Marseille boss confirms signing of Guendouzi this summer

The young Frenchman Matteo Guendouzi has been a divisive figure during his time at Arsenal, but has proven time and time again that he cannot carry himself with a sense of professionalism, whether it’s on the field, in his fiery interviews, in the dressing room or even through his social media handles.

Yes, he’s a wonderful footballer. Yes, he is still only 22 years of age. Yes, he has been one of the best players for Marseille this season. But do Arsenal want him back? Absolutely not!

The good news is that we bought him very cheaply, and hopefully Mikel Arteta would have put a realistic price on his head when he agreed to send him on loan to Marseille with an option to buy, so we can add to our needed transfer funds this summer.

We already know that Fiorentina are going to make Torreira’s stay permanent, and now the L’OM boss Pablo Longoria has confirmed in an interview with RMC Sport that Guendouzi will sign a 3-year contract in the summer.

Guendouzi was also  included in the programme, and he said about his move to Marseille: “It’s a well-considered choice. There were very good discussions with the president, the coach, people in my family. It’s the best choice I’ve made. done for many years. It started a little before the transfer window. Today, I am very happy and fulfilled here”.

So Arsenal will get another little boost from this sale, and even though we may regret losing him in the future, we can consider that we may have dodged a bullet by getting his attitude out of our dressing room…

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  1. Good luck Matteo. There was never going to be room for both him and Arteta at this club. Shame because he is talented how talented? Not sure but i would have definitely preferred him to stay over certain others. What’s more disappointing is the measly £9M payment when a player of his ability warrants way more. The only way that would have been acceptable is if the deal included add ons raising up to £30M+

      1. Good question but another question should be “who’s fault is it that our players and taken on the cheap? I think the honest ones here knows the answer.

        When you repeatedly tell the public that you don’t value (need) a player, you automatically drop the value of that player.

        Guendouzi is a lot better than some players we bought recently over £35M but don’t be surprised if OM won’t offer more than 10M.

        Now talking about attitude, what bad attitude do Guendouzi really have? Xhaka gets red every game, Gabriel?

          1. @FK
            You have just exposed yourself that you don’t read before commenting or you don’t understand what you read. I only talk to those that are objective in their reasoning.
            By the way, @NY_Gunner have answered you.

          2. Well here they are again, all the Arsenal shareholders and budding accountants, bemoaning Arsenal’s business acumen. Bear in mind that Arsenal are owned by a multi billionaire, who I am sure has more business success in his little toenail than anyone on here, he certainly has more financial interest in the club than anyone else in the world. If he thinks the club can afford to move on a disruptive little brat for a small profit, then that will do for me. £9m in the bank add that to whatever we receive for Torreira and get for Xhaka and AMN and hopefully we can afford a couple of top midfielders may be even 1 world class.

            1. We never received a transfer fee for Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere, Ramsey, Welbeck, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Chambers, Carzola, Elneny, Lacazette, Nketiah, Aubameyang, Mikitaryan, Sokraitis, Willian, Lichsteiner, Luiz, that’s almost a 25 man squad. Bellerin 1 year left on his contract, rejected £18M from Wolves for AMN who also now has 1 year left on his contract, I’m sure I have missed out many more examples but hey great business astuteness right? 👍

        1. It’s both the player and board’s fault.
          The board for allowing players contracts to run down.

          And the players for being sh!t hence why no one is willing to pay a decent fee for them.

      2. Maybe not necessarily now but over the length of his Marseille contract performance related and/or team achievements in Add ons would allow for us to get a lot more than £9M. We bought him for £8M, no way is a £1M profit good business. This mismanagement of our assets has happened way to frequently over the last x amount of years.

  2. Wow, I have never seen such worse business decisions! Wait until in a couple of seasons OM sale him to PSG for 100m. The current management will soon run AFC bankrupt with so many give-aways…..Who makes these decisions???? This is not a matter of whether you are Pro or against Arteta. The decisions to donate and even pay away players are ridiculous; Ozil, Kolacinac, Chambers Auba, the list is endless, based on decisions made on emotions and egoism!! Preposterous!!

    1. The financial and player asset management at Arsenal is abysmal.
      At least Guendouzi will not be sold at a loss or given away and a small profit will result for once.

  3. Good question but another question should be “who’s fault is it that our players and taken on the cheap? I think the honest ones here knows the answer.

    When you repeatedly tell the public that you don’t value (need) a player, you automatically drop the value of that player.

    Guendouzi is a lot better than some players we bought recently over £35M but don’t be surprised if OM won’t offer more than 10M.

    Now talking about attitude, what bad attitude do Guendouzi really have? Xhaka gets red every game, Gabriel?

  4. Not sure MA and Edu would have been giving our players away FOR FREE if Kroenke had not agreed to release reasonable funds. I imagine i was Kroenke. How would I be feeling seeing all the giveaways which could have fetched very significant money. Remember Mavropanos? This is wrong

  5. I think it’s actually based on no other Club wanting to spend greater money on them, the value of anything is only a true value if somebody is willing to pay it

    If we could have got more for Matteo et al I’m sure we would have done, loans keep them out of the way for only so long but at some point you have to let them go and in those circumstances you are on the back foot of any negotiation but the truth is that there are no Clubs out there willing to pay more

    If that changes in the future and Marseille or others benefit financially there’s not much we can do about that, we need them off the salary books and/or out of the way

    Meanwhile the market value of some of the guys we still have and are investing in is going up, probably far more than some of the perceived “losses” and the salaries are more aligned and reasonable

    I think the main thing is that these decisions are based on football rather than finance and I believe that they are

    1. @FingersFurnell
      I partially agree with your assessment but you have to also remember the fact the valuation of any product (in this case footballers) largely depends on how you package and present them. I don’t have anything against any player being sold but let it be at the present market value. MA Arteta is not helping matters in this regard.
      Take for example Aubameyang. Even if he had only 6 months left on his contract, many clubs would have still paid £30M plus and above to get him if the situation was managed properly. But we lose him for free while still paying a big chunk of his salary.

      Mezut Ozil, the same thing. What about AMN? West Brom or one other club would have given a reasonable amount for him in the summer. MA blocked the deal but suddenly sent the guy on loan which I’m sure we’re paying part of his wages. Toreira, Eddie Nketiah, Lacazette, etc.

      Intelligent managers praises their players, polish and increase their market value.

      How many times have we not heard other managers say that their player is a very important member of the team and part of their future plans but that if the right offers come and the player is willing to go, we won’t stand on his way but sells the player the next day?

      That’s how to do business. I think MA really need to learn how to manage situations.

  6. I’m not sure how much packaging comes into it Albright Gooner, players are bought for their performances on the pitch or potential surely

    I agree that Arteta is not a salesman but Clubs don’t often fall for a bit of patois, they need what they need and if a player fits they see what they can do

    I think Auba may have wanted to go to Barca or somewhere similar when he was delaying signing his new contract but they didn’t (nor anybody else I guess) make an offer at that time

    When he had his fall out for whatever the reason was his market value had already dropped because of pitch performances last season, unrecovered this, but I’m sure his Agent busted his balls to get him a much better deal than the one that is reported to have happened, but again I can only guess there were no takers

    I reckon that Torreira was similar to Matteo, Arteta knew pretty much straight away he wasn’t his type of player, both good players but didn’t fit what Arteta wanted, that happens with all Managers

    I believe that Arteta still sees a future at Arsenal for AMN & Eddie and Laca has served him well with no problems but not really the future

    I haven’t got a scoobie about Mezut, a funny old situation that one, who knows who did what or what went on, I’m only guessing with the others obviously but with Ozil I haven’t even got a guess in me!

    I am OK with the approach that if a player doesn’t want to stay don’t stand in their way, a test of that might be Saliba, I would think that he is in Arteta’s plans for the future but the lad himself might want to go, let’s see

    Things happen at all Clubs, Chelsea sold De Bruyne for £18m, Lukaku for £28m and Salah for £40M

    De Bruyne pretty priceless now, Chelsea just bought Lukaku back for best part of £100m and hasn’t really done the business yet and Salah has been one of the best in the World that would have been North of £100M if Liverpool had sold

    But Chelsea have regularly picked up big trophies without them so in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter, it’s only business

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