Mark Lawrenson makes his Arsenal vs Chelsea prediction

BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson has backed Arsenal to earn a 1-0 win over Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

The Gunners will take on the Blues with a place in the Europa League group stages at stake for them.

They have done very well this year to earn their place in the final of the competition and Mikel Arteta will hope that he can mastermind a win here as he did against Manchester City and Liverpool recently.

Lawro was predicting the outcome of the game and talked about both teams, hailing Arteta for working hard on Arsenal’s shape in training which has helped them get the aforementioned fine results.

He reckons that Arteta has brought a feel-good factor back at Arsenal and that the Gunners have the momentum at the moment which should get them the win against their London rivals.

He told BBC: “…I’ve been quite critical of them, and how fragile they have been defensively, but apparently Arteta does a lot of work on their shape in training, and it is definitely having an effect.

“Arteta has not just brought a kind of feel-good factor back to the club since taking charge in December, he has shored them up.

“To win on Saturday, they will need to show more of the resilience they had when they beat City and Liverpool in the space of a week, but they are always going to score goals with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette in their team.

“That’s not to say Chelsea are not dangerous too. I just feel like Arsenal have got more momentum and confidence at the moment, but otherwise it is difficult to split the two sides.”

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  1. These guy just talk non sense. How can we be more confident than a team that just finished in Top4 to secure CL?

    This cant be a one goal game, but more of a 5-3 they lost to Reds recently before to beat wolves.

    They have a better squad, winning mentality when enter pirch, a game plan; attack us, dominate middle, bully our defense, walk all over us.

    What is ours? Defend, try to hold midfield and hit them in counter No real plan….

    Luiz in central defense; this will turn into a real nightmare.

    Middle with Barkley kante pulisic, mount; or Willian he can play above them; is not to take lightly.

    This is a team who stayed in top 5 all season long; not a lucky strike or one hit wonder but a good team.

    They were not expected to win league with this team but to compete and secure CL.

    Looking at what they do in transfer market so far and players they are linked to; they are back for title race.

    A keeper choice wont affect their game and players on the pitch nor why they entering it for; win something after securing top 4.

    1. You better show us your sense instead of disparaging others and showing none of that sense yourself! No one disputes the fact that they were in the top four and we weren’t but remember we beat Man city which finished second in EPL. Besides this game is a one off and the better grilled and motivated team will carry the day. Chelsea beat us in Europa final even though we seemed more likely to win given all the hype about Emery and his Europa pedigree. This time round I see us more hungry and determined to win. I may not predict the scores but I feel Arsenal will win this game.

      1. Really agree with your comments DR

        The EL final was the last game of the season for both teams. The FA Cup is ours but Chelsea have other concerns a week later in the CL.

        Whether this has an impact on Lampard’s selection tomorrow remains to be seen but he must be thinking about that as well

      2. You have your opiniôn, i have mine, we do not have to agree on everything; it’s a good thing.

        Allows to see diffetent vision and reflect, maybe learn something.

        Im not sure what you disagree on, .thx to be specific.

        They in better spirit reaching CL than us nowhere, their fans as well.

        They have a better midfield which often decide a game; midfield battle.

        They cant match our attack.

        If Luiz is in a back 4; any team can beat us; probably worst CB in EPL. All our CBs are better than Luiz but Arteta loves his hair; extends it.

        They have a coach, we have an assistant experimenting to become a coach…

        At the end; this makes them a better team and you see it in table and all seasin long.

        Not a lucky win and lose to Villa to ruin all chances. They add to beat wolves to secure CL, were under pressure with Wolves trying to secure EL but they beat them.

        End of the day; we must take an honnest look.

        If we can beat them in middle, we can win it. We have best attack by far but how many times we Auba scored and his goal was ruined by defense?

        Unfortunatly, unless a CB is available which not seem to be the case; we only have Holding and calamity Luiz

        He hads no choice but to play back 5 which is not really a back 5 but a back 4 with Luiz just above 2CBs; our best option.

        If he goes for back 4 with Luiz in it obviously; we in for a heck of a hell

        1. Mogunna
          I was particularly agreeing about David’s last point which also included his reply to you. My mistake.
          Indeed, opinions fairly expressed are important as we all have different points of view. I’m happy to differ with you regarding Arteta 👍

        2. when I hear people having issues with David Luiz contract being renewed its baffles me because.
          may I remind you that one of the reason Luiz was offered an extension to his contract was because as at the time mari got injured, chambers was out, and so was Tierney if am not mistaken.
          Now tell me how the team was expected to cope with the injuries to the few defenders who were available to the coach as well as the extended season due to the covid-19 pandemic which makes it inevitable that luiz contract should be extended because it was suppose to expire at the end of the season in may.
          luiz contract o me was a smart move by the club because of the scenario as at the time the offer was made.

  2. take a chill pill, it’s a one off game with merits on both sides, in defence and forwards, and I would bet our forwards to score against a worse defence than ours and defend against a worse forward line than city and pool. COYG

  3. We have beaten City and Liverpool and the confidence is oozing for the big matches against the big Clubs. Also added to this is the fact that Arsenal historically have been very good at FA Cup finals, winning 13 out of 21. That said, Arteta will have to go with a game plan to defeat Chelsea and have some plan to stop Pullisic, Giroud and Mount. We have to use the pace of our attackers and full backs to get the better of their defence and keep our defence ready for their high press game. If we play according to a plan and use our strengths accordingly I see a Arsenal win. Up the Gunners!

  4. This is the first chance of a trophy for both managers…. I can’t see either taking it lightly, regardless of what else is on the horizon.
    Come on Arsenal, make us proud!

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