Man Utd win keeps pressure on – Man City or Arsenal to feel it more?

Anyone concerned with either Arsenal or Man City will also have been a temporary fan of Norwich City this weekend, and not just in the hope of hearing a ‘tired and emotional’ Delia Smith drunkenly cajoling the Norwich fans with a microphone. If the Canaries had managed to take any points off Manchester United it would have almost ended their top four hopes for the season.

As it is, Louis van Gaal’s luck was in as Mata gave United a narrow win and that means that the pressure is still on us and City to keep going and pick up the points needed to make sure that United do not sneak in and claim the final Champions League place, but the question now is which of us will handle that pressure better?

This season the Gunners have not exactly thrived under pressure, as we let a five point lead at the top of the Premier League slip after christmas. However I do think that the expectation to push on and secure the title is a different pressure to holding on for a top four finish and that is something that Arsenal have always managed to do.

I also think that there were other circumstances hurting our title challenge, not least the terrible injury list that Arsene Wenger had to cope with. The Frenchman now has almost a full squad and another plus point for us is that we are three points closer to a UCL spot than City and with Aston Villa in the final game the players should not be too worried about messing up.

For me the pressure is much harder on City, especially after the disappointment of their Champions League exit. They have a few key injuries to contend with and Pellegrini and the players know how much it would hurt the City fans to be knocked out of the top four by their main local rivals.

So while a United win was not what we wanted to see, could it be a good thing for Arsenal in the end?

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  1. Oh yes,

    Such a great thing.

    Man u keep winning and we all know we have the potential to loose at City putting pressure on ourselves for the villa game…and we all know what can happen then.

    1. Knowing my Arsenal, you will win against City and then go ahead and draw against villa. Because we always do the unexpected.

  2. In other news: Arsenal fans told to leave their Ipads at home for City clash??? 🙂

  3. I can imagine it going to the last game, we win our last game and qualify, with Wenger and the players celebrating like we’ve just won the league. How embarrassing!

    I don’t know why Wenger and the AKBs put so much stock in Champions League qualification. All it means is: more profit for Kreonke, the board and Wenger, more humiliation, Wenger extending his record of most defeats in the competition, more chance of injuries, and more chance of the extra games and travelling having a negative effect on our chances in the league.

    And before any AKBs bang on about it being easier to sign top class players because of the Champions League – we didn’t even sign an outfield player this season, and we still haven’t signed a top class striker, despite RVP leaving a whopping FOUR years ago! All this whilst consistently being in Europe’s top competition.

    1. i expect that many fans believe that being in the CL makes it easier to sign top players. By your definition they are all AKBs.

      I am sure that being in CL helped sign Ozil and Sanchez and will help if we qualify and do what we should have done for the last four years and go all out for a top striker.

      1. Ozil, Sanchez, Cech. And… That’s all we’ve needed, I suppose? We were in the Champions League coming into this season, and as at January. Yet look what Wenger did. On the other hand, Leicester were battling their way out of relegation. Look at the players they got. Look where they are now. Wenger gets what he wants, but now what the team needs, for the most part. Those three players are great, but still haven’t solved our most obvious, and most pressing needs, namely a top cb, a solid dm, a proper right winger, and a true striker -and before you ask me who they are, or how many “top” players in those positions are available, look at Leicester and West Ham, for instance, and tell me where those guys came from – and whether they were considered “top” players before now.

  4. cheeky 3 mill bid for sissoko ? he can be a decent bench player
    an he wont accept going to the championsip

    shouts out to mr ‘facts’

    one month your telling ronaldo to focus on tracking back more
    few months later your telling jack colback….dont be making these errrors at preston son

    premier leagues luckiest player- DANNY SIMPSON- WINNING!!!!

  5. If i was in Pellegrini’s position, I would deliberately leave Pep Guardiola with a nice big fat spot in the Europa league! ??

    *Signed photograph included,
    with the message ” enjoy your travels son”
    Yours sincerely Pelle- grinning ?

    1. @Fatboy…..Hahaha….

      Been thinking the same thing, but just couldn’t bring meself to say it

      oh wait!……u are saying this to save the bottlers?

  6. damn I like watching LC play, how to get hungry strikers like these on arsenal… we are at what, 59 goals total? LC at 66, Spuds at 67, MC at 68, WHam at 61, even 8th place pool at 59… our problem is up top, square in the middle… with Kane at 25 goals in the EPL, Vardy w 23, Giroud…. 12

  7. MORNING post: “Arsenal boss taunts Tottenham and piles pressure on 2nd place”


    EVENING post: “Man Utd win keeps pressure on – Man City or Arsenal to feel it more?”

    (Before Admin says there were different writers L()L)

  8. andrea bocelli performs nessun dorma at the king power to crown Leicester city


  9. Every season,we fight for 4th place with one club or the other,when are we going to fight for the EPL title. OT: let me ask a question,those two periods we won the FA cups,did you think we would have won it if we had met Chelsea in any of the occasions.

    1. Sssshhhh… Quiet, my son. Don’t make any noise about actual success and winning trophies now, or the “true” Arsenal fans will come after you… Keep sucking on the leaking “4th Place” feeding bottle.

      1. Oh another one that decided the FA cup stopped being a trophy when Wenger won it twice in a row…

  10. 3-0 up and they are still going for more goals. Just shows the sheer passion and commitment of this Leicester team. Fair play to Leicester. Shame on us really. We should be doing much better ?

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