Manchester City defender sends Arsenal a title race message

Manchester City defender Manuel Akanji insists there is still all to play for in the Premier League title race, even though Arsenal is now seven points ahead of everyone.

Manchester City is defending the title and as Liverpool struggles, fans expected them to have it easy.

However, Arsenal has emerged as the new title challenger and the Gunners have been absolutely superb in their performance for much of the term.

Mikel Arteta’s men have taken advantage of City’s multiple slip-ups this season to race clear at the top of the league table, but there is still a lot to play for.

Akanji was speaking after their 1-1 draw at home to Everton and told the Man City website:

“It’s the midway point of the season.

“Of course, Arsenal are first but in the end there are lots of games to play and we have to play them twice.

“We’ll keep the pressure up and try to win our next game and keep on going.

“There’s still a long way to go.”

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Akanji’s opinion is not wrong and we also know it is too early to think we have won the league already, but we must enjoy our winning run for as long as it lasts.

After celebrating every game, we will return to the training ground and work hard to win the next match.

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  1. It won’t be a surprise if City with all the predictions putting the first actually end up in 3rd position. First suggested here at US. Yes 3rd. Save this.

    1. “Save it”? Whatever for? To have a laugh, in years to come, at how ONE daft person actually thought City would not even finish in the top two. You are out of your mind young man!

      It will be surprise, though not a huge one, if they finish out of the top ONE! Sober reality!

      BTW, not at all a surprise that it comes from USA, that land of hype and exaggeration!

      1. Bit harsh, such a generalized characterization about a nation of over 330 million people.

        Jon I’m curious to know why you used “the land of hype and exaggeration” as you are precise with your wording.

        Usually you elaborate on your opinions, and I was just curious as to why that particular word choice, as it easily applies to any nation and not specific about any single country.

        I ask out of curiosity, not to challenge anything because it is merely an opinion.

        1. GREAT QUESTION Durand,which gives me a chance to answer more fully, so here goes:
          Firstly, I have enormous respect for a slim majority of USA citizens, the evolved ones, who recognise that human life is far more important than their own individual “rights”. The “right” to buy carry and use guns. That is as SICK as a country and its laws can be.
          The backward thinking types who voted in Trump and who support him even now, there are many millions of them, all Republicans even though many other Republicans – the normal ones – detest all he stands for.
          The land where consumerism gone mad is king and money is worshipped more than looking after the poor and disadvantaged.The lackof an NHS system, or something similar, that makes poor people very likely to suffer and die.
          My own country of Britain , for all its many faults, is a far kinder, more compassionate,more humane and far less boastful country than USA.
          I feel genuinely SORRY for the millions of decent USA citizens who still feel the need to remain in their home land, though of course i understand the need to stay home and be proud of ones Motherland.

          I have detested USA FOREIGN POLICY AND ITS SELF APPOINTED ROLE AS WORLD POLICEMEN FOR MOST OF MY LONG LIFE. I find it very difficult to see much good that has ever come out of USA, some people apart, save its theatre and a deal of its music. Plus its many fine scientists, medicine folk, inventors, engineers and climate watchers. Extremely few of its USA PRESIDENTS, I should add.

          I admit to a bias, though based on sober minded facts, against USA in general. Hope that help explains my marked anti USA general life views.

          I doubt very much that I would dislike YOUR social or political views, but as I do not really know you, I will leave it there.

          1. Thank you for your explanation, I appreciate your response when you were by no means required or expected to reply.

            There are things I agree with in your statements and some I disagree, but such is the nature of opinions and individuality.

            Praise and criticism is part and parcel with any nation and its footprint in history.

            I will leave it there as this platform is about Arsenal not our current discussion. I say “discussion” as it is more accurate than “debate.”

            I would personally find it interesting and perhaps even rewarding to have a discussion with you on the political and social issues you mentioned.

            Although the UK and USA can be considered sister countries, there are stark differences that would make for interesting discussions.

            Thank you Jon for your response even though there was no obligation for you to clarify your comment.

  2. we enjoy each win game by game ofcourse ending up with most point than the rest will excite us after 38 games. but for now winning each game is important. Any team up to #8 have a good chance of winning tge league it would be naive of us to think its in the bag.

  3. Well he is not wrong , we play them twice , they win both and our lead becomes a 1 pt lead against a very formidable and consistent team. If that happens then its panic stations and the Arteta Out fan base come out of nooks and crannies .
    We Must keep the momentum going.

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