Man Utd display to force Wenger into more Arsenal transfer deals?

No matter how good a football team is, and after shipping three goals to Leicester City despite claiming all three points on Friday I am not sure we can say that Arsenal are all that good just yet, the Premier League is one of the toughest trophies in the world to win and if there are teams and squads better than you then it is almost certain you will not win it.

That is why a lot of Arsenal fans and pundits in the football media were so hard on Arsene Wenger and the Gunner s a couple of years ago, because with all the big clubs like Man City, Chelsea and Man United having a nightmare season in transition it was arguably the best chance Arsenal will get for years but it was Leicester that took advantage to be crowned shock EPL champions.

This season the big boys already look like being strong and especially Jose Mourinho’s Red Devils, who totally blew away West Ham on Sunday. Not only did they carry on their defensive solidity from last season, keeping a clean sheet against the Hammers, they answered the doubts about the other side of their game by netting four times, with summer signing Romelu Lukaku getting a brace on his EPL debut as a United player.

Surely this will have sent a big warning shot across the bows of their Premier League rivals, but will it persuade Arsene Wenger that he needs to improve his options at Arsenal before the transfer window closes?



  1. Otunba007 says:

    NOPE…Nothing can persuade ARSENE, he’s a free marshal ( he does what he likes ) and no matter how united look right now, it’s still the first game of the season and i don’t even see them winning the league IMHO

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      I believe there is still enough time to strengthen the team but I really don’t like how we always leave it to the last minute. I have to disagree with you that United don’t have a chance at winning the league. In my honest opinion I feel they actually have a bigger chance than ever before because what they have done is went out and resolved their key issues in the squad. Now they possess prime attributes of a team able to survive the long and arduous intensity of the Premier League season ie: physicality; intensity and urgency in play; height; pressing; speed; direct play and quality to name a few. In plane terms they are all rounded in every department of the game, which is key to success. Also, United had a year for Mourinho to settle and for his current squad entrenched and become familiar with his style of play. Trust me knowing this is Mourinho he will not be settling for anything but winning in his second season. Lastly you have to think about the amount of money United can spend, come January and if they still need to strengthen by then, they will go out and get quality players in. Overall it’s still too early to say who will win the league but if you were to ask me now to put money on a team that can go all the way to the end and lift the trophy, then I would definitely put my money on United.

  2. gbengress says:

    United look scary…

    1. gotanidea says:

      They looked scary, because they faced a mid-table Premier League team like West Ham. They simply dominated West Ham with their players’ physical attributes (speed, height and strength), it was Mourinho’s style.

      When Manchester United were against Real Madrid in UEFA Super Cup, Pogba-Matic-Herrera were dominated by Modric-Isco-Casemiro with their technical skills. Manchester United’s midfielders rely too much on their physicalities.

      Arsenal should not be worried of teams like this, but they should be cautious of teams like Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona. They should get better players with better technical skills, if they want to improve their level.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Yeah, and all for under 100m, that’s perfect.

      1. ZA_Gunner says:

        Look I agree with most of what you’re saying and especially the part where United only use their physicality, which I think with our style of play and if we turn up on the day are able to beat. But then if you compare United to Real Madrid you have to be honest, how many teams in the world can come even close enough to the quality in which Real Madrid possess, and still beating them? I don’t think many. Real Madrid is probably and arguably the best team right now in the world, even better than Barcelona after they’ve lost Neymar. What United did in the Super Cup playing against Real in 2-1 loss is actually a cause of concern. They only lost one goal against a team that is the best in the world in my opinion and still managed to score. The physicality may not work against quick passing or quality opposition but it sure is and has been a winning formula for the Premier League where physicality differentiates it from the likes of La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie and etc. If you look at Chelsea who won the league last year, they are considered a physical team. Tottenham who finished second in the league is built up of physical players. These are clear indications that the Premier League is suited for physical teams. It may not be the best way of playing football but it is indeed an effective way and a sure way of surviving a long Premier League campaign.

    2. neil says:

      West Ham are crap away from home.. dread to think of their record at Old Trafford
      Lets all calm down till all the big boys start playing each other.. though Moaninho has bought well !

  3. Troy says:

    According to me, Arsenal’s weakness are on DM n AM area. Combination of CB area all ready strong enough. If there is counter attack usually arsenal unable to handle because less of holding midfielder. So i think better if arsenal get more player on
    DM area (S. NZONZI / FABINHO )
    AM area (MBAPPE)


    KOLASINAC Xhaka NZONZI Bellerin
    Koscielny Mustafi Holding

    1. GO says:

      ALL Arsenal fans believe Ramsey is not good enough and only few reckon he should be in Arsenal’s starting team. But thats a shame. What more does he have to do. He rescued Arsenal and won us the FA cup THE SECOND TIME, he again came off the bench to equalize and save us the shame of another season opener defeat at home. What more are you looking for in a midfielder? Ramsey is a class act. He has a problem with injuries and in my opinion Wenger is watching Wilshere (Who played Really well tonight for the U23 – I watched the game live- and if he’s not good enough Arsenal will get another competition for Ramsey but I’m sick and tired of Ramsey being omitted from Arsenals first team. He is a great player and Wenger is not wrong in keeping faith with him.

      1. Segun says:

        Clearly, Wenger feels the same way you do about Ramsey. He is returning from his recent injury and couldn’t have started the first game of the season. I can almost bet he will start against Stoke city at the weekend, if only to boss Joe Allen and ‘stoke’ the flames of the Shawcross tackle in the home fans. ?

      2. COYG_CA says:

        You go, GO!
        Yes Ramsey saved face for Arsenal recently a few times! I didn’t see Ozil doing it . . .

      3. Steve H says:

        Ramsey lets all not forget he was outstanding a few years back. Before some dimwit broke he’s leg, it takes a very long time to get that out your head. Not only that, that other dimwit play him total out of he’s postion. He will get you goals, and make the runs into the box defenders don’t like, give him a break. ffs. poeple. so I agree with you mate.

        1. neil says:

          Oooh dont say ‘ give him a break’ and Stoke in the same sentence !?

      4. ZA_Gunner says:

        I love Ramsey and I reserve special sentiments for the guy. Yes we do need to appreciate Ramsey more than we actually do and at moments in the game he is a class act but you need to be honest here, he is not at a level of a player where he would be a game changer for a top club on a consistent basis. You can say the Ramsey you see now is perhaps already operating at his optimum level and nothing more can be expected of him, which is the best any club could wish for from a player and hence I believe Wenger has shown loyalty to him more than any other British player in our team. Yet he is not that player that can spark, drive and carve out opportunities for himself in the middle under pressure, hence why we always see him passing side ways or running into the box to capitalise on space that other players have created for him. By no means am I saying he is not a crucial player for our team but the reason why Ramsey has been given so much freedom the last year or so is primarily because Santi Cazorla has been injured which should be reason enough to tell you he is at best a sub for the team. Now that SC is injured and looking unlikely to return to his former self, we ought to look at a proper replacement for him than hoping Ramsey will turn into some Xavi, Silva or Modric etc. A player is who he is and at the end of the day it seldom changes.

  4. Mikekobi says:

    Honestly arsenal is not strong enough for the P. L title and it doesn’t matter if this was just the first came, look how strong the Manchesters are, and mostly man u, arsenal winner the league the year is more far from us, and Wenger is not ready to make more signing, it’s just a pity.

  5. olukason says:

    I have no words for wenger anymore despite having steered our home for long.he can no longer see well,judge rightfully. How do you expect to compete favorably in a league where clubs buy class after evry month evn to boost an area that already has proven talent .consider Chelsea for instance, what did Conte lack at the end of the season to make him buy four or more?…but what did Wenger have for him to now expect too much from Lacazzete in a team where attacking pressure must rely on only one or two players?.how many succefull passes reached Lacazzetes leg that day from ELNENY OR WHOWEVER,apart from the cross that made the goal.whats the parcentage? THERES MONEY,but wenger keeps on ill advising the board.WE ARE NOW FED UP. THE BOARD AND HIM WILL SOON WATCH THEIR GAMES ALONE…SOME OF US SHALL SOON GET BEETER THINGS TO DO. and your publicity is equaly falling,with all sorts of names with negative connotations branded on the team….why not insist on Lemar or mbappe the way PSG DID TO PRICE OUT Neymar from the mighty barca?

  6. Waal2waal says:

    man utd flatterd winning by 4 goals at home to west ham is noteworthy although of the two teams it is leicester city that are a much better team. they play as recent prem champions and have CL experience.

    we played with a makeshift defence and have goals in the team our team just as the manchester teams. bring back our centre-backs to sure up the defence and the return of sanchez means we’ve more to be encouraged by than we may think. alexis sanchez is widely regarded a better striker than lukaku anyway.

    wenger will see we need to add stability to the team im certain there’s more transfers to be done before the window closes. no cause for panic until it does.

    1. Segun says:

      Some forget West Ham was a side that had many first team players out of that game at old trafford. Surely, if they had Jose Fonte, Michael Antonio, Kouyate, Lanzini and Carrol available, it would be a closer battle. Let’s wait to see how United fair when they meet a proper team, from Week 3, 5, 6 and 8… it will get even more interesting when the CL starts.

      Early days, folks.

  7. Sunny says:

    I agree with the fact that man U looks good. But we have our owns say.
    1.We scored same amount of goal against a better defense and without our best player Sanchez.
    2. We have a makeshift defense and against a much better attack. vardy looks razorsharp. With out top 4 defenders coming back, we can surely leak much lesser goals.
    3. arsenal usually starts slow a season and then pick up.
    4. Ozil will surely pick form and play better .

    Having said that , we can definitely bring in a defensive midfielder. Its not importnat if we have many players like what weneger said, he can not justify with these kind of stataement, he needs to sepnd

  8. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    I know some people here would be like ” enh arsenal are a big club so we don’t need to pay attention to other teams transfer” others might be like ” bob chill…they got lukaku we got lacazette” but deep down we all know we ain’t ready and if only we could remember how bad we were mid last season we would all agree to the fact that we need at least 2 more players just to anywhere close to the trophy come may.. but with d way things are looking, I would be OK with just 1 quality signing come ending of the month..lacazette and kolasinac are looking like the real deal…just imagine getting a goretzcha or VVD( and yes we need him)..imagine how could we could be..menh we got the potential, just a little bit more risk taking and we might be there…morning guys

    1. Segun says:

      Wit that performance on Friday, I think we showed we are ready for the season. It isn’t in every match we will have two left backs at centre back. Even if we signe Virgil v-D, he won’t have played till 3 weeks because he isn’t fit now. Let’s see how we look when we have all our first choice defenders back; and let’s see when United play against a proper rival, as against a depleted West Ham side.

  9. Break-on-through says:

    We need to adopt utd’s approach in CM. Two big guys but big guys who can play. Matic is a good passer, Xhaka could be our Matic, not as good defensively but Xhaka is better passer and might improve. Now we need to get a box to box player who can also roll his sleeves up. Goretzka or Nzonzi would be the way to go.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Ps, why the heck did Chelsea sell Matic to utd. Even if they don’t rate him they should have moved him abroad. Mourinho wouldn’t have been half as reasonable, Mourinho would’ve kept him in the u23’s until he agreed to go abroad.

  10. Yossarian says:

    All summer I thought that Man Utd and Man City will be the top teams this EPL season, and so far it’s looking ominous. After those two I reckon it’s all for the taking…

    With a decent signing in central midfield (To replace Cazorla) Arsenal can expect 3rd, and maybe even challenge for the title if that player is integrated quickly enough. If Arsene keeps expecting Ramsey/Elneny to be that man, then we’ll be desperately chasing 4th place just like last season.

    Although lots of fans want a DMF to be signed, I actually don’t think we need one. With the old 4-at-the-back formation Arsenal were crying out for an additional DMF to Le Coq. However with the new 3-central-defenders formation, a creative efficient & skilful CM that can get stuck-in if necessary, is what we need to partner Xhaka.

    I don’t feel confident that player will be added before the end of the transfer window though, which is a real shame. Looks to be the same old Wenger/Gazidis, always stopping short of what we should be aiming for.

  11. silver says:

    Leicester city won the league with just average players, its just all about consistency that matters in the league, with the squad at arsenal, they only need makelele type ov DM to compete favourably 4 da trophy.

  12. philo says:

    One game one win and the league goes to Man Utd

    what a shame

  13. arsenal-steve says:

    I cannot believe how deluded Wenger seems to be. Did he actually watch the game against Leicester?Yes we were strong attacking, but the defending was dire and as importantly Elneny and Xhaka were the worst midfielders pairing I have seen in the red and white. Wenger has paid fore ONE signing and has one freebie. He has as tight an ass as always. Why has he not bid for Jean Michael Seri. Why has he not bid for William Carvalho. Does he know that the present squad cannot in reality win the Premier League. Every supporter, every pundit, every journalist, make it clear we cannot win the Premier League with this team/squad. Every year we are right and Wenger is wrong. Has he got some mad OCD that makes him deluded? Is there any reason to believe that this year will be different? No there isn’t. He is playing again for fourth place. How unfortunate we Arsenal supporters are. Wenger……..BUY!!!!!!!!! Spend money!!!!! Get some top players. Elneny will not win you the league.

    1. Segun says:

      Steve, maybe you should read the transcript of Wenger’s post-match interview rather than follow some narrative that he, perhaps, doesn’t bother with defence. He has admitted there are things to be corrected, even expressing his frustration at conceding from set pieces, where we were strong at last season. Don’t forget this was a makeshift central defence, in the absence of Koscielny, Mustafi, Mertesacker and Gabriel. We should get better as the first choice defenders start to return.

      As for BUY!!!! And “spend money”, I think Sead Kolasinac proves you don’t even have to spend money these days to get in quality. Calm down, man.

      1. Sean Williams says:

        Every year Wenger has been wrong/deluded and every year the supporters, pundits, press, ex-players have been proved right. Maybe you are as deluded as Wenger? Perhaps you believe Arsenal will challenge for the Premier League with our present squad. Calmly I am thinking you are unable to differentiate fact from fiction.

        1. Segun says:

          Sean Williams, no need for the vile words. If we go by what pundits, ex-players and supporters (like you, I guess) have been saying, Arsenal should have long been in mid-table mediocrity. They have been proved wrong so many times over, it has become a pastime to knock Arsenal and Arsene down by the first game. Since 2014 season, Arsenal have come up gradually from 4th, 3rd and to 2nd in 2016; to my mind, we only failed last season because of the numerous uncertainties with some of the playing staff and the manager; plus the bad blood around the the support. In addition, club has won 3 FA cups in that time. What pundit predicted Arsenal will win any trophy?

          As for the EPL this season, I believe we stand a chance; just as 6 other teams do. It is no delusion. Leicester city did it with their best player and our PFA costing £400,000. It isn’t about spending money for the sake of it. It is about team motivation, tactics and spirit. We stand a good chance, if we all let it.

      2. arsenal-steve says:

        Segun get real. Do you really believe we can win the Premiership with this squad. I would not believe you if you said yes.

        1. Segun says:

          Steve, I don’t know anything, but there is nothing to tell me we cannot go on and win it, yet. For instance, Chelsea is highly rated to win it. We just outplayed them to win the Charity shield, without our best team! United look strong now, after playing against a depleted Hammers side. Let’s see how they look when they start to play 2 games a week or more.

          If we titghten up in defence (as Wenger promised), keep Alexis and the spirit, we can win it!

    2. Ivan says:

      You are right we do need to get a top quality defensive midfielder and have done for 10 years or more. However Wenger is a stubborn man and for whatever reason he does not seem to see that his failure to do so has stopped us from seriously challenging for the title in the past and will do in the future until he rectifies this problem..

  14. georgie b says:

    First thoughts : Arsenal play with, as the French say Elan.
    United looked like a bleeping machine. Like I say, first thoughts

  15. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    Many arsenal fans needs to be sold. Man U won a game, man u has won d league to them. To me, I don’t see anything in that west ham team, the same west ham that Liverpool beat 4 0 to send us to Europa last season. I kno Wenger needs to sign one or two players, but rubbishing us n praise man u is somehow. After ten games we will kno who is who

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