Mancini speaks out on the Icardi to Arsenal transfer rumours

Icardi’s manager has his say!

Arsenal have been linked with Mauro Icardi over the last few days, with Arsene Wenger showing his latest striker interest in the Inter Milan man.

Icardi’s agent recently spoke out about Arsenal’s interest in the player and confirmed that Tottenham and Atletico Madrid were also both scouting the 23 year old alongside the Gunners. Icardi himself however is reportedly not particularly interested in a move away.

Club officials recognise however that Icardi may need to be sold and it’s made Arsene Wenger a very interested party. Roberto Mancini however isn’t so keen on the idea of Icardi moving on, with the Inter Milan manager keen to keep hold of one of the most consistent strikers in the Seria A, although he admitted that the decision is out of his hands.

He was asked directly about the Arsenal rumours, and replied: “I have not seen the news you mentioned, I have not read anything. I do not know why say anything. I’m just a coach and this is not an issue about me.

“He is doing the training and showing endeavour, for me this is important. I do not read newspapers, do not listen to radio, I do not watch TV or private channels … just porn!”

Mancini continued: “I can say is that he’s working really hard in training – other stuff doesn’t matter to me. What I care about is that he plays and scores lots of goals, that’s all. For me, all the players that form the core of my team are not for sale at any price, but I can’t talk for other people.”

What Mancini may be referring to is that Icardi’s potential sale may be out of his hands and if Wenger was to make a suitable offer to the Milan outfit, it may be enough to finally obtain a striker that the Gunners are so desperately crying out for.

There seems to be a lot more talk on this rumour rather than the likes of Morata, Lukaku and Higuain, so perhaps fans can be hopeful that there may be further developments regarding the situation of Icardi to Arsenal.



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    all summer we have been linked with loads of fowards

    hopefully at least one of them will happen

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      According to Napoli’s official club radio station,
      Napoli will sell Higuain to Arsenal, as they don’t want to strengthen their rivals Juventus.

      Now we wait to see if Wenger really wants him or not ?

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        50 million €uro’s plus Giroud is the official offer!

        Mahrez wants out of Leicester and if wenger signs both Higuain and Mahrez, I would be a happy fat bunny ??

        ——————– Higuain
        Sanchez ——- Ozil ——- Mahrez ?

        I just messed my pants! ?

        1. Midkemma says:

          I think some defenders would mess their pants as well at that forward line.
          I do wonder at how much we have left to spend as a club, could we get both of them if they both wanted to join us?

          For some strange reason that only Wenger knows, he doesn’t want Campbell anymore 🙁 I wonder if we will be reading about another player plus cash deal being talked about?

  2. G-Rude says:

    Draxler, Mahrez or Lacazette please

  3. jonm says:

    I am not sure what to make of this. We have lots of reports about financial problems at inter milan. Then we have a report in yahoo finance dated 6 june 2016 “NANJING, China (AP) — Retail giant Suning has bought a majority stake in Inter Milan, marking the latest entry into the European soccer market by cash-rich Chinese firms.”

    So the question is, why would a cash rich owner be selling the best players? Is mancini’s position safe? Seems to me that mancini has not yet been told what is happening from the new owners so is playing safe by making the statements he has. This has been interpreted as player will be sold over his head.

    Typical media, leave out vital piece of information to get a story involving IM, arsenal, tottenham and AM.

    If yahoo report is correct then I expect icardi is staying put and inter are actually looking to strengthen. Unless of course the new owners have not worked out a way to get around the ffp rules.

    1. jonm says:

      Chinese owners is on sky sports as well.

  4. ras911 says:

    Did he actually say the porn part? LOOL what a legend! Anyways i’m growing weary of all this, same old s**t just a different day.

  5. jonm says:

    Quote from bbc on 3 june 2016.
    “Inter Milan are to have new owners, with Chinese investors Suning Commerce Group taking a majority 70% stake in the club. Inter expect to reduce Financial Fair Play losses from 90m Euros (£69.5m) to 30m this year.”

    No problem there which a change of stadium name and some new sponsorship deals cannot put right.

    “New cash rich owners of inter milan sell their top goalscorer” does not somehow have the ring of truth about it.

    Forget icardi and move on to next rumour.

  6. olly ray says:

    Most rival clubs have done and are doing the transfers of new additions to their team very quickly so they can be well bedded in during preasons before the season start proper. It frustrates me that Wenger and the lame board are not doing the same. I cannot get my head around their illusion that the current squad can win the premiership without a proper mobile striker and a die hard defender. It happens every transfer window. If they eventually settle for one of either Sanogo, Campbell, Akpom as the striker we need and Chambers as the back up defender, all hell will break lose. My instinct is telling me that could eventually happen as that’s what wenger and the board do best. Honestly, I will cry.

  7. Twonk says:

    We will get no one. All those big names you are all throwing around just forget them. The team we have now is more than likely the team we going with next season.

    Best to accept it and move on….

  8. butters says:

    fans who comments on selling Giroud is a good idea should g and watch NFL instead

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