Man Utd v Arsenal Video Classic – Welbeck’s revenge in FA Cup 2015

Here is another great Arsenal video of the last time we won at Old Trafford. This was an FA Cup 6th Round match that no-one expected us to win after our abysmal run against Man United in the League up in Manchester.

It was especially poignant that the winner was scored by Danny Welbeck, who had been discarded by United with little warning, and we also had a very rare goal from Nacho Monreal.

Of course we had the usual mini-riot when Di Maria blatantly dived (sound familiar?), and he then compounded his stupidity by grabbing the referee’s shirt when he went to protest the yellow card and was swiftly sent off.

Great game. Great win!



  1. I have never seen Manchester fans so pessimistic ever like this time round. 80% of them on Twitter (@premierleague) on #MUNARS says that today is the day they will be humiliated by Arsenal. Some say that it will be a reverse of 8-2 and others say they will be happy to loose by only two goals . Others say that Despite the Arsenal poor defense they will struggle to score and that even if they manage to score 2 they will concede 5. All in all, a draw for us will be a lose. It’s for Emery to mess up with the selection.

  2. Don’t buy it Kenyanfan. They’re just trying to put added pressure on us while releasing the reins/chains for their own players. We have been hit badly by injuries in just about every season, it is never an excuse for us and when one of us try to do it someone in here will point to the money the said players are on and how the manager is the one who brought them into the team in first place. Utd are at home, utd have a larger squad than we do, utd have a bigger budget than we do, utd have more fans than we do, utd historically speaking have received more favor from refs calls than we have. They have a few higher profile players injured, so what, we’ve been missing our defence best part of a year and where is our weakest area?, is it acceptable?. Utd have an academy that I’m sure they stocked up chockablock. They have reserve players, and they are at home, don’t let them try to lull us into a false sense of security, we’ll need to bring it, we’ll need to be switched on with concentration, afterburners, aggressiveness, and everything you’d usually need going up there.

  3. How much i love having Auba? Always wanted Le prof to sign since st etienne days, le prof signed laca but me still said “I WANT AUBA”. Auba finally signed and people were still saying he only scores “TAP INs”, me laughs happily. Enjoying AUBAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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