Many Arsenal fans on Twitter are over the moon about Ben White reports

How some Arsenal fans reacted to Ben White’s transfer news from Ornstein

When the news of Brighton and Arsenal reaching an agreement over Ben White was revealed by David Ornstein yesterday, the enthusiasm among the Gunners faithful was apparent on social media channels.

While some of them had reservations on the price tag, others believed that Arsenal got a young centerback who can keep on developing, to eventually reach the highest stage in world football.

The England international will also become the most expensive defender and the third-most expensive player in Arsenal’s history. So it’s safe to say that Mikel Arteta, Edu as well as the fans will have high hopes from White.

Here’s how some Arsenal fans from all over the globe reacted to the news on Twitter:


The overall feeling was one of excitement. And nobody can have doubts about it. White has been consistently rising to prominence in the recent campaigns.

He played all of the 46 matches in Leeds United promotion winning campaign while also making 36 appearances in the Premier League last season for Brighton. He’s not injury prone and that helps Arsenal cause massively.

I will be looking forward to him playing at the Emirates Stadium. But it will be sad if the fans at the stadium start booing him because he doesn’t fit their agenda. We have to support anyone who comes in through the door, no matter what.

That will be my only message to the Arsenal fans…

Yash Bisht

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  1. Doesn’t matter how good he is as an individual, the question is: well he improve the team? Time will tell but I still think the answer will be no unless the midfield (and forward) areas are addressed before the window closes

    1. @Davi
      RealTalk…And when he’s responsible for a couple goals against, he’ll become the new fan hate object.

      1. Dooms prophet already. Sometimes I wonder if you really want the club to be back to its former glory or you just want to be right. Are you even away of the fact that for this club to get back to its glory decisions have to be made.

        The only reason White divides opinion is because of his price tag otherwise Hes better than all our CBs in many areas. Ball carrying, tackling, proper defender.

        I will advice that we all chill and trustthis manager who is trying to do things differently. Wenger never bought these kinda player and we complained, now we have a manager who is doing it differently yet we still complain. We should just do what our primary role is support the team and the manager.

  2. I’m elated not just because of Ben White but for the fact that we are bringing in new young faces and still counting.
    Arteta is now building his own team and there would be zero excuses next season in the top four race.
    Good job to the Arsenal board.

    1. You are right. Arteta has almost a whole team of guys he chose or brought to the club now. Way more chances and trust than Emery who did with what he had and was even neglected (wanted haha, got pepe). I don’t mean i regret emery or dislike MA, but MA has had a looot of time and backing. There is no excuses for us/him this year to be outside the Top 6. At least we should compete for 6th spot until the very very end.

  3. I would like to say something simple here. Forget Tierney, Bellerin and Aouar etc. Each and every one good players, or maybe not. If you want to win the EPL or anything else you need the top goalie, the top central midfielder and the top centre centre forward. Why? Easy. Because the goals are in the middle of the pitch, And so you need the top men in the .. middle. I love Tierney, but we must buy those top middle men. Not rocket science.

  4. This is my first time on here, making comments, I’m not with/against Mikel Arteta, one thing I noticed in this life was that, you cannot please people. Either you get it right or wrong, those that will castigate will still castigate. I’m an Arsenal fan, die hard fan, and I’m not happy seeing the way our club has been running for a while now.
    I’m begging all we Arsenal fans to support our players and stop booing them while playing on the field if they made a mistake. We are all human, booing them would limit their passion, instead let cheer them up. They are all human, and as a human we are not perfect.

  5. Let’s our focus be on cheering our team up. The duty of the support is to give the players and coaches a lifting and that extra push when things are not going their way on the pitch. We are not going to have a great game all the time, difficult matches will come, bogey team would come calling. These are the times the team would need our total support, not booing. COYG!!!

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