Man Utd 1-1 Arsenal – Ponderous match that neither team deserved to win

It has to be said that the first half was quite a boring affair and even with Man Utd going ahead just before the half came to a close through Scott McTominay deflected shot it was largely forgettable football from both teams.

There was a lack of imagination or creativity, both teams were giving the ball away as if it was going out of fashion and while there were no major errors of judgement there was constant losing of the ball and sloppy passing.

United did not really deserve the lead and was fortunate to get it and neither were Arsenal out of the game.

The second half started off a little better but nothing spectacular was happening and truth be told, it did not look it would but that all changed on the 59th mins.

Who else would it be? Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang does it again, this time latching onto a pass from Bukayo Saka, he cooly chips the keeper to equalise.

The goal was initially given offside, however, Aubameyang was clearly onside and the goal was given after a review by VAR.

The game picked up a little after that but was still a bit ponderous. Pepe was subbed on the 75th minute after an ineffectual performance and in the 77th minute Xhaka picked up his customary yellow card.

The game petered out to a draw and to be brutally honest neither team did enough to win but at the end of the day Arsenal was the away team and to come away from Old Trafford with a point is not a bad nights work.

There were no major mistakes, the defence stood strong, the midfield and the forward line should have done a bit more and will be disappointed with themselves.

Arsenal did not lose and a point is better than nothing.


  1. Yo!! Driver, Yo Emery! Emery!! stop!! Stooop!! I ain’t going no more.
    Jesus!! Even Mourinho who’s the mastee of pqrking the bus doesn’t field 3 DMs at the same time😂😂
    This is a whole lot of crap I can’t handle anymore.
    When are we gon get that win at Old Trafford? When?
    Freddie please take over the bus.
    Keep saying it! Saka over Nelson any day

    1. Saka over nelson times infinity. Lol. We really away with this one. Numerous penalty potential didnt come through. VAR supporyed us with no prior protest happening.

      Congratulations lady luck. U just added more papers onto the crack.

      1. Nah bro, suddenly Nelson is a midfielder🙄🙄
        So we can’t really blame him you know?
        With the performance I’ve seen, I swear people know I’m not an Iwobi fan, but I’ll pick Iwobi on the wings over the boy any day until he goes out and learn to play football maturedly.
        The only thing that’s kinda saddening right now is that, soon as Lacazette returns, Saka would get back to the bench

        1. I swear Nelson is a joke, he should have scored the winning goal with that pass he called a shot, at least Iwobi can dribble past players, am still waiting to see what Nelsonis good at.

  2. At least we are back in 4th Place

    1-1 at Old Trafford isn’t a terrible result

    But Emery should have started Ceballos from the Start

    1. Please Innit you keep saying stuffs such as he’s doing good and all that, yet you admitted he’s not the one to take us to the next level.
      So what’s your point in defending him?
      Why delaying the inevitable?
      I saw all of this last season while on that farce called the 22 games unbeaten run, I pointed it out that he’s not taking us to the next level nor is he the man. I got questioned, especially by Jon fox (Who by the way has been missing since he started seeing the truth about Emery).
      You’ve seen and admitted he’s not taking us to the next level, why do you keep singing he should keep the job? Even you know the endgame, know where not getting to the next level with him, yet you question other fans who say it’s better he leaves now.
      Just because we got a point from the game doesn’t mean everything’s okay, just because the players fought back against Villa doesn’t mean everything’s okay, just because we keep hanging by a thread amongst the top 4 doesn’t mean everything’s okay..
      When you’re having a headache, you stop what you’re doing and go take painkillers, you don’t say just because you can stand up and still move on with what you’re doing that it’s okay to just bear the headache.
      We are all Arsenal fans, we all want the best for our clubs, some of us just choose to be logical about it and not sentimental

  3. Awful from both teams. Even worse from Arsenal who went in there with no guts, and started 3 CDM’s. Oh sorry, Torreira is now supposed to be a CM, because he’s known for his ability to create goal scoring chances. Pepe has been abysmal all season and we should start being concerned for sure. Saka was great, Guendouzi, Auba and Leno were fine. Average or bad from everybody else. Emery is quickly destroying any standards we’ve had at this club. And sooner he goes the better. He’s awful.

    1. And players themselves should be ashamed of some of the efforts on goals and freekicks. Seriously, some of the most dreadful stuff I’ve seen in ANY Epl game.

  4. Hello Emery! We are not Sevilla!
    You will understand this at the end of the season.

    Poor tactics, again players playing out of their positions… another good chance of winning against top 6 missed.
    I dnt care for any positives from this game. We had to win this.
    Emery’s time is running out… slowly but surely.

  5. At some point we will realise the season is gone probably when it’s too late. Emery needs to be changed out, the football is bad we can’t pass or defend and the game plan and team selections are just baffling. I’m serious when I say Mourinho in for the rest of the season or Eddie Howe if he would come now.

    1. Just put Freddie in charge the rest of the season is what I say. This is dire stuff to watch. We know at least that Freddie values attractive play and not this dreadful stuff. And this dreadful stuff isn’t even getting the right results, which is really the only excuse one can have for making Arsenal look so bad.

    2. Dan, you know what? 🙄 the funniest thing is people would find excuses as to Why Emery couldn’t have won this game.
      The excuses are reducing now that our injured defenders are back, but let’s stick with fielding defensive players all season.
      I’m really interested in seeing the number of new excuses that’ll be generated as the season goes

  6. “Arsenal did not lose and a point is better than nothing.”

    Really? Let us continue this way then, even against the poorest teams, after all this Unai Emery’s first season, let’s keep going this way🙄🙄

    1. At the end of this match I can gladly say Saka should be pepe and pepe should be Saka….Saka played like an 80million euro player and the other was so bad and effortless…who else thinks nelson shouldn’t be playing for arsenal cos I think so

  7. Emery is the worst manager in arsenal history he as to go along with the club captain no flair no game plan wot a joke the worst utd team and we still can’t beat them 😂😂😂

        1. I dnt know where you ve been but I was Wenger out since he sold rvp to manutd… so today I am just feeling it was very easy to destroy manutd but we didnt cos Emery still wants to turn us into Sevilla.

      1. I dont see the improvement. Wenger could get the same exact results. The only positive I can give Emery is giving the youth players a chance. Besides for that, he’s bang average at best. I can’t actually name an area of the pitch we are better in because of Emery. The fact he’s at least not dumb enough to bench Auba is the only reason we score.

        1. You are going to compare Emery with Wenger. Okay facts…
          Wenger won at old Trafford in 1996 and 1997, when Arsenal were a really great team,
          After that, the only time he won there was in 2006.
          I thought the lads were brilliant today

          1. Admin, I think you need to give this squad more credit. I don’t think they lack talent, and I think there are some very good players around the pitch. Compare that with United who were missing key players everywhere, and overall have a below average squad for a club like them. This was our best opportunity to get 3 points at OT in years and instead it was a pretty messy game from both sides. I think we have grown far too used to average/bad results against our rivals. We’re going on FIVE years since we have won away against a big 6 side, so yes, I do think Wenger would’ve gotten the same result today. And i wasn’t satisfied with his latter years at the club, so I cannot be satisfied with the result today when I believe we can do so much better.

          2. No matter what you say admin some will stink find something negative to say about the coach, we defended really well as a team but we had a young winger in Saka who attack and defend, if Pepe had played like Saka we would have defeated United, if anyone thinks Wenger would have defeated this United team, I will just refer them to Rasford first premier league goals.

            1. I think you all need to start realising that there are two Admins. I am simply Admin, who has been here for 100 years, and new new one is Admin Martin, who has his own opinions and beliefs. Don’t think that because we both write articles for JustArsenal we have the same opinions. We both have our own way of looking at things, just like all the readers do too. If we all had the same opinions, life would be very boring!

        1. He didn’t duck. Watch the video again. He watches the shot and then outs his head down to head it away but the ball takes a deflection. I’m no lover of his game but he didn’t duck – although I’m sure the narrative will be trotted out over the next few weeks. People see what they want to see.

      1. Didn’t take charge of the situation at the final minute. As captain he should have taken that last free kick with his left foot, should have been an in swinger, something like he did at Crystal palace last season.

    1. Well that’s strange. Because I, for one. thought we just watched an excellent game. Did you not enjoy it?
      Who was the manager tonight by the way?

      1. Thanks admin, I dont get all the negativity, when Wenger went to OT and put out attacking players we got beat and embarrassed, now Emery is doing it the other way round and some are still complaining, we played 2:2 there last season and beat them at the emirate, now we played 1:1 am sorry but I think theirs some positives to be taken from here.

        1. Leno, I don’t rate Wenger(late stage), OR Emery. And I dont think just because they both got draws is something to look at as a positive. This United team isn’t good by any stretch of the imagination, and Arsenal had more fit players than them, yet both teams looked just as sloppy. Emery is past his first season and he needs to start building something with this squad, yet I feel like our play is going backwards. Looking at the results isn’t enough. This Emery side seems to struggle every single game. Unless it’s Nottingham Forest.

          1. When was the last time Wenger’s starting 11 was actually better than United’s?

            2006? Even then I would say it was of similar quality.

            Comparing losing with a weak squad against a top-quality full-strength United with this crap when we after more than a decade finally had a better starting 11 (partially due to all the United injuries, but still) is just plain wrong Admin. Especially playing against the worst United team in more than 2 decades.

        2. A few? I think it’s a great result and great play from our boys. If people still want to criticize Emery then I’ll sit back and wonder why we haven’t lost for a while. Crap coach?
          How man games have Man United and Chelsea won lately?

          1. We dnt care about others… we had a great chance to destroy this manutd side but Emery again was too defensive and still had players in wrong positions (Torreira is not young Ozil).

          2. We’re not competing in the “How many games has Man United and Chelsea won” Cup. How many games has Leicester won? I don’t think I concern should be the results but rather the performances. The performances have been dreadful. Emery is not getting good performances out of decent players.

  8. We will never win at Old Trafford. Today was our best chance in years, only for Emery to be too negative to start 3 defensive minded midfielders. Disappointed with a draw.

  9. What a relief! Am really happy with this result and performance. Playing at OT is always a daunting task. Good job boys, good job Emery! Back in the top 4 and the midtable garbage is back where it belongs, 10th. Comedy show will be at The United Stand tonight!

  10. Wow wow, credit where credit is due. We were away from home, we didn’t get beat and we are up to 4th. I’ll take that with the backline we had out. Chambers done well. Sake is a breath of fresh air. Auba is a class act. Oh by the way who is the 70 mill player Pepe or Saka?

  11. This Emery guy is letting our Arsenal fc team play like he wants to be sacked in order for him to return to his glory lands which is in Spain.

    I fail to understand why he didnt bring on Martinelli as the guy played well in the previous game. He instead of Nelson would’ve been great but to be fair to Nelson, he defended well on the right hand side and helped Chambers alot. He’s attacking was woeful though.

    We miss Lacazette alot.
    Please come back

  12. Great point at OT.
    Time to celebrate.
    Emery is pure and simply a genius with a garbage squad.
    We have Tierney and Hector to come back.
    We have Lacazette to come back.
    Sell Mustafi/Ozil in January and get 2 top CB’s
    Saka Guendouzie played great.
    Auba scores goals.
    Lots of positives.
    In Unai we trust.

  13. It’s impossible to justify firing Emery when we are in 4th place and draw an away match at old Trafford

    I agree that Xhaka over Ceballos was a poor decision and even if we finish 4th, I’m leaning towards getting a new manager because Emery isn’t going to take us to the next level because he lacks tactical awareness

    But calling for him to be Fired when we are improving over last season and still 4th place is RIDICULOUS.

    1. Realistically he’s not going to get sacked because of Chelsea and United also being poor. (The worst sides they’ve both had in years btw). But yes, you do recognize that he is not taking us to the next level. Really, i don’t think he’s taking us to any level. This is just as bad as Wenger’s last seasons, except Chelsea and United are bad this time around, and they won’t be forever. At the most, I will accept that Emery can hold his job until the end of this season, but even if he gets top 4, he is going nowhere fast with this squad and I dont see the point of holding onto somebody who we all know is going to fail, when we can look for better. Sarri got sacked and won a trophy+top 4, but the entire organization knew it was going to go south after that.

        1. Please tell me you are joking, are you really blaming Xhaka for that goal, a shot that took a slight deflection, yiu expect Xhaka to turn to a super man and stop that goal lol, some fans are just unbelievable.

            1. Hi Declan, I have to hold my hand up and say sorry, as a different video shows a slightly different story. You will have to wait for an hour or so but it has been posted.
              I feel humble!

              Lenohappy is actually right”

  14. Really it’s time for Pepe to be dropped. His shooting is horrible, his crosses are useless, he is lazy and it looks like he is playing for the money. No passion or drive whatsoever, it seems like he doesn’t care he isn’t playing well. Emery choosing to take him off was welcomed and if I were him I would be getting the message. I just hope we get a hungry rising star to take his place. It just a matter of one dazzling performance from one of our young stars and he is off.

  15. I don’t know why Nelson gets a chance ahead of Martinelli.

    Martinelli is a deadly goal scorer, he has done excellently well anytime he is called upon.

    The best youngster in Arsenal in my opinion, he would have definitely scored the weak shot taken by the useless Reis Nelson

  16. We played well at a ground that’s not been easy for us, i don’t care what anyone says, we played a good game, if you really think starting Ceballos and Willock would have changed the match then you are wrong, man it’d came with just one game plan, just kick Arsenal players and put it long, and I also believe our defense was great tonight. Nelson should have won the match for us but he couldn’t play a good shot.

  17. Il comment when am calmer when will we ever beat a man u team at old Trafford? Really Emery! Very disappointed just go we ain’t going anywhere with this guy that’s how many away games without a win we are actually worse than a mid table team.

  18. All those that compare Reis Nelson to Sancho, and call him the next big thing should be ashamed of themselves

    He is not good enough for Arsenal football club, and he keeps to disappoint game after game!

    Saka and Martinelli are miles ahead of him

      1. And that “someone” is indeed a retarded coward for going all quiet all of a sudden that his fav messed up again!

        The truth is bitter, Nelson is not good enough, Saka and Martinelli are clearly better.

  19. Can Saka be our creative attacking midfielder with his dribbling skills and ball control?? Almost like Cazorla has been.

    Was he the one who put Aubameyang through on goal?

  20. Emery isn’t the man to lead us to glory always looks devoid of confidence and for some reason always looks confused. He just hits the ball around and waits for a moment of brilliance from, Auba. That’s the tactic of a clueless coach

  21. The Emery Out brigade would still call for his head even if we had won

    They would have said “We should have won 4-0, Emery Out”

    Keep things in perspective.
    We are still in 4th place
    We drew at Old Trafford
    We are above Chelsea, United, Spurs

    If we go down the table then sure I’ll call for Emery to be fired

    But right now we are improving from last season. Until that changes Emery is the man

    1. We were at some point above the teams you mentioned last season. Where did we end up? You know what’s more funny, it was like this last season: beating the small teams initially and drawing or losing to top six away until we couldn’t even do any of the those anymore.
      Don’t say I didn’t warn u o😀😁

  22. Emery is allergic to playing attractive football. This “coach” is killing the attacking DNA of Arsenal.

    If it wasn’t for the jerseys I wouldn’t recognize Arsenal were on the pitch.

    You know how hard it is to get 12 new players, spend £200 million and not play attacking, attractive football?

    I mean it takes a tactical genius to have that talent and play boring football.

    Only thing more horrendous than our lack of guts and style is extending Emery’s contract.

    Never seen us so bland and muted as under Emery. Wow we went from playing some of the most attractive football in PL to this.

    1. Durand.

      I guess when you refer to our “attacking DNA” you major on Wenger’s first decade.

      Historically our DNA is actually 2 solid banks of 4, with 2 up top.

      Drilled defensively beyond belief, we did quite nicely thank you very much.

      You may not remember “Boring, Boring, Arsenal” or “1 – 0 to the Arsenal”.

      It was music to my ears.

      So I’m not sure along with delaying Brexit and Global warming, Emery can also be blamed for “destroying our DNA” ?

  23. I’m normally one to be on Xhaka’s case but in all honestly I thought he played well tonight, (maybe could’ve done more to stop their goal, but the deflection was everything). I’d actually be more against Torreira from tonight’s performance; he made no positive impact to the team and actually lost the ball going forward more than once. We’ve got Ceballos for one season so Emery should be making the most of it, that’s the only thing I would have changed from tonight’s line-up. Good game from the boys this evening, a point away at old Trafford is never a bad result COYG!

  24. One thing makes me feel a bit better –
    at least we came from behind to get a point…. but then i think of who scored their goal… urgh…
    1 point isn’t any good, i wanted all 3, so am disappointed. Only positives for me are Aubameyang & my MOTM Guendouzi…

    1. Saka performance was am additional positive for me. Thought he was our best attacker and he just turned 18. Leno also made some good saves. Midfield had no cohesion though. Hasn’t all season, but I always admire Guendouzi’s efforts and he was good today I agree.

      1. Yeah, sorry, i forgot him.. 18 and puts some of the older players to shame!
        Well at least that’s over with for another season, and we didn’t have to see that stupid moonwalk or milly rock from Lingard, so that’s something, i suppose! They’re still major bell ends and the ref was pretty crap too (I’m not bitter 😂😂😂)

        1. Blame the draw on Nelson, why can’t he just play a proper shot in that 84th minutes, I keep hearing the boy has talent but am yet to see it.

  25. When Xhaka gave that free kick at the top of the box in the 80tj minute, I almost threw up in my mouth thinking here we go again

  26. I hate it when people say Emery is doing well because he drew at OT and has taken us to 4th position when the season will only start getting tough. Didn’t he get us to the top 4 last season? Did it last? It may be hard to admit for some but it’s obvious Emery isn’t made for arsenal. As worse as Wenger latter tenure was (according to some fans), there was a standard at arsenal and we had an identity but now we have no identity and no standard! If anything, Wenger would have defeated a poor Tottenham, gave a better performance against Liverpool even if we might loose and made Man U sweat for a draw today at OT if we can’t win. Emery is not courageous enough to manage arsenal. We don’t want such coward at our dear club

      1. The ball was going straight at Xhaka’s head. He ducked out of the way. That’s why he’s not fit to be wearing an Arsenal shirt let alone be the captain. And that’s Emery’s doing. A feckless manager and pathetic captain.

      1. I think Xhaka is being blamed for the simple reason that he WAS TO BLAME.

        Because you deny it several times makes you look like an idiot. A blind idiot.

  27. I knew we weren’t going to win once I saw the lineup .
    The only positive was that we didn’t lose.
    Pepe played poorly, he isn’t taking on the opposition fullbacks
    CC was so good that I can’t see AMN getting that position again.
    Saka can be our own sane but I don’t think emery can develop him to that level.

  28. Please let’s give some credit to Emery, man it’d didn’t come to play all they’ keep doing is just playing it long and kicking Arsenal players, Young should have gotten a red card, we played well and why is anyone not saying anything about our defense, they had a good game today, Sokratis played well Luiz played well, Xhaka played well and we came from behind to draw the match so there’s some positives, ooh and that aubamayang goal what a beauty. Chelsea lost 4:0 at the same ground so please let’s be real and honest In our assessment.

  29. Saka MOTM. That guy is like Kante but more offensive. He can cement that spot in startin 11 easily. One goal and 3 assists already this season.

    Chambers should be number 2 RB for the season, remained discipline after early yellow card.

    Kolasinac needs to go. Even for their goal he lines up a shot before counter attack and then moves out of the way. When opposition face him 1 on 1 they always win. He is the weakest link followed by Xhaka (slow in mind and body)and Pepe (no effort to defend, shooting is horrendus) right now. I’m 100% Tierny is better than him.

    One thing no player can do at Arsenal it seems is taking set pieces. ALways too short or overhit. Should take the Walcott route and just float it in danger zone.

  30. The team he selected played the way he wanted them too and we came away with a deserved point.

    But where was the flair, the attacking intentions, the promise that UE would rather win playing exciting football?

    We have some really brilliant young players coming through, along with the likes of Auba and Lacs.
    Saka has been a revelation so far and Martinelli also, but we go to OT and, once again, have no playmaker to create the chances.

    manure played their cards cleverly and actually fielded a much stronger team than we thought – so well done with the point, but why does it feel like a loss?

  31. This is our worst start since 1989 with the best squard arsenal have hard since 2009 emery mission for arsenal is to break all the good record that arsenal had.emery is an average manager i know somebody will tell me that he had won europa league back to back that was with sevilla average team what has won with big teams that he had coached OK he won an average league tittle with psg but hard issues with his players because he don’t know how to handle big players. The same thing is playing out here at arsenal.

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