Man Utd could do with a player like Mesut Ozil claims Paul Scholes

Man Utd urged to sign Mesut Ozil.

Manchester United have been urged to sign the Arsenal outcast by former Old Trafford legend Paul Scholes.

The Red Devils have struggled for creativity this season having scored just 10 times in nine league games. The missing piece seems to be a creative midfielder to link up play for them.

United have been good at keeping things at bay this season and haven’t conceded much, but they have also offered little at the other end of the pitch. Scholes believes the short term solution to their problem is the 32-year-old Arsenal playmaker.

Ozil is no longer in the picture at the Emirates Stadium with the Gunners looking to move him on, but Scholes believes he could be the difference-maker at Old Trafford.

“Man Utd could do with someone like Ozil who can link a team together,” Scholes said on BT Sport.

“[He is] a player who can link teams together. He has got great quality, he’s shown that in his career.

“He could be an answer short-term, I don’t know. I think that would be up to him, ultimately.

“I can’t [see it happening], but he’s the type of player, short-term, who United could do with.”

Ozil has insisted that he doesn’t see his career elsewhere and wants to stay at the Emirates until the end of his career, but a move up north wouldn’t be a bad idea for the German.


  1. he should move if they are willing to pay 350k or more..if not he should stay and continue to enjoy himself till his contract ends

  2. I don’t think he’ll move to another EPL team…he probably is waiting for Wenger’s next move or see through his contract, whichever is earlier.

    1. Wenger to United… to be united with Ozil and Alexis, and a younger generation like Rashford. But, Pogba is no Viera? Or is he?

      With that budget Wenger should turn things around in the January transfer market by getting better defenders.

      1. Wenger would never join Utd , out of respect for the club he loves,some arsenal fans should be ashamed at the treatment of Wenger, your stupid criticsms have left us with the useless clown Emery who if you look at the stats has left us worse off in his first 48 games then Wengers worst ever 48 games. If you ask me we should re-hire Wenger

    1. Oh, John, that is a good one! Let United sign Emery indeed. That would solve Arsenal’s problems on two fronts: Ozil will probably start playing again and Arsenal will be rid of a bad seed.

  3. They could do with Ozil, Lacazette and Aubameyang, also it’s good to have a free kick specialist and hopefully Pepe is one for us, so they could do with him too. Also I don’t think they’d say no to Martinelli and Saka. Saliba looks like he could interest them too, impressive when he looks assured/confident, looks double his years almost. So there’s another one. Holding and Chambers, I could see utd giving them minutes too. They have Pogba so maybe not Guendouzi, then again if you paired the both of them it might work, because if Ozil’s playing that would mean Pogba is further back. Let’s see, how many of theirs do we want, hmm, maybe Pogba but we got his successor Guendouzi, so nah! ..keep them all, we don’t want them trash pulling up at our club.

  4. Can we throw in Xhaka, Mustafi, luiz and Sokratis as a ThankYou / Good will gesture?
    And if it all works out then Emery might join up too.

  5. United wouldn’t want him and he loves Arsenal too much to go to any other team. Sad really as his body and mind are no longer cut out for the high intensity of the premier League.

  6. If Legend in the calibre of Scoles sees potantial in Ozil; who cares of your perpetual trol over Ozil about his body and mind? Hope we settled the case by at least giving him games before scolding him that way

    1. The last time I saw Ozil play his body and mind seemed OK. Haven’t seen him for over a month so can’t comment on his state of mind now. I suspect it’s OK, probably has his feet up counting his money and thinking of another tweet to p*ss Emery off even more.

      But then I could be totally wrong and he’s made captain against Palace?? And Pepe because he did so well yesterday moved to CB and Sokratis to the wing. He is full of surprises our head coach!!!

      1. Good article Admin, he would definitely be playing under Olle and they seem to have a knack of nicking our players. By the way, he was born in Oct. 1988 which makes him 31!!

  7. As much as I don’t want him to leave Arsenal, I would rather see him play more regularly. Don’t care if it’s for Man United or even Spurs. I’m tired of watching bunch of babies running around in wet diapers.

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