Is Manuel Pellegrini the obvious successor to Wenger?

Should Gazidis get on the phone to Manuel Pellegrini? By Twig

Although he initially denied it, it has recently emerged that Arsene Wenger might have taken a walk had Arsenal failed to beat Hull City in the FA cup final 2 years ago. The pressure on the boss leading up to the FA cup final was immense; He hadn’t won anything for almost 10 years prior to the game and his position as Arsenal manager was coming under increasing scrutiny. In fact, for the first quarter of an hour of that tie, it looked like Arsenal will once again succumb to the pressures of the big stage, however Santi Cazorla came up with that free kick which gave Arsene Wenger respite for a few more years.

This season, it appears Wenger is once again on the crossroads. Dumped out of the FA Cup by Watford, swept aside easily by Barca (that seemed to play more leisurely than purposefully for the most part) and trailing Leicester and Spurs by 11 and 6 points respectively, it appears the prospects of a title this season are non-existent. Former Arsenal fans such as Ian Wright and Thierry Henry feel that Wenger’s position as manager would be untenable should he fail to deliver the title this season, where familiar foes such as Chelsea and Manchester United have all failed to fire. It was to be Arsenal’s season, but somehow we conspired to to seize the opportunity. If Arsenal could be forgiven for losing out to the likes of Chelsea and City (due to their much higher player investments), what excuse could we have to lose the title to a Leicester side whose top 4 players (Vardy, Mahrez, Kante and Okazaki) were assembled for practically a lesser fee than Oxlade-Chamberlain?

Many names have been suggested to take over from Wenger if he leaves. Bergkamp, Henry, Koeman and even Mourinho have been suggested. However, just up in the north of England, Manuel Pellegrini would be available in the summer having been replaced – for inexplicable reasons – by Pep Guardiola. Pelligrini is very experienced, non-controversial, a proven winner and a gentleman. In addition, his team plays in a style that Arsenal fans – long spoiled with free-flowing possession-heavy football – will not find repulsive. Out of all the names that have been mentioned, Pellegrini seems to tick most of the boxes of whom should be the next Arsenal manager. With regards to Bergkamp and Henry, the experience of Gary Neville at Valencia has shown that simply being a great player is not a guarantee of being a successful manager, as such Gazidis and Co should exercise caution before handing over the club into their hands. At 62 years of age, Pellegrini may not be a long-term solution, but he will hopefully stay long enough to allow the likes of Mikel Arteta and Thierry Henry to acquire all their coaching badges and gain some experience managing another club.


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  1. I want a No-nonsense manager who knows how to set the touchline on fire and ofcourse a better tactician…one who knows no favouritsm……above all, a manager who cares so much bout winning and winning

    1. we want a manager with fire in his belly Like a dragon


      Wenger’s belly’s gone cold like siberia and the Antartica L()L

      1. Hahaha.. Don’t worry!
        Now that his beloved 4th spot trophy is in danger,
        Wenger will resort to his emergency diet of Filipinos… ?… Oooops! ?.. I mean … jalapeños ( peppers)
        The fire in his belly will be restored, in time to fight, tooth and nail for his…. precious! ?

  2. To be fair, things have got so bad under Wenger that pretty much any manager is now a candidate. I expect there are lots of manager’s out that we’re not even aware of that could do a fantastic job. Look at what Pochettino achieved at Southampton, and what he’s doing with Spurs, and he was pretty much an unknown. Tuchel has got Dortmund firing again, and apart from followers of the Bundesliga, I am not sure many had even heard of him. Wenger himself was an unknown before joining Arsenal. We all mention the big names Pep, Klopp, Simeon, etc, but I am sure are some great mangers flying under the radar at the moment.

    My personal choice would be Simeone, because I think Arsenal need a complete overhaul in every department. But Wenger will probably see out his final year, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he got offered an extension.

    1. If board will be under pressure they will not extend Wenger (Stan will never pay 8 mil to someone doing nothing, that’s a given) but not fire him. And after that they will hire a manager just for the sake of it just to show people how good it was with Wenger. You think 3rd place and guarantee UCL is bad? Just wait and see. I am tired watching these new manager discussion when fact is that none of us have a saying in who will be the next manager. So why bother?

  3. No, we need a fighter like Simeone or Koeman, these guys have no patience for lazy players that take their place for granted.

  4. Pellegrini is nothing more than a Wenger twin ffs! ??
    Bilic is a better option.

    Anyways! … Wenger won’t be sacked unless we finish out of the top 4 and I am sure that he will get the team motivated with all guns blazing when 4th is concerned.

    So it’s more than likely that Wenger will at least see out his contract and who knows … if he manages to win a major trophy next season, he may even get another 2-3 years extension! ??

  5. No one will come to Arsenal with Kroenke in charge, apart from managers who can’t break into other top clubs. People say that Wenger is stubborn, yet he didn’t have a problem with spending when David Dein was on the board. There is clear evidence that Kroenke messes about with the buying and selling of players and club finances, as well as taking money out of the club while contributing nothing.

    I don’t think Wenger makes the right decisions or is perfect all the time, however we have to address the cancer before the cold.

    1. What a load of rubbish. Kroenke is being made a scapegoat but Kroenke hasn’t stopped Wenger spending money. Last season he spent 70million. The season before 43 million. We have one of the highest wage bills around. Kroenke is just a business man that’s true, but he has allowed the manager to spend what he wants from a certain limit based on surplus, namely profit. Its not Kroenke who prevented Wenger from signing a striker or aDM. Schneiderlin was available. Hernandez. Wanyama. All available for 10-20 million.

  6. wenger can stay as much as he wants, and claim that he made arsenal, but tomorrow after tomrrow he will wreck his reputation bit by bit, till the last akb has enough of him, and then he can have his statue, but people will remember him only with a bad taste as his reputation will not take a u turn

  7. Still waiting for a va va voom someday…
    Simeone and Bilic have Fire in there belly to stir a team to good taste, the Big Question is Will One Come?

    Edge of the seat with fingers Crossed.

    1. Billic will find the Arsenal Job irresistible!

      Oh that i wish there will be no satan K to offer him the contract

  8. Pellegrini is a better football coach/tactician than Wenger but I say lets get the hot blood of Simone in if we can.

    Make us a hard, not easily beaten machine with a solid system of play. Could get ourselves some nice Argentian and other Latin American players of real quality for relative peanuts. Think Sanchez (on a not running round in circles giving the ball away too easy, good day, x 11! 😉

  9. Simeone no, too defensive and boring, Pellegrini no, too much like Arsene.

    I wouldn’t mind Joachim Loew, or Ronald Koeman, both young enough with experience and not afraid to make changes, tactically astute too.

    I honestly don’t know why Henry keeps being mentioned, he doesn’t have the experience to take over a big club, maybe in a few years, but not yet.

    The real problem we have is Kroenke, if you were a manager, would you want to go and manage a team were the owner has publicly stated he didn’t buy the club to win championships, I know I wouldn’t.

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