Man Utd v Arsenal Video Classic – A great collection of the fights and fouls

As we get closer and closer to the kick off in the massive game at Old Trafford, I have had a great time watching all these classic Man United v Arsenal videos and remembering the incredible competitiveness between the two sides, especially in the era of Wenger and Fergie, and wondering if we will ever see the like again.

We have seen from a couple of the earlier videos how much both teams were desperate to win at any cost, including any dirty tactics they could use if given the chance, so I thought it very fitting that our last video would show a collection of the real battles between the sides on the pitch. It is definitely worth a watch….



    1. No current rivalry in England compares to what this one once was. Managers also rotate far too often for there to be something like SAF vs. Wenger now.

      1. what did Wenger and José rivalry achieve?,rivalry is just good for press and social media nothing more…. pep and klopp are not rivals,just coaches of different top team,nk animosity,no drama,no spat..just respect!!

        1. Are we going to pretend press, social media etc. isn’t part of being a football fan? We all follow what happens off the pitch and it can add to the experience of watching. NLD doesn’t “achieve” anything outside of bragging rights, but it’s still something majority of fans enjoy being engaged in.

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