Manchester United tables an improved offer for Arsenal target

Manchester United seems to have met Ajax’s demands for Arsenal target Lisandro Martinez with their latest offer.

The Argentinian is at the centre of a transfer tug-of-war between both clubs as he seeks to move to the Premier League.

Arsenal first launched a bid for his signature, but it was simply not good enough, and Ajax turned it down.

The Dutch club also rejected United’s initial offer for his signature, and both Premier League sides needed to go back to the drawing board.

United has now tabled a new bid worth £43million, according to a report on The Daily Mail.

It claims the bid is very close to what Ajax wants for his signature, and they will consider it today.

This means Arsenal has a real chance of missing out on yet another transfer target after missing out on Raphinha.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We need to be willing to splash the cash on our targets to beat other suitors to their signature.

Martinez is one of the hottest properties on the market now because of the starring role he played at Ajax last season.

If we add him to our squad, his versatility will prove pivotal. However, it seems United has won the race, unless we improve our bid with a higher sum.

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  1. Football has become fantasy football. Managers are given a huge budget, for sure, to get a team together, but they still need to get a squad together within that budget. It does not matter if we miss out on an overpriced or unaffordable target, as long as we have other options in mind. The Arsenal squad has been lacking in quality depth for years. Fingers crossed for some new arrivals who are of the right standard.

  2. Ajax and Porto are the worst rip off clubs in Europe.
    Arsenal should offer Torreira as a swap no money deal for Martinez take it or leave it. Stop bowing down to the miser Dutch and the greedy Portuguese. Offer Nelson and Niles to Ajax at 50mill each and see if the Dutch rip off merchants buy our over priced players?

    1. So now your valuation of Torreria is £43,000,000?

      That’s what, reportedly, manure are ready to pay, so I really don’t understand what you are getting at.

      If we want the player, we have to pay the going rate – simple as that and it seems we are not prepared to do it…. so onwards and upwards, as AB would say.

    2. @fairfan
      Come on now. We are talking about a player that was Voter best Ajax player for last season.
      Can’t be equating him to our journey-man (Torreira) that his loan clubs are rejecting left right and centre. You are equating an unwanted that Arsenal are not convinced of, AT Madrid said thank you but no thank you to, and Fiorentina has done the same, not even willing to gamble £10 million on..

      Lets be honest here, last summee Villa were messing around with ESR, bidding as much as £35 million for him and we felt insulted by them.. What do you expect Ajax to do, just give away their players to Arsenal just because we the Arsenal fans think we are entitled to pay what we deem fair and Ajax to just get on their knees and say “Yes Master”?.

    3. Those clubs depend on big transfer fees to continue running sufficiently. You can get really good players from Porto/Benfica if you scout well. Ajax, as well but I think it’s more of a risk. The difference in quality of dutch league to top 5 leagues is just quite big. Portugese league the gap is lesser.

      1. Also i think all this money for a short CB is absurd. And to push him into a fullback position for all that money makes even less sense. This is a blessing to miss out on him. Need to refocus our transfer policy and move on from players quicker. REALLY hope we have totally dropped interest in Raphinha by now. Hes obviously does not want to come here.

        1. Agree, it’s absurd to waste 40 million for a backup player. Martinez certainly won’t unseat Tierney, and near impossible a 5’9 CB is successful in the PL.

          We can get Grimaldo for 7-8 million to back LB/RB, and use the rest for a DM or player like Onana.

          Funds need to be spent wisely, lest we repeat avoidable mistakes of the past.

    1. Martinez can be all those things, Meedo.

      Take a look on Youtube. You will see what I mean. If Manure get him, we’re losing out “BIG TIME”. Trust me!

      1. …except a target man. But I understand— a jack of all trade but master of none. I believe he is already being used in his best position as a CB in Ajax, and I don’t see him displacing any of our current CBs and Arsenal is not that rich to keep a 43m player on the bench. In the LB position, he definitely won’t displace a fit Tierney. His best available option in the team is playing as DM, but with that money we can get a specialist DM.

  3. I think we should now move on from this Martinez circus..

    We messed it up in rhe beginning by starting with such a ridiculous £25 million did for a player that was Voted as “Ajax’s Best player of the season”.

    Now the price has gotten ridiculous due to Man United getting into the fight..

  4. We didn’t want him. Because if we did, we would have gave them the asking price from day one and moved on to the target…IJS

  5. Versatile player as Martinez is, he would find it difficult to cope as a left CB in a flat back four in the EPL where he would be under a lot more pressure than in the Dutch league.He would fit in very well as a LCB in a back three set up, but Arteta rarely used such a formation.He is not a natural LB nor a DM and to me circa 45m is too much to contemplate for a player who I suspect would not be a first eleven pick.Offering Tavares to Ajax as part of the deal may have been raised in negotiations, but he is clearly no longer part of Arteta’s short term plans and may be sent out on loan.This would leave us exposed at LB where our excellent first choice is considered by many on JA to be expendable ivo his injury record.Personally, I would rather spend around 25/30m on a young ,left back who has impressed in the EPL, and two of the best I saw last season were Mitchell of Crystal Palace, and the very talented Ait Nouri at Wolves.A number of big Clubs have been looking at the young Frenchman,in particular, but either would suffice for me.

    1. I really wanted Ait Nouri last summer and was surprised we weren’t linked to him given that I think he was out of contract. He didnt really seem to kick on this year but I agree hed be a great back up Tierney.

  6. Sometimes in football, as in life, seeming setbacks turn out to be for best. Few on here have suggested MARTINEZ is a “MUST HAVE”at his full asking price of £43 mill.

    The simple facts are that all transfer fees for all players who are at least half decent or better, are both obscene and crazy.
    What our flat refusal to pay his asking price tells me, is that the club does not rate him SUFFIENTLY to pay the asking price
    It now seems that we will lose him and I do not think that a tragedy at all; more a relief in fact.

    No club, City and perhaps PSG and Newcastle apart, CAN OR SHOULD BE HELD TO RANSOM BY THIS TRANSFER FEE MADNESS. Left unchecked, it will lead to footballs financial ruin!

    Morally speaking, fooball was ruined around three decades ago, when the grossly greedy Prem stole what few remaining morals were left in our top level game. Sigh!

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