Man Utd away the ideal game for Arsenal before Madrid?

I know that Arsene Wenger has suggested that his Arsenal team that will face Manchester United in the Premier League today will consist of some young players who need playing opportunities, as there is little riding on the outcome at Old Trafford, I would be surprised if we did not see a pretty strong side selected by the Frenchman.

There may not be a lot riding on today’s match in term of league points or position, but there are other reasons for the Gunners to treat this game as a very important one indeed. One of these is the desire of Wenger to get one over on his old tormentor Jose Mourinho and for his Arsenal side to strike a final blow against the old enemy United.

Personally I think that Wenger’s talk of youngsters may well be a ploy to pull the wool over Maureen’s eyes. I certainly hope so and I hope it works, because the players could do with a boost after the disappointing draw against Atletico Madrid on Thursday.

Along with the extra confidence that a good result in Manchester today will give the Gunners ahead of the crucial trip to Spain next week, I believe that this game could be the perfect way to prepare for what will come. In Mourinho’s United we have a team that will try not to9 concede first and foremost.

Of course Jose will want to give his old sparring partner one last bloody nose but his style of play is based on a strong defence, just like Atletico boss Diego Simeone. United’s position in the EPL table also means they do not really have to win to secure second place, just as Atl;etico will be happy with a 0-0 on Thursday.

So with Arsenal needing a strong attacking performance away to a strong defensive team, could today be the ideal way for us to prepare?



  1. I think most of the first team players would be kept for the upcoming Atletico game, so it would not be a sparring match for them

    The players’ motivation would decide the match result at Wanda Metropolitano, because Arsenal would use similar strategy they have been using in the past several years, nothing new

    Unless suddenly Wenger learns something new from his upcoming meeting with Mourinho at the Old Trafford, which is unlikely

  2. Allegri has ruled himself out of the job
    Enrique is not in Arsenal’s plans as he doesn’t fit their recruitment strategy ( meaning we won’t spend any money)
    Sky sports

    1. Which means it’s either arteta or Henry or outside chance of ex psg boss unai emery
      Well we’ll all see Ivan show his true colors, great that’s Arsene is leaving on his terms, enough is enough and he endured enough
      Fact that big names are distancing themselves from managing arsenal is a cause of concern.
      And what have the three wise men (Sven, raul and that contract guy) done? 29 year-old PEA, 29 year-old mikhi, unknown Greek kid, no deal for Ramsey, no CB,no CDM, club in shambles. Ivan out!!

  3. Gotnoidea
    Your option on wengers knowledge of tactics is spot on he beat both Chelsea champions
    And Man City 1 billion squad in in high profile games last year FA CUP

  4. Arsenal are out of the EL – sorry, but the fact that we are absolute garbage away from home does not give me any confidence at all…
    Arsenal will be hammered by United today.
    Sooner that Wenger is gone the better….

    1. I’m glad I’ve never played in a sporting team with you with your defeatist attitude. You are beaten before you even take the field.

  5. Lacazette Ozil Wilshere Koscelny
    will all be saved for Thursday
    Could see Ramsey Ospina Mustafi Monreal
    Bellerin and Xhaka also on the bench.
    Niles Holding Mertz Kolasinac
    Nelson Willock
    Wellbeck Mkhitaryan Iwobi

  6. Yeah, unleash the ox, oops, who the hell is ox. Yeah unleash the pea, I guess United already did that years ago, in little pea ?. Now the age of the real pea. Will the real big PEA, please stand up.

  7. Wenger cares zilch for tactics. Otherwise, he would have tested a plan to play for on Thursday. Wenger fears to balance between attack and defence. he has never found the right balance, yet by Thursday he must get this right. He must score goals and prevent conceding. the evidence is Arsenal usually concede away…

    The best pattern in my view would be 3.5.2. The two centre-forwards Welbeck and Lacazette would at least get more than the 8 shots on target from the 28 shots on goal we managed last Thursday. Atletico meanwhile had 5 shots on target from 6 shots on goals. That’s 83% for then against 28% for us. We get Mhkitaryan starting on the left wing but with freedom to roam both wings and Monreal from the right wing with freedom to defend both wings. Since the two players will tire out they will be replaced in the 60th mark. Bellerin and Kolasinac may do excatly the same from the opposite sides. Ozil at the centre where he loves to play from. Ramsey in the box to box role and Xhaka as DM(Elneny will be missed as he is a better DM and protects the back players better), the three defenders – Kolasinac, Koscienly, and Holding. Mustafi come in for Monreal and Kolasinac moves to Wingback role with Mustafi taking the Right Centreback….With three defenders, we will not find ourselves exposed as the two fullbacks advance to help out in attack and two centre backs Koscienly and Mustafi are caught like Griezmann found then beatable yet again. There will be three people manning the back and 2 centre forwards attacking for goal…

  8. What a “great” way to prepare for our second leg, by giving the key players a rest and then getting the club beaten by United by several goals, which will certainly happen if we leave out ALL our better players. Just sums up the farce that Wenger has left behind him; having to fight off the “mighty Burnley” to scrape into 6th place and needing a miracle in Madrid to make the final. How the once mighty Arsenal has fallen! This just shows what can happen when you abandon all defensive coaching and also don’t allow anyone else who CAN coach – I am thinking of Keown, the blindingly obvious candidate as defensive coach, who SHOULD have been brought in the very day he retired – to have any say. AND FOR AN ENTIRE DECADE TOO. A manager who has not bought a single top quality defender since Kos first came, many years ago, is entirely to blame.

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