He never has.
    Anyways 4th spot wont be ours. Might as well give it our all in the fa cup.
    And focus on bringing new players and getting rid of wenger.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Chelsea will win the double…

      Chelsea has tall defenders and 11 players that defend and fight for the ball…

      We only have Ozil who watch the ball…..

      1. Rush says:

        So tired of everyone always thrashtalking Özil.
        Look att the stats, chanses created, pass% and so on. He is still world class. However, he doesn’t fight back as hard as others on the defence, and I guess, that is what is bothering so many fans? Well, luckily there are other players on the pitch who has defence as their primary task.

  4. Taxi4Wenger says:

    Mind games trap by mourine.

    Arsene fell everytime. The deluded one that said he built this club.

  5. odein4 says:

    If Conte wins d league n Wenger renews his contract I think I will just support a team from division 2 it’s better that way at least I know it’s a small team with no hyped players n Wenger as d coach.. I wonder how we Arsenal Fans put up with this scam for all these years???

  6. JPS_AFC1 says:

    We put up with it because he used to be a world class manager. We believed he had his hands tied paying off the Emirates and wanted to give him a chance to get back to past glory.
    What has happened is we have found out the hard way that the game has passed him by and his methods from style off management to the way he runs the club are outdated. Just look at the Sanchez situation it has taken till now for them to put what he wanted on the table and it is to late. If we did that earlier earlier in the season when we were playing well he would have signed. He is always trying to buy players with potential instead off the finished product and obsession with trying to save money in the transfer market has cost is big time. He dicked around trying to save a couple of million when going for Higuain in 13 put a stupid offer for Suarez in 14 and last year should have put a $45,000,000 offer in for Lacazette bit instead he put less than what they rejected from West Ham.
    He is finished his style is outdated and he is past his use by date.

  7. JPS_AFC1 says:

    We could have also got Dybala 2 years ago for $32,000,000 now they are talking $80mil ridiculous. Didn’t think he was worth it the kid is magic

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