Man Utd legend blasts Arteta for goalkeeper decision

The drive for improvement spurred by healthy competition is a motivating factor behind Mikel Arteta’s decision to introduce David Raya to the Arsenal squad, intensifying the rivalry for the coveted number-one goalkeeping position alongside Aaron Ramsdale.

Nevertheless, this choice has not garnered unanimous agreement, particularly within the context of the goalkeeping domain.

Both Raya and Ramsdale are recognised as standout goalkeepers in the Premier League, generating heightened pressure on the Englishman to sustain his exceptional performance with Raya now in the picture.

However, a dissenting voice emerges from Manchester United icon Peter Schmeichel, who contends that the presence of two top-quality goalkeepers holds no practical advantage.

‘I absolutely do not get it,’ Schmeichel told BBC Radio 5 Live.

‘I cannot understand how a manager can come to the conclusion that it’s a great thing to have competition for the No 1 shirt.

‘A goalkeeper’s position is very reactive. You cannot create anything on your own, you have to wait for things to happen.

‘You’re now asking your goalkeeper to prove you’re better than the other one. That means you now have to go and do stuff, and you don’t want that. It’s the one position on the pitch where you just want steady.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

We can understand when a former goalkeeper questions our decision, but we trust our manager and will support him over a United legend.

Having Raya and Ramsdale means we have a capable goalie for the Premier League and Champions League and it could help us find success in both competitions.

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  1. I think it’s a good point from Schmeichel, to be fair. Especially because they’re encouraged to play out from the back, it could lead to *unnecessary* risk taking, which isn’t the point. Then again, the pressure should be on them making the best decision, not the riskiest, so maybe it will work?

    1. What makes anyone think the way of deciding who stays in goal as used 10/15years ago is still valid till now. I still remember certain matches Ramsdale made funny mistakes that caused us point like the Southampton game. He made same mistake the the community shield but was not punished for it.

      Arteta is the one under pressure to deliver trophies at Arsenal and he needs to get everyone performing at their best for him as well.

      So people should stop complaining about our coach and his intentions, Chelsea had Arisabalaga and Mendy it was no news.

      If other players can compete for places let the goal keepers do as well. And by the way what if Ramsdale gets injured. At a point last season he had family issues that could distract anyone but played on still.

      You must put the team first, let the better player start.

      1. You might be right – I think Schmeichel makes a fair point, though, which *may* also have some truth to it because the gk is a very different role to the others in the team.
        I think the humility that arteta tries to install in his players really helps here – if ramsdale and raya can conduct themselves with humility, we should see positive outcomes. I’m just not sure how easy that is for players at this level. You need a lot of self confidence to get to this level and to stay there, so being dropped after a mistake could be relatively damaging – but we’ll see

  2. I’m also still not feeling good about this decision but it is what it is, hopefully it works out for the best possible for our dear great club.

  3. There is an argument to be made on both sides, for and against the decision.
    It seems the gaffer may have seen something, disturbing enough that he may think required serious attention.
    Seems this decision also may have developed during preseason.
    I must be honest, I personally wouldn’t touch this area.

    But in Ramsdale own words ” It could brings out the best version of himself”, that’s so reassuring to here.

    It is said two bulls can’t rule in the same pen, maybe that’s what the Man United legend was alluding to.
    Whether the gaffer can keep the two bulls happy only time will tell.

    1. Obviously Ramsdale is going to say that. You can’t be naive enough to think he’d say what he really feels publicly?

  4. IMHO, I think Ramsdale became a little bit complacent at some point, which I am sure was due to either fatigue or share arrogance of not having another top GK breathing down his neck… I trust that the Coach knows what he is doing and then coupled with CL,we will need top players.. COYG

  5. I still do not understand why some ex-player cum pundits are worried a club of Arsenal stature is adding a quality goalie to the squad. Matt Turner was simply not good enough to play in high pressure Champions League games and knockout stages of the EFL and FA Cup, or at the business end of the season if Ramsdale gets injured. The stats show Raya ranks first in the entire league in long kicks and saved shots from distance and other areas where Ramsdale is clearly lacking. We go into the campaign with the goal of challenging on all fronts and adding some layer of unpredictability such as long/direct balls to our target man (Kai Havertz), like we saw on Sunday in the CS. Without the addition of Havertz, I would have questioned the acquisition of Raya, but based on our setup against City, which was hugely successful in going long occasionally to beat the press, I have no issue with Raya’s purchase.

    In the event that Ramsdale gets injured in say the CL SF first leg against City, will the club (the coaches, manager and fanbase) be confident of getting a decent result away at Ethiad or see of our closest rival to win the league in a two-horse keenly contested league campaign?

    He doesn’t care about your whining provided he delivers in the next 2-3 seasons, and we do not breach the FFP rules. Arteta means business and wants to win the biggest trophies and move on before the fanbase turns on him like they did to Wenger.

  6. A significant minority of Goooer whave said that Ramsdale is arrogant and over confident . I much disagree with that view , as I see only a natural and healthy self belief in his ability, allied to a mature character and a humble recognition that he has a lot to still prove.

    I have all along considered him a top class keeper allied to a healthy extrovert but level headed and realistic optimism in outlook and NO trace whatsoever of arrogance. Quite the contrary, in my mature in years opinion.

    1. I share your sentiment. Ramsdale is a confident gentleman but is a bit error prone and sometimes erratic due to his young age of 24. Raya is slightly better in terms of shot stopping, kicking and coming off the line.

      He has a higher ceiling than Raya who is 27. Raya will likely be used only in the Champions league and cup games while Ramsdale should retain his position as the first-choice goalie in the league.

    2. I don’t think many have called him arrogant, but some believe he may allow complacency to creep in, which has led to mistakes. I’d say that’s an important distinction – I completely concur with your view of ramsdale’s character. Seems a very decent and likeable person to me.
      I’m never confident judging when a keeper should have saved a given shot, especially when hit with power, but some of those he’s conceded have got some people to think he’s prone to complacency and a subsequent lack of focus, which led to him conceding a few goals he could have saved – I really don’t know if there’s any truth to it.

  7. Meanwhile OUR OWN former GK and legend said he upped his game when he faced a similar challenge at Arsenal.

    Why believe that pundit over one of our own?

    Perhaps if Ramsdale had not become complacent and sloppy at the end of last year and the preseason, Arteta would not make a move for a number 1 to challenge.

    I want the best for Arsenal, Raya or Ramsdale, let the best win out. No one is good enough to be automatic in our squad. Good to great players, but no one good enough to walk into lineup every week.

  8. Two best goalkeepers in the same team is tricky gambling game. we have seen what happened at Chelsea, a good goalie who won them champions league ended up in bench and finally he was sold out to an inferior league (Mendy). However, it might bring a new challenge. Ramsdale some time is a joker cartel. You remember a goal he allowed against Sporting Lisbon? Miles away and the goal entered. It will be seen wheather that will end,as we have even seen that he started saving penalties, one of his poor areas. Raya, I don’t really know much of him i only know that he is best, and I don’t think he will be happy to be benched. So there will be a lot of competition in this department.

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