Martin Keown shamelessly jumps on the Pochettino bandwagon

Martin Keown urges the Gunners to consider naming Mauricio Pochettino as Unai Emery’s replacement.

Arsenal’s search for a new manager should not exclude the fired Tottenham manager according to the former Arsenal defender.

Pochettino has just been relieved of his duties by that lot after a poor start to their season.

The Argentine didn’t deliver a single trophy for the Lilywhites, however, he guided them to four consecutive top-four finishes while Arsenal hasn’t finished inside the top four since 2016.

The Gunners have been linked with moves for several managers recently as Emery continues to struggle to motivate his team to wins.

Arsenal is currently sixth on the league table, eight points away from the top four and Keown believes they would be doing better if they appoint Poch as their new manager.

He told the Daily Mail: “There’s no need to panic at Arsenal but we are getting close to panic.

“We’re not having the best of seasons. The powers that be at the top of the club should be seriously considering Pochettino.

“I have a lot of admiration for what he did at Tottenham, the way he nurtured those young players and he didn’t spend a great deal of money. I don’t think Tottenham spent enough.”

I am getting the feeling that I am in a minority here. I just do not get this clamour for Pochettino to be named Emery’s replacement.

This is not a Sol Campbell 2.0. Spurs wanted desperate to keep him. They threw Pochettino into the trash can and for good reason.


  1. It would be kind of funny if we got Ponchetto and finished above Spurs and Moorings. But highly unlikely we’d get him

  2. If an opinion does not go well with you, its not enough for you to throw tantrums at an ex pro and a Legend for dat matter, by calling tagging his opinion “shameless”

      1. Its Tottenham loss that they threw away Pochetino. Tottenham has restricted their wage bill creating dissatisfaction among players. Several of tottenham players has raised this issue publicly and they have contract issue with many players. Its not coach responsibility to get money out of his own pocket and give players what they deserve. Its totally the failure of tottenham board not to keep their players happy and motivated. Despite all this tottenham has finished above Arsenal in recent yrs. Not only this, they have collected more points against the big six than Arsenal. Pochetino changed premier league from big four to big six.tottenham board has only added their misery by sacking pochetino. No managers can turn things around if his players don’t want to play. N how silly is tottenham board to expect for trophy when other team are spending millions n millions more just by changing manager. Its almost same thing like assessing Eddie Howe by no of trophy he won. So, there is no harm in getting Pochetino. I m sure we r not going to get worse by any mean.

        1. 25 points in 24 games and that is Tottenham’s loss? I suppose you want Emery gone even though he has a far better record in that period.

          1. N tottenham is still playing champions league in this period. N as I ve mentioned, no manager can turn things around if his players don’t want to play. If tottenham don’t increase their wage structure or change their existing players it seems difficult for them to get any better. But we can expect they will spend lot of money with Morinho incharge.

    1. What I noticed is that an Ex player’s opinion is gospel only if it conforms or comfirms ones opinion or bias.

      That players and legendary status and knowledge is attacked if he ever opposes my other opinions and beliefs.

      On one topic i will quote or cite his opinion to support my opinion while oon the next topic i will attack him if he disagrees with me.

      Funny confirmation bias. Innit?
      Lol 😆

  3. Emery also nurtures Arsenal’s youngsters. Unfortunately he can’t maximize the usage of their energy and hunger yet

    Pochettino struggled because Tottenham didn’t spend enough and it’s not going to be different for Emery’s replacement, unless we can sell the fringe players in January. Because we have spent a lot of money for player transfers in the last summer

    But Keown should have mentioned Ljungberg as the best option, instead of proposing an outsider who knows nothing about our internal problems

    1. gotanidea, one doesn’t have to be le prof to understand our internal problems.

      It seems everyone knows what’s going on at our club and everyone knows how to fix it!!!

      Let’s remember that mourinho was desperate to get back into football and was looking for a club desperate enough to take him.

      spuds have got as many problems as we have on the field: Players contracts coming to an end (four I believe), rose insisting he will see his contract out and go for free, results worse than we have and NOW a manager who, it seems, has less man-management skills than our own UE!!!

      I guess the reported £15,000,000 a year salary helped him make up his mind though, plus the three (?) year contract negotiated.
      Just think…that’s the reported salaries of AW and UE put together, he’s already bleeding their club dry!!!!

      1. By the way gotanidea, do you think building the new stadium might have had something to do with them not spending enough?
        We are still paying back £15,000,000 a year in interest, heaven knows what they will be having to cough up.

        Also, if UE’s replacement is given the same transfer kitty as UE had, he will only have £220,000,000 to spend in the summer transfer window – Leicester, wolves, Sheffield Utd etc won’t be able to compete with us!!!!

        After selling 21 “fringe players” and reducing the wage bill drastically in the process, how many more do you think we have to sell in order to buy “better” players, on top of the £220,000,000 plus?

  4. Arteta in….He will play pressing and one-touch attacking football. He will give us our Arsenal back. I have watched how Guardiola always give him a handshake most times there is a tactical change and Man City scores a goal. Arteta knows something about football.

  5. I don’t get it either, really poor choice he’d be. Himself and Klopp, Liv and Tott, had a huge slice of luck with the happenings going on around Arsenal, if it wasn’t for those happenings then the table would’ve looked very different such was Arsene’s reliability. Maybe Poch needed more luck to get him his first trophy and they’d have believed more in their ability to be the best when it counts most, but they wouldn’t have got rid then.

    This would not sit well with me, the way Arsene was treated, only for us to then go for a younger manager who has at best – guided his team to CL/top4 and has nurtured young players. Arsene must be laughing when he recognises some of Twitters usernames.

    1. You know my position on Pochettino Declan and I think it is shameful that anyone would want him at Arsenal. But I extend this invitation to you and anyone that disagrees with my position, send me an article to with why we should employ a Spurs reject and I will stick it up.

  6. The bias just makes me wonder.

    You know, i am convinced that if a younger manager like Pochettino could kick Wenger’s Arsenal off the top4 for FOUR whole seasons, then he REALLY does know something which Wenger DID’NT. Pochettino deserves a look-in.

    1. Point me to where any Arsenal manager over the last 20-30 years amassed 24 points in 25 games and I will concede that Pochettino is a genius.

      1. And Emery’s won Europa leagues yet he’s turning out to be a disaster. More has to be looked at then just their trophy haul. If Bayern, or some other club gets him, and he does well, just dont complain. Keown has simply said Arsenal should CONSIDER Poch. And I don’t see why that is a shameless opinion. He has guided an underfunded team to a UCL final, and in terms of recent finishes has outperformed us. His bustups with Levy and frustrations with the club are well known. Spurs’ performance drop is not all down to Pochettino suddenly being bad and you know that.

        1. Then who is it down to? It seems it is all down to Emery at Arsenal but Poch gets a pass. I do speak to Spurs fans like e all do, they are our neighbours and family members, unfortunately, and trust me, they have been bitching like hell over some of his tactics formations, exactly how we ave been doing. To lose a dressing room so fast and fr performances to drop so fast is hardly a good advertisement. But that said, I simply do not want a manager fired by Tottenham to manage us and I am shocked that I am in a minority. Which I freely admit.

    2. Tam, so would I like to know of a younger manager that actually DID kick AW’s Arsenal of the top four for four whole seasons…can you name him for me? THERE ISN’T ONE!!!!

      In the case of poch, he kicked AW’s team of the top four for two seasons, while winning absolutely nothing, while AW’s Arsenal won three fa cup finals.

      Yea, poch deserves a look in – at our trophy cabinet under AW.

  7. Pochetino spent 5years in Tottenham and what did he win? Nothing! Emery is a proven winner. Let’s give him time to create his own winning philosophy. Mourinho may never make it with Tottenham. Klop has spent many years building a great team in Liverpool. Time is required to build anything that will last.

    1. after 18 months on the job.a manager still doesnt know his starting eleven.we have been patient with emery.emery should go

  8. Ken, I suppose Mourinho had a £15 million reason to change his opinion.
    Imagine if the additional money to pay out Ponchettino and his staff and engage Mourinho had been spent by Levy in upgrading the contracts of the “want away” players? They might not have performed so poorly.

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