Man Utd pundits already having a pop at Arsenal after Community Shield win

As sure as night follows day you just know that after Arsenal win the Man Utd pundits will be out in force with their whining and Roy Keane and Rio Ferdinand did not disappoint today.

Let’s take Ferdinand first, he quickly jumped on social media to post his thoughts.

Then we had the always jovial Roy Keane who said the following as quoted by the Mirror

“We have to give Arsenal some credit. You want to get into good habits of winning matches but you have to step back, it is a friendly match,”

Now, in all fairness to Keane, he is always grumpy, so him being negative and putting a dampener on things is par for the course, though I suspect he has kept all his Charity Shield/Community Shield medals and not binned them because they were just “friendlies”

As for Ferdinand, well, this picture says it all for me.

He seems a very happy chappy, does not seem there was a “but” when he ecstatically celebrated that win.

Ah well, seems we are in for another season of pundits having a pop at Arsenal, I am actually surprised that the former disgraced Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has not called in the celebration police, though the night is still young.

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  1. Not sure why gooners give a hoot about what those failed idiots say.been silent on gary’s end,i wonder what he thinks.

  2. Let us Gooner not bother ourselves to care about Rio Ferdinand’s and Roy Kean’s, the due ex- Man Utd players anti-Arsenal ranting. That followed after the Gunners had piped the Citizens to a match defeat in this Saxon”s Community Shield matxh at Wembley today. But let us keep celebrating our success over the Citizens to the hilt. Not care nor bother over what any ex-Man Utd players may think or say to slight Arsenal winning the CS over Man City today. For, we won the CS and any amount of slighting us by any ex-Man Utd pundits can take the Shield away from us.

  3. Keane, Ferdinand and Sutton would be better employed writing for the Exchange & Mart but they would struggle to pass the interview

  4. All i can say is thank you United!

    Its because of their incapability to win the FA cup that landed us the 1st silverware of the season. The sheild could have been yours. In a gesture of goodwill Arsenal supporters will place a picture of the trophy on the front cover if major newspapers whilst celebrating our success. Don’t hessitate to cut it out or copy & paste it for future memories.

    Ferdinand & co should also find console in the fact that whenever United fails in a title quest, Arsenal will be right there to capitalise.


  5. It’s for man united failure that lead to Arsenal winning the cs.Man useless x players should shut up and wait for season.

  6. I dont think they are having a pop, its just in the great scheme of things, its not that much of a big deal. Its nice to win and not too lose. Thats it!! You never hear them talking up the Charity Shield. Its a high profile pre season warm up.

  7. No warmup Reggie. This was the EPL ‘super cup’. This was a major trophy. A battle between the top 2 English teams is never a friendly.

    In boxing when a champion take on the mandatory challenger will see the belt(s) go to the challenger if he/she wins. So it could be said that Arsenal is the new League & FA cup CHAMPIONS!!

    1. I am sorry it is a high profile pre season Friendly. City have played and lost the last 3. They dont get hung up over it. Its a competitive game of football but it is a Friendly.

    2. This is no boxing mate it’s football that holds annually hence a champion for a year until retained or lost unlike boxing where there is a champ till the next fight in whatever duration.

  8. The Devil is a Liar!!! So are you.

    City went into all 3 games wanting to win but got beaten by better teams on the day. No point in getting hung up over a loss. Thats stating the obvious.

    Your last sentence had me laughing as well. Using the words competitve & friendly in the same line is amusing. Its like me telling you your eyes are wide shut.

    1. And you are trying make out something is what it isnt. Its a pre season friendly. Even Keown (you know an ex Arsenal professional footballer) commenting on Haverz performance. His words were ” you have to give him time, he isnt up to speed yet, its still pre season, i expect to see him and the team better next Saturday for the start of the season”

    2. Of course it competative but all the players are in pre season. They are at different levels of fitness.

      1. Oh and the funny part is you calling it “The super cup” Because it is a friendly, you are allowed more substitutions (to help fitness) yellow and red cards are all expunged because it is a friendly and it is called the charity shield because the takings go to charity, thats why it is called the charity shield.

  9. If one was to go onto the Manure official website, one would see that they list their Community Shield (or whatever it was called) as part of their OFFICIAL list of trophies…. unlike The Arsenal.

    Perhaps we should start doing the same?

  10. Don’t be misled by the name or the cause which it stands for.
    In all other countries this fixture has a lot of prestige attached to it hence it being called the ‘Super Cup’. Put in brackets, like i did initially, depending on what the trophy is. Even on European level its called that.

    Furthermore you are misinterpreting Keowns words. (Whether deliberately or not is a debate for another day). When he said season he is referring to the league season because its two different competitions.

    Sunday’s game was the 1st game of the Premier Football season albeit not the League season. Hope you can grasp the difference. Commentators before the game, during and after said the same.

    Your constant use of the oxymoron is really farcical. COMPETITIVE FRIENDLY!!
    Those two words are in stark contrast to one another. A synonym for competitive is competition. Which in turn means to fight or play for something & in Arsenal’s case it is the Shield plus Bragging rights. Whereas friendly is to be non- chelant/dont care/gentle/kind etc. I bet everybody but you would agree with the former.

    The most bemusing part of it all is that you are oblivious to the fact that different COMPETITIONS have different rules. In most cases you do not carry over sanctions from one COMPETITION to ANOTHER!!

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