Manager linked with Arsenal should not take the job urges pundit

Nuno Espirito Santo urged to snub Emirates interest.

Arsenal has been linked with a number of good managers to replace Unai Emery if the Spaniard fails to get his team back on track. One of those managers is Wolves’ boss, Nuno Espirito Santo.

Nuno led Wolves to the Premier League in his first season in charge and he has since steadied them and he is set to lead them into the Europa League knockout stages.

He has become the choice to be Arsenal’s next manager, but Ally McCoist believes he should snub Arsenal and continue his good work at Wolves.

McCoist is of the view that Wolves are in better shape than Arsenal at the moment and the Portuguese manager would be better off remaining with them as they build into the future.

Speaking on Talksport McCoist said: “I don’t think I’m moving if I’m him. You would need guarantees because Arsenal defensively are all over the place.

“I just don’t think he would fancy that right now. He’ll think there’s a little bit of unfinished business to be done at Wolves because they are absolutely flying. Manchester United and Arsenal are miles away from competing in the league.”

Since coming to England, Santo has continually improved as a manager and the performances of his Wolves side have been outstanding especially when they face the Premier League’s big sides.


  1. Raja Danish says:

    Sack Emery and Appoint Allegri now. Give him the team and time till summer to understand the league just like klopp in his first season when rodgers was sacked. Don’t look at the results. Then in summer give him the funds snd let him sign the players of his choice and challenge Manchester city and liverpool. He can toe to toe with the best of the business(pep,klopp,jose).

    1. ken1945 says:

      The problem is Raja Danish, we know, without any doubt, that kronkie will not give the kind of money needed to challenge theikes of City, chelsea and Pool.

      Otherwise, UE and AW would have challenged them for world class players, don’t you think?

      As for any new manager, if it were me, I would insist on an agreed transfer budget,to do exactly what you are saying…do you think kronkie will do that?

      1. Raja Danish says:

        If he doesnot give the required funds to compete with city and liv then we fans must protest against kronke as well and force him to sell his shares to a person who has ambition. Thats it i want my arsenal of old that was winning titles after titles now we are heading for mediocricy. Fed up with this.

      2. Restless says:

        Talking of money Liverpool has not spent a lot more than Arsenal except for the 75m pounds paid for Vigil Van Dyke. Liverpool bought smart. Pepe alone cost more than Sadio Mane Mo Saleh combined. The cost of Aubameyang and Lacazatte will pay for VVD and Firmino. The cost of Xhaka and Torreira will buy Alyson their goalkeeper. When you look at Liverpool there are not too many big names apart from the ones that I have mentioned. Most of the other players came cheap or came through the system. So we have to be fair to Kroenke, all our problems are not about money. Sometimes is about how we are spending the money.

    2. jon fox says:

      How naive can you be? How old are you exactly! No one with even half a brain thinks a top manager like Allegri would be seen dead at Scrooge run Arsenal. Do think before posting next time! Scrooge is why we have the likes of Emert here instead of a proper top manager.

  2. Thomaskelly says:

    No thanks not for me

  3. Matty says:

    Which speaks volumes about why Allie McCoist couldn’t coach a girls marching band. It’s amazing how so many of these idiots are given tabloid space. Arsenal are a much bigger club on the world stage and it would be an amazing opportunity for Nuno. That our Defence is rubbish gives him the easiest chance to show how good he is.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Nuno could be good for Arsenal, because of his tactics and his EPL experience

    But he might want a two year contract though

  5. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Nuno Espirito Santo the current Wolves head coach is looking to have done very well in coaching wolves last season in the PL and in the FA Cup. And he still looking to be doing a good job at Wolves this season’s campaign in the PL after he successfully took Wolves, was it to 7th in the table last season to qualify the club to play in the ECL qualifying matches this season. And I think has seen his Wolves side qualified to play in the group stages of the competition where I think they are still playing to reach the knockout stages of the competition. But I am not that sure on this because I am not following their progress in the Europa League Cup games as such. This is because I focus more on my club Arsenal than any other club side playing in the ELC. But save, if the club side a big club or even a lower league club side and is Arsenal opponent team in the competition. And did Wolves not reach the FA Cup semi-final or final match to play against Man City last season and lost heavily to them in the final match? But if they are the ones that played against Man City in the FA Cup final. Or maybe it was the Carabao Cup I am not sure.

    Arsenal are reported to be searching for a new top head coach in the market that they can use to replace Unai Emery the current Gunners head coach should he be relieved of his head coach job at Arsenal. But will Nuno Espirito Santo fill the bill to adequately replace Unai Emery taking over from him to sit on the head coach hot seat at the Emirates Stadium, and successfully coach the Gunners to win the major titles in the major competitions of the Premier League and the UCL? Does Satos has the big club managerial capacity in him to manage the Gunners and take Arsenal to the greater heights in all competitions if Arsenal appoint him? Or he looks to potentially have it in him?

  6. John Howse says:

    The reason we got Emery because he promised to be able to improve the young players and not spend big money. Emery is proving all us moaners right because he is clueless in his tactical knowledge. When Southampton are better than us and we are lucky to get a point it is time for him to go. The board are weighing up how much it will cost to get rid of Emery at this moment in time. I want us to have some purpose to how we play and pose problems for the opposition not react at half time because the tactics are completely wrong. I wanted Ancelotti and he proved tonight against Liverpool that he’s got the ability to trouble the best.

  7. Restless says:

    Is Nuno Espirito Santo prepared to trade his track pants for a suit in accordance with Arsenal traditions? lol

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