Martin Keown mocks Martinez after his own goal

Former Arsenal star Martin Keown has mocked Emi Martinez after he scored an own goal in Arsenal’s 4-2 win against Aston Villa today.

The game seemed to be heading for another Arsenal defeat, but the Gunners came back from 2-1 down to win.

With the match finely poised at 2-2, Jorginho let fly from distance and it cannoned off the woodwork only to hit Martinez and go in to give Arsenal a 3-2 lead.

The Gunners then scored another late goal from a sweet counter-attack and Keown was delighted Martinez conceded that goal.

He said via Standard Sport:

“I thought it was ironic, I seem to have spent a whole hour watching him waste time.

“Look, he was a great player for Arsenal and maybe shouldn’t have gone.

“It’s really ironic that he should waste that amount of time and then it goes in off his head – but that can happen.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Martinez is one of the most annoying goalkeepers out there and has earned a bad reputation among fans in the last few seasons.

He could have been Arsenal’s number one now if he was patient, but we now have Ramsdale, who we can argue is better, even though Martinez has just won the World Cup.

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  1. Sweet Justice given that he spent the whole game time wasting, eventually picking up a yellow card (is this his 5th this season?). Ironic that his time wasting massively contributed to the 6 additional minutes, giving Arsenal the chance to win the game.

  2. Martinez is a most arrogant, unpleasant and horrible man He is also a serial timewaster and should have been booked at least half anhour earlier , more actually, for constant time wasting. He had the nerve, while still at Arsenal, to DEMAND being first choice or he would leave.

    Well he has gone and IMO its good riddance.

    I do not want people with his type of morals( in other words, no morals at all) IN OUR DRESSING ROOM

    1. Strident there Jon. 😊
      None of us would have known his character as he’d never really played prior to Leno’s injury. I thought he did really well at the time. I can only assume that Arteta saw something that we could not. I was rather disappointed by his carrying on at the WC final

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the ball go in off Martinez’s big, dumb, timewasting head. That was amazing.

  4. Am like a lone wolf crying for the recent world cup time wasting added time procedures to be implemented in the premier league.

    This new rule that was introduced by the legendary Pierluigi Collina was a top referee for many years.
    He has seen it fit to introduce this measures for the modern game to maintain its integrity.

    The game between Arsenal and Newcastle was the least attractive game of the season, the ball was only in play for a total of fifty one minutes, it will not before long that we have a repeat if this issue is not addressed.

    1. I agree. The lengthy time added in the World Cup was refreshing. If it was introduced the advantage gained currently by time wasting would be negated and it would swiftly disappear.

  5. It was Martinezes first goal for Arsenal and a well taken one too.
    Still I wish they would not have sold him to AV but kept him at Arsenal as he had done REALY well the last months in Arsenal colors. From the first time I saw him play for Arsenal at a young age I was sure he was our future goalkeeper.

  6. In The NFL (The American rugby game which they think of as football) when the ball goes out off play the clock is stopped and started the moment the ball is back in play as we saw in the World Cup. This means a game can take as much as two hours for the full 90 minutes to be played.

    This extra time is not a problem in America as most fans don’t attend away games as we do in Europe. where a half hour delay can me lost travel connections and may be other problems..

    However I think that the American way is the way to go. I think it should be tried for one season. This would enable the problems for away fans to be seen when a game finishers much later than planned.

    I do believe that the clock should be managed by a time keeper. In today’s modern game the ref’s full concentration is needed in order to control the game. Stopping and starting his watch could easily be done by someone else.

  7. Why not use basketball rules. Ball goes out, stopwatch stops. Ball kicked by GK, stopwatch starts. Game stops at 90 min, not a single second more

    1. Lola you are right, when their is any disturbance stop the watch like subs, gaol kick, waiting for corner, throw ins, injuries etc stop the watch no more min added.

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