Man Utd legend highlights the difference in Mesut Ozil under Mikel Arteta

Rio Ferdinand notices the change in Mesut Ozil following the win over Man Utd

Arsenal’s win against Manchester United was achieved by the team but individual brilliance from several key players contributed to the impressive win.

Players like David Luiz, Nicolas Pepe and Mesut Ozil were outstanding but the latter has come in for deserved praise as he has been heavily criticized before now.

One of Ozil’s biggest critic has been Rio Ferdinand but the Manchester United legend was forced to eat his words and he hailed the German’s performance in that game.

He also insisted that Ozil was the happiest he has been since Arsene Wenger was fired.

Ferdinand told BT Sport per the Mirror: “Look at that from Ozil, I think that is the first time I’ve seen him smile in 18 months, and that’s because he must be enjoying training.”

Ozil was instrumental towards Arsenal’s opener and he was a willing runner throughout the game.

He was beaming with smiles after the game and it was hard to see that he was the same player who threw his gloves on the ground in his last home game.

Hopefully, Ozil will maintain the form he showed last night, he can be the difference when he plays to his true ability. For too long we have seen the mediocre Ozil, maybe now we will see the world-class Ozil that we signed from Real Madrid.

Arteta will certainly hope that this is a start of something new and that the German will now grow from strength to strength under him.


  1. Break-on-through says:

    Ozil, it might be a bit early to say, but it looks like he needed a manager like Arteta all along. It was said that Ozil can’t play this type of game, I said it myself, so it’s amazing to see the turnaround so quickly under Arteta and seeing him throwing words back into peoples direction. He looks like he could be every bit as important as Firmino is to Liv, something Cascarino said in a beat around the bush kind of way. If he (MA) can keep Mesut competitive, then maybe we won’t hear folk going on about De bruyne either. I can also see Ozil finding the goal a lot more next season, gotta love the change of pace in his game right now as it makes those fantastic moments of ability/brilliance stand out all the more so.

    Well done Mesut, great attitude, good body language, like how a key player should, we appreciate it pal.

    1. Reggie says:

      I am still out on Ozil 2020. We all know the talent is their but the attitude, well that stinks. I haven’t forgot the way he played his little heart out to get his nice little payrise and then, zilch. He at his best would be great for us but for me his pretty little passes and flicks will be great when he actually starts scoring some goals and getting more assists. Ozil 2018/19 was lifeless, there is no excuse not to see the Ozil he has been hiding away now because he is actually trying again, i look forward to him getting his statue for his contribution for the final 18 months of his contract. Come on Ozil show us the player you can be, please.

      1. Jim will fix it says:

        Come on Reggie baby, Ozil will be the nucleus of the team and Arteta has pretty much said new team will be built around him. Forget the past and just chill Reggie and maybe we can ‘assist’ you to having a drink!

  2. Eddie says:

    It was never gon be rosy with UE and Emery as he picked a fight with Ozil immediately he got the job.
    You could see the difference, Arteta has embraced everyone, everyone’s comfortable all playing in their natural positions. Round pegs, round holes.
    It’s easier, Torreira also looks happy and content now.
    maybe for too long we’ve all misjudged these guys for the wrong reasons. As they were all playing to something they don’t understand under Emery.
    I’m not blaming Emery or anything anymore as the man ain’t here.
    People made all sorts of remarks about Torreira too, I can list up to ten names on here who wanted us to sell Torreira.
    Called him bang average and the annoying one is the statement Gotanidea normally makes about his height.
    All you need to look at is Kante and Veratti then you’d know height isn’t a factor in being a world class DM.
    I hope he stays now, as Arteta knows the proper need for a DM, in the future, if we can have Torreira and Ndidi at the base of our midfield, that’ll be good.
    I wonder if people still want us to sell Torreira now

    1. Sue says:

      Spot on, Eddie 👍

    2. ken1945 says:

      Eddie, class is permanent as they say…Ozil always had it and MA has let the genie out of the bottle again.

      The same goes for Torerria, what a brilliant game he had yesterday.

      As I said to a poster, why we keep going back and try to lay blame at people who have left the club, is senseless.
      This is MA’s time, his challenge – thank you UE, AW, GG for your time at our club – now we move on!!!

      Happy New Year Eddie, love your posts, disagree with some, but always read them top to bottom!!!!

      1. Eddie says:

        Ken the feeling’s mutual here… I read every bit of your posts too and do see a lot of sense in them.
        Happy New year to you and to others.
        Wishing everybody a prosperous 2020.

        Sue!! Where’s Pat?
        Happy new year once again

        1. Sue says:

          Pat came on briefly last night, Eddie… she was super excited about the result! 😊And the same to you!!

    3. David Braithwaite says:

      Time will tell of course. Even during Wenger’s time there were doubts about Ozil. And last season Torreira did not maintain his early promise.
      What Arsenal have done much better recently is being more compact when without the ball which has helped the defence.
      No doubt they could not play as Emery wanted which I think had to do as much with the personnel as understanding. Ozil, for example, will never be comfortable in a pressing system.
      I pointed out elsewhere that Arsenal actually beat Man U last season! The way people are commenting about Emery now you would think he never got anything right.

      1. Eddie says:

        Torreira struggled under Emery because he was being played out of position and was moved to the no 10 role, sometimes the no 8.
        Meanwhile he’s a perfect no 6

    4. Jim will fix it says:

      Eddie i would sell him for £100m to Real Madrid and just for bants ask Benzema in the deal so we could finally end that transfer rumour 😂😂

  3. Leo Dzonzi says:

    Mesut is a great player.Creative enough.We need more of this in the club from u.More love yo Ozil

  4. ken1945 says:

    Ferdinand was so correct when he said Ozil never looked happier for eighteen months and that is easy to undestand, he’s appreciated by the coach, fellow players and fans.
    Those 18 months were down to one man of course, UE who took him on and lost.
    But it does go to show that yet another doubter of Ozil has had to eat his words…thanks to MA building the team around his attributes as a top player.
    I would then hope that next up will be Martin (Keown) and any other person, humiliated by this player rising out of the ashes of UE and after the c**p written and spoken about him.

    It seems that Ozil is of the hate list at the moment, but not so AW…as admin stated, ferdie haas already had to eat his words on Ozil and it seems he has got to do it again with AW
    so I guess that means those of us who want to protect the truth, need to keep pointing out the facts – so irresponsible of ferdinand to say AW was sacked, especially after we saw how the club handles a real sacking…here today then gone tomorrow….

    Whereas, ferdie, most of us have still got the “merci Arsene” T shirt, remember the gold Invincible presentation and the wonderful 56,000 gooner send off…so come on ferdinand, get the history of our club correct, not the version you want to peddle.

    In fact, our current players can still be seen wearing them, as was the case with Kolasinac just a little while ago. Thanks for those wonderful memories AW, now one of your successful signings is out to become the greatest manager of our club, do you think he will do it??????

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Ferdinand hasn’t had to “eat his words”, as his view of Ozil underperforming covers two seasons and his recent comments are based on two games.
      No one has ever questioned Ozil’s ability, but his commitment, fight and mentality.
      Great players turn up when the going gets tough and don’t turn their application on and off like a tap. Time will tell whether the improvement in Ozil are maintained. Let’s hope so for Arsenal’s sake.
      As far as ken1945 claiming that Emery tried to force Ozil out, Ozil’s injuries and a senses didn’t help. I also am still unconvinced that Emery acted alone and wasn’t following the directions of management to force Ozil off the books.

    2. Andrew Elder says:

      Early days Ken but wouldn’t it be something if Arteta turned out to be the next legendary manager of our great club. One thing for sure, he is a classy man and suited to the unique traditions of AFC. AW did say he was ready for top management and he should should know. All I can say is thank goodness we didn’t opt for Mourinho!!

      Happy New Year Ken!!

      1. ken1945 says:

        Andrew and the same to you my friend – MA reminds me of AW at the start of his career – we can only hope!!!!

  5. Oliclockend says:

    The big difference is that Mike learnt from one of the most demanding managers and he will not be satisfied with the half-hearted efforts the team put in the last 18 months.

    Discipline off the ball is the key and what we have lacked for over a decade.

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