Marco Silva says time-wasting caution favoured Arsenal and gives example

Fulham’s manager, Marco Silva, has expressed his belief that the new time-wasting rule in football has been introduced to benefit the larger clubs, following an incident involving Calvin Bassey’s red card during his full debut against Arsenal.

Bassey had previously received a yellow card for delaying a goal kick, a decision that generated controversy. Later in the match, he received a second yellow card for committing a foul.

The introduction of the new time-wasting rule has seen the Premier League take a stringent stance against time-wasting by teams during matches. This approach was similarly applied when Takehiro Tomiyasu of Arsenal was cautioned for a similar reason in a match against Crystal Palace.

Silva’s viewpoint is that the new rule appears to be favouring the top-tier clubs, potentially due to the manner in which it has been enforced. He cited an instance involving Thomas Partey in a scenario where the official refrained from taking action.

The Portuguese manager said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘For the other clubs it is not the same. If you see one of the first throw-ins for (Thomas) Partey, he took much more time than Calvin at the goal-kick. It was not a yellow card. Why? Because they were losing the game? It is always going to be not the big clubs who suffer more.

‘No one listens to us, we knew this was going to happen.’

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Silva has every right to be angry about the caution, but the rules are the rules and the clubs have been briefed about the new changes.

We have also been a victim, so it makes no sense that he is claiming the rules are meant to favour the top clubs alone.

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  1. The rules are the rules, Marco Sylva certainly didn’t watch the Crystal Palace vs Arsenal game when Tomi was sent off.

    Fall outs are expected but Silva should be delighted how our young gaffer gave him a point on a platter.

    1. He should be grateful indeed.i now feel sorry for his side though as they’ll get dismantled in the return leg.

  2. Just take a look at this hypocrite playing victim, if only he knows what we go through in the hands of said ref in support of us.

    1. so he is a hypocrite playing victim and then you go on to say “what we go through” etc. ain’t you also a hypocrite playing victim 😂 you don’t know what fulham goes through in the hands of ref too.. ALL fans/managers think that referees are against their teams, but the referees are just really incompetent generally

  3. No, he said “it is always going to be not the big clubs who suffer more no one listen to us, we knew this was going to happen” which implies that top clubs like us “always” get favoured by refs while they suffer which i think is totally wrong as everyone is either victim or beneficiary of referee incompetence so he can’t boldly say they’ve never been favoured by incorrect calls, same goes for any other club in the division, trying to play victim is the height of hypocrisy.

  4. Ignorant comments by biased fans. Data shows that the bigger clubs are always beneficiaries of referees decisions because of psychological aspects of human nature.

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