Martin Odegaard confirmed at last (plus shirt number) – Picture

So, at last the Arsenal have officially confirmed that they have secured the loan of the Norwegian international Martin Odegaard from Real Madrid until the end of the season.

So it looks like we wll not be getting a new permanent attacking midfielder in this transfer window, and Odegaard could be a perfect back up to Emile Smith-Rowe for the next five months.

Mikel Arteta said today on “It’s great that we’ve secured Martin to come to us until the end of the season. Martin is of course a player that we all know very well and although still young, he has been playing at the top level for a while. Martin will provide us with quality offensive options and we’re all excited to be integrating him into our plans between now and May.”

This is how Arsenal described Odegaard’s career so far….

The attacking midfielder started his career in Norway with Stromsgodset, where he made his debut as a 15-year-old in April 2014, becoming the youngest-ever player to feature in the top division. After featuring regularly in the Stromsgodset team in his first season, Odegaard was signed by Real Madrid in January 2015 and subsequently became their youngest player in May 2015.

In the three seasons from 2017/18, Martin spent loan spells with Heerenveen and Vitesse Arnhem in the Netherlands and then last season back in Spain with Real Sociedad, where he helped the club reach the final of the Copa Del Rey and also qualify for the Europa League.

The 22-year-old has also made 25 appearances for Norway, making his debut in August 2014 when he became the youngest debutant for his country’s senior national team at the age of just 15 years and 253 days.

Welcome to Arsenal, Martin!


  1. Welcome to the best club in London MØ.
    Sharp left foot and great vision.. Hopefully he integrates perfectly and we make use of our good relationship with Madrid to secure him permanently.

    1. Yeah hopefully, my concern is that we don’t have an “option to buy” clause. If he does well and RM don’t want him they’ll just sell him to the highest bidder.

      I know someone of here that will love to talk about the benefit of the left foot and how it makes the pivot possible 🙂

      1. Lol MØ won’t be needed in any pivot, we’ll see him rotate more with Smith Rowe..
        He might even play on Saturday, because he’s been at the club’s training ground since on Sunday.
        I think it depends on how the United game goes

      2. Not necessary! If the player wants to come permantly at the end of the season then we have to cough up the money to prize him away. Pretty Simple. The fact he chose Arsenal because of Arteta speaks volumes of the managers plan.

        The Cabellos situation didnt effect RealMadrid or Odegaard himself to come to Arsenal so that’s a massive positive.

        Welcome to the team young man

        1. Lol!, It does not speak volumes about the Arsenal avg manager. He wanted to join Arsenal because to prove him self in EPL which will probably help him secure a move to bigger EPL club if the need ever rises. Madrid were reluctant not to send him back to real sociedad so that only left Arsenal in race with Licester pulling out. He is in Madrid long term plan as he is gifted n young, they will never sell him to Arsenal n even they do Arsenal will never pay the price tag they will slap on him. You guys are living in cucu world one thinks we are best club in London and other thinks we got the player because of our mediocre manager who has no reputation. What a joke!!!

          1. Your anti Arsenal narrative is such a nails on the
            Chalkboard broken record.

            You and the Troll crew really make this board
            unreadable at times, polluting seemingly ever
            honest thread with a scathing indictment against the
            club, players or MA.

            If AFC win the EL or finish in the Top 4 I bet you’ll
            find something to complain about.


          2. This man is one truckload of negativity, I’ve always read his comments and most of it if not all is never anything positive. Always negative, and looking for the worst. Maybe we need to employ interpol to confirm maybe he’s an Arsenal fan or

          3. @Moshen
            You are the type that we kept warning about. The likes that started following Arsenal because Ozil joined.
            Pure player based nomads. 😊

          4. Mohsan as an example, the majority of Americans didn’t want Trump to be president yet they didn’t cease to be Americans nor did they fled the country. They didn’t stop enjoying life or getting on with their daily lives either.

            Different managers will get a chance to work for Arsenal and it’s normal to be liked or disliked. It’s not a problem for you to dislike Mikel but it shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying the club you support. Mikel is not Arsenal and neither did Mesut.

            I liked Mikel as a player from Everton to Arsenal. I still liked him when he was appointed to manage but after the mistreatment of Mesut and other players I can’t say I like him anymore. Still he has my 110% support. I want him to win everything. The league, the cups, CL because when he wins it’s Arsenal winning and not Mikel.

            Don’t let things you cannot control dictate your happiness. Are you going to be grumpy for the duration of Mikel Arsenal career? He is a long term project so its going to be a while.

            Mikel doesn’t know about you and your bitterness and grumblings does not affect his happiness or his job. It affects you.

            When you have reached a stage of wanting the team to lose because you hate the manager it is a time to reflect. Just a bit of advice from brother to brother.

          5. who is this Mohsan troy
            The whole of this window it’s only for permanent deals that have been done in the whole of EPL and arsenal took one slot…
            Do you even understand the current state of the world and the effect of this pandemic…
            After writing so much crap you wrote what a joke i am glad you understand that all you wrote is complete joke

          6. Mohsan, in his interviews Martin Odegaard has stated that he was a boyhood admirer of Arsenal and reiterated how big the EPL is in Norway.
            If he wants to stay at Arsenal should he have a successful loan spell, the Club may be able to buy him from Real Madrid. The impact of falling revenues due to Covid19 on all clubs, including Real Madrid should not be discounted.

  2. Let’s hope he hits the ground running, looks like a quality player!

    Too many of our short term loans in recent history have just sat bench because they aren’t “ready” to start….if they aren’t ready to start then don’t do a short term loan.

    1. Mikel was saying that he wouldn’t overplay the youngsters, so I would assume this is to provide some clearly required rotation. I’ve never seen or heard of this guy before this transfer window so don’t know his worth as a player, but from what I’ve read he’s quite versaltile and could fit anywhere in the attacking midfield positions.

  3. If we buy that jersey, can we return it after the season once he’s back in Madrid?

    So he either underwhelms and we won’t want to make his delta permanent or he’s fantastic and Madrid will want him back. Meanwhile ESR is taking the next step beautifully..I’m all for competition but I’ve yet to see a loan pan out for us..

  4. In Vitesse 18-19, he scored 11 and assisted 12. Of those goals, he scored 8 outside the box and assisted 8 from corners and free kicks.

    In Sociedad 19-20, he scored 7 and assisted 9. Of those, 4 goals were outside the box and 3 assists from corners/free kicks.

    I think we have a long shooter / dead ball specialist here!

    1. We have long shooters already. Granit probably had the most powerful shot in the league but the way we play doesn’t give too many chances for our players to have a go.

      1. Xhakas shooting is very erratic. Powerful yes but not that profilic. I disagree, we don’t have distance shooters.

      2. If you all remember, when Xhaka first came to Arsenal he scored a couple of long range screamers, then Arsene Wenger curtailed his shooting from outside the box. It would be good for the team, if Arteta allowed Xhaka to practice at training and shoot more in games.

  5. I wonder who gets ejected from the first team squad to allow him to play as we are now one player past our quota of non- English players!?

    1. Likely Runarsson.

      Kolasinac and Runarsson out.

      Ryan and Ödegaard in.

      We don’t really have to even register Runarsson..

  6. Welcome MØ11! Some great business done this window so far. A few of the younger lads sent out on loan would complete an excellent January for me.

    1. Completely agree Sean. Personally I would love to
      see the following business conducted in the final
      days of the window.

      EN and RN loaned out to Championship sides

      Either Mustafi’ or CC need to be moved on, via loan
      sale or in the Germans case possibly tearing up his
      contract. I can’t see MA carrying six CB’s the 2nd
      half of the season.

      Balogun signing a long term deal & the club.

      An experienced LB either brought in on loan or
      purchased for the right price. Jordan Amavi,
      Patrick van Aanholt, Jetro Wilhelms, Junior Firpo,
      Fazou Ghoulam, and Danny Rose could all be
      available for a pretty penny and could adequately
      deputize when called upon.

    1. Please please this is one thing we don’t need.
      If you don’t know anything or the real truth please say nothing… And if you do know something, say nothing.
      Please respect his privacy just like the club has done

        1. Sue he has released a statement.. It’s his mom’s health.
          Danny I hope you see why you can’t be spreading false rumours about?
          Imagine everyone of us fans take your statement and blow it.
          Talk about him cheating on his wife when it has nothing to even do with his wife at all.

          1. Stop being a drama queen Eddie was just relaying info that I had seen I’m pleased it’s not true and hope his mum makes a full recovery!!

          2. Exactly my point Danny, it’s a rumoryou read you only passed on.
            Isn’t it better we don’t even spread rumours at all when we don’t even half of it? Especially when it’s family related

          3. Eddie, I saw the same statement from Aubameyang and his mother’s health is now on the improve, such that he is returning to the Club.
            I support your comment relating to the promoting of unfounded rumours relating to player’s personal lives.

  7. I’ve been shown written articles on the rumours and if it is true then no doubt will be all over the press at some point so best wait and see what happens!!

  8. I think if Odegaard hits the ground running and becomes a fixture in the team, the chances are Real Madrid will keep him. That’s why Arteta will sign Emi Buendia if Odegaard goes back to RM. So it’s all good. Having a young team growing together is a dream. I would love to see Gabriel Martinelli and Folarin Balogan play together. Maybe in the Europa Cup.

    1. As mentioned in a previous post RM might be
      gearing up for a busy summer of Galacticigos type
      signings. Kane, Mbappe, Mane etc have been
      rumored targets. If the La Liga heavyweights do
      decide to spend heavily than a purging of the current
      roster, both young and old must be considered. I
      personally see the talented Norwegian, much like
      DC falling into the younger category of players that
      may have to be sacrificed.

      If MO impresses over the next few months, RM will
      have a tough decision on there hands and AFC may
      just be the long term benefactor.

      1. ACE

        I don’t think so. Kane? Mbappe? You have certainly got a good imagination. Stay in the here and now. We have enough good youngsters without resorting to dreams.

        1. Ace
          I doubt if RM will have the money for any of those players. I think RM are doing all right now, but if Odegaard really does well, they will keep him. We will be lucky to spend on one or two half decent players.

          1. Sean, I agree with ACE that Real Madrid may sell players such as Martin Odegaard, to buy ready made stars.
            One should not under estimate the financial impact of Covid19 on the incomes of all sporting clubs, including Real Madrid.
            Let’s hope it works out successfully for both Odegaard and Arsenal.

  9. I hope Odegaard can be in a team vs MU, and come from a bench in second half to replace Smith Rowe.. However, he will not begin play as a starter, he has to adapt first with the style..

  10. OT On TalkSport this morning it was seriously mentioned that Barcelona , no less, are in serious financial trouble and could even go under!
    I know some disregard Talk Sport as a joke but as a regular listener to the White and Jordan show at 10am, which is several cuts above all the other TS progs, I know that they talk sense. So who knows !

    1. 👍 They won’t be the last. No one is too big to fail.
      jon, “the Bank of England Club” had to get a £140 million loan from the Bank of England for operating expenses. A good thing that interest rates are low, but not every club has the collateral to gain a loan.

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