Man Utd v Arsenal match preview and predicted score

It is a massive game on Monday night for Manchester United’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Arsenal’s Unai Emery, and one of them will depart Old Trafford under more pressure than when they entered.

Neither club can afford to lose the game, especially United, and the manner in which this game is played will reflect that situation.

Arsenal fans feel confident that the club will register a first league victory at United in over a decade and they have every right to feel such confidence.

United are in a mess right now, they are missing some crucial players, they are lacking a fit recognised striker and are clearly not in the best of form, whereas Arsenal have won three in a row in all competitions, the defence has been strengthened significantly and they have a striker who is on fire right now.

Solskjaer’s men are still very dangerous, they have a gem in Daniel James, their defence is stronger than last season, and their record against Arsenal at Old Trafford is such that they can never be underestimated.

I am expecting this to be an open game, I do not see United dominating possession, Arsenal will have as much of the ball, if not more, and it will depend on who does more with the ball when they have it. Lacking a proper striker will hurt United going forward and so will Nicolas Pepe and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang when Arsenal attack.

Arsenal simply look in better shape to me, they will be a genuine threat down the flanks, they will be far more threatening in attack and I am not sure that the United defence is in much better shape in comparison to Arsenal’s new-look defence.

This is a great opportunity for Arsenal to get the win in United’s back yard and that is exactly what I expect to happen.

Predicted Score

Man Utd 1 – 3 Arsenal


  1. I have adjusted my expectation of Arsenal’s season according to our squad strength.
    Arsenal has the 9th best squad in the league.
    The central defence is rated as 20th in the league.
    The midfield is rated as 9th
    The attack is rated as 6th.
    The defence is the real problem.
    All six Arsenal CB’s are essentially useless.
    At DM Xhaka and Torreira are similarly useless.
    Basically Arsenal has no defence in front of goal.
    Tierney has an ongoing over use issue and will need rest breaks.
    Hector is coming back from a bad injury.
    Our 10’s, Ozil is “tired” and Mkhitarian is in Rome.
    Lacazette needs regular rest now with an ankle issue and is unavailable.
    Pepe is 70m “potenial”
    City Liverpool Spurs Chelsea Utd Leicester Westham Bournemouth
    Everton have better squads than Arsenal.
    10th is the best I believe the team can achieve this season.
    A huge blow out loss is looming.
    Utd are desperate and all their average players will play like Ronaldo.
    Wenger got 7 years more after the 8-2 in 2011.
    Will Emery get 7 more years after a big loss?
    Predicted score Man Utd 9 Arsenal 2.

    1. What has come over you? Are you day dreaming or just writing a comedy? Where do you get those fake figures from? I thought this forum was for serious articles and not jokes! I am greatly disappointed by your submission Aug Emen! I don’t understand your motive for this. Is it to dampen expectations or to bring people back to Earth after a lot of optimism? If it is either of the two it is excusable but if it is for other motives it is a great pity. Anyway it is false that Arsenal’s defence is the worst in the whole Premier League as are all the other figures which you quote. Our forward line is among the top three of Man City, Liverpool and us. Our defence has been greatly strengthened by the return of Holding, Bellerin and the recovery of Tierney from his sickness. Even the midfield has Torreira, Guendouzi, Willock and Xhaka. Surely only a comedian would rank our team ninth. It is quite absurd for any Arsenal fan to take pleasure in making disparaging remarks about our team. If you have nothing positive to say,please, keep your mouth shut. It offends others to dampen their positive mood.

      1. I bet he’s just trying to be funny man 😀……. I laughed really hard at his prediction 😂😂… I didn’t read his comment at all… my eyes just caught the prediction as I scrolled by. 😀

    2. As usual 😴😴 Dude are you even an Arsenal fan? All you ever do is spit gibberish after gibberish. Tired of reading your negative post anytime I visit this wonderful blog. It’s boring!!

  2. I went to Man United sites as if they have rescind to the fact that they are losing. It’s now up to Emery to make the right choice of personnel and tactics and we’ll be back to London with 3 point.
    After Watford match, Aubameyang was furious that we are the ones that use to “donate” goals to opponents. We will score goals but I wish that those our generous defenders will do something different. Everyone knows Arsenal will score and no one also trust our defence.
    3-0 to Arsenal. Hmm. One article on their site even said this will be the last match for the coach.

  3. This game is perfectly set-up for a United win. Ole under pressure. Shocking form that has continued from the back end of last season. Lots of injuries, especially upfront. Unrest in the dressing room. No one is giving them a hope, but it’s a home fixture against Arsenal. An away game that we just cannot seem to win! Even with a bunch of kids, and reserve players, they beat us!

    We’re huge favourites on paper, but that goes out the window in this fixture. We dominated them at Old Traffold last season, yet still couldn’t win. If Xhaka, and Luiz don’t play, I honestly think we can finally get a victory, but if those two play, which is very likely, forget about it! It’s about a dead heat between the two, as to which of them is our worst player. Expect more gifts for United players.

  4. The result will depend on team selection and tactics. On paper Arsenal should win by two clear goals but then there`s the Wenger (sorry, Emery) factor. United 2 Arsenal 3.

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