Martin Keown gives his opinion on the transformation of Arsenal man

Granit Xhaka scored the only goal as Arsenal beat PSV in the Europa League last night to continue his fine resurgence at the club.

After Mikel Arteta switched his role on the field, the midfielder has become one of the standout players in the current Arsenal team.

Xhaka has more attacking freedom now, which has helped him score more goals for the club.

Overall, he is having fun on the pitch. Fans have also taken a liking to him again despite falling out with the Swiss star in 2019.

It is a remarkable career turnaround for the former Borussia Monchengladbach man. 

The former Arsenal man, Martin Keown, has enjoyed the transformation.

After last night’s win, he said via The Daily Mail:

‘In the early days, he used to play box-to-box, but now it seems that it’s best to have one sitting with another flying forward. 

‘We saw tonight he knows exactly when to go forward and gamble a little bit. He’s just waiting for that opportunity. But the quality of the finish was outstanding. I know it’s the first time off his right foot but the technique was really very good on it.

‘He’s going to enjoy that for some time. He’s had a difficult period at the club but he’s well over that now though.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Xhaka is a key player for us and the midfielder has been a blessing since he made a U-turn and decided to stay at the club.

This season, he deserves so much credit for our performance in domestic and European competitions.

If he keeps playing this good, he could lead us to challenge for the Premier League title.

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  1. Granit Xhaka is amazing to watch when he plays,is long passing is crucial to the team and Martinelli has benefitted from hi coz he is almost the first person he pass the ball to him to run at defenders.He is most likely to get a contract extension considering the good relationship he has with Arteta

  2. Definitely one of the most important and influential players on the pitch for us. I was one of the people hoping he would leave Arsenal for years now, and I feel there was plenty of evidence to support my opinion.

    However this year, Xhaka has produced on a level many didn’t think was possible, but a few always thought it was there.

    I’m pleased to have been proven wrong regarding Xhaka, He is definitely a necessity in the starting 11 as we continue to battle for the top 4 and maintain our place at the top of the table.

  3. And concratulatio to Gabriel Magalhaes for the new contract extension I’m hoping him and Gabriel Saliba to have a long stay at Arsenal

  4. Xhaka is the engine room of our team, especially when Partey is there for him. Arsenal medics should study why Xhaka is Barely injured, most reliable Arsenal player.

  5. Xhaka team player traits are second to none his contribution on and off the field is endless agree with Durand above, like all his previous coaches some of us always recognize deep down their was a very good player waiting to explode.

    We always notice majority of the cards he took was always for the team, he is the unofficial captain of the team in every single game but dosen’t seek the credit, if one is a keen observer you will notice Xhaka and Party was mainly responsible for the win against Liverpool.

    My son once told me dad you are the only person that thinks highly of Xhaka, but has he move from strength to strength we wanna wish him well that long will it continues

  6. Xhaka had been a liability and danger to us for over six full years.

    And then, out of the blue , our unfairly maligned but top class manager saw his usefulness further forward and the rest, as they say, is history.

    We now have a totally different class player, though with the same name and face as the old harmful one.

    So is this a miracle then? Or just a stroke of genius by a manager destined to make new history at our club!!

    1. No Jon, certain fans, like yourself, always saw him as a liability.
      MA was questioned when he persuaded Xhaka to stay…. and that was when he was “a liability” as it was claimed game after game.

      Managers like AW, UE, JM and MA were ALWAYS aware of his capabilities, yet a section of our own fans nearly drove him out of the club.

      Let’s start supporting our players and not make scapegoats of any of them… as Gabriel and Tierney are starting to be.

  7. Glad Xhaka stayed with us and thanks to MA for influencing everything around him leading to his current form

    Yes, Xhaka’s had problems in the past. But most of them were sometimes exaggerated or lacked fair balance I’d say.

    May he keep getting better with even with age ….

  8. The reason he’s been better this season is because of better players have been bought in and him having less responsibilities ,he’s still the same player he was last season .
    For me we should still upgrade and the same with Odegaard,then maybe skies the limit

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