Many Arsenal fans WILL NOT be going to Wembley!

We all know that Arsenal have one of the biggest fanbases all over the world, and every match-day there are at least 53,000 in attendance at the Emirates. There are 45,000 season ticket holders who have entry to every home game and it would only be reasonable of them all to expect to be first in line for our FA Cup semi-final appearance at Wembley, and there would probably be the same amount of casual fans that would like to watch the Gunners at Wembley.

But alas, the FA have other ideas and it looks like only around three-quarters of our core supporters will be allowed to go to the game. Arsenal Chief Exec Ivan Gazidis has made it clear that the club is unhappy with these arrangements. “The club has been advised by the FA that our ticket allocation for the FA Cup semi-final will be approximately 32,000 tickets.

“Similar to our experiences from last season’s FA Cup competition, we are once again very disappointed with this allocation. With the capacity of Wembley Stadium being approximately 90,000, the club does not agree with this relatively small proportion of tickets being given to both clubs.

Gazidis continued: “We will continue our dialogue with the FA in order to obtain as many tickets as possible for this match, but it is clear that many of our loyal supporters, who follow the team home and away, including our approximate 45,000 season ticket holders, will not be able to obtain a ticket for this huge match.”

This does seem extremely unfair, especially as our opponents (either Reading or Bradford) have a much smaller fanbase, averaging 19,000 and 12,000 respectively. Surely the first criteria for allocating tickets to Wembley should be to make sure that ALL season-ticket holders, irrespective of club, should have first refusal on semi-final and Final tickets. All this means is that the touts will have a field day diverting unused tickets by our opponents into Arsenal fans hands at extortionate prices.

It’s a shambles…..

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  1. True.Gooner says:

    I’ll be there live

  2. arsenalkid1970 says:

    If arsenal got rid of the sick notes lol lots of them and How about shock the world of football and buy the Man U keeper shit what would that say to the world. Then buy a certain Welsh player from a team that thinks it’s abouve everyone lol shit if you want to win pay the £notes.

    1. jeff says:

      Yeah because buying players is like going to the grocery store to buy food… You’re one deluded fellow aren’t you?

  3. MDOwn says:

    It is a shambles but is anyone surprised? The way football is going, being so heavily money centric, a large percentage of the tickets will be sold to rich neutrals, who just want a day out. Just look at our ticket prices…

  4. FFFanatic says:

    We had to play an away match against Man Utd on a Monday night because “reasons”. The FA do not care about fans, they care about revenue. They will sell the tickets come what may. Note if both sides get 32,000 then that leaves a further 26,000 to…corporates. That’s right – we’re giving over a 1/4 of the capacity to corporate events because MONEY. The FA is a joke sometimes.

  5. GOONSTER says:

    The co-operates gotta have come tickets, those mutha fookas will pay £5000 for a single ticket, some even go for £10,000 just to sit in those luxury co-operate boxes when Arsenal, Liverpool, United, Chelski, Spuds, City were to play each other in cup finals.

    I remember back in 2009 when I used to work in Crouch End (North London), these rich basturds used to come in for specialist advice on certain issues, but then we always started to talk football, these mutha fookas were paying thousands to10s of thousands for their season tickets at Chelski, Spuds and Arsenal but they hardly ever made it to games because they were always out of the country on business trips etc..

    So the FA would rather get as many coperates that will pay £1000-£10,000 for a ticket other than the normal punter who can only afford £60-£200 for a ticket, they are still paying for wembley after they fcked up when building it, it ended up costing nearly £1 billion when it was meant to cost about £757 million.

  6. welbinho says:

    It should be 50/50 at least. It is unfair to say that only because bradford/reading has less fanbase they deserve less.

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