Martin Odegaard should be next in line for Arsenal captaincy

Odegaard can become the next Arsenal captain

Many Arsenal fans believe that Keiran Tierney becoming the captain of the Gunners is not a matter of “if” but “when.”

The Scotsman has been hailed for his never-say-die spirit and many supporters want to see the famous armband around the biceps of the 24-year-old.

However, underestimating the leadership qualities of other squad members, especially Martin Ødegaard, would be short-sighted.

The Norwegian was appointed the captain of his national team earlier this year, at the age of just 22.

Having said that, it is the latest development that has caught the eyes of many. Majority of people in the football industry and within the Norway national team setup believe that the squad has underperformed in big matches in the past few years.

Especially with the talented squad that is at disposal. The Nordic country boasts several players who have experience of playing in one of the best leagues in the world such as Erling Haaland, Sander Berge, Alexander Sørloth, Mohamed Elyounoussi, Joshua King and Odegaard himself.

But the former Real Madrid man has been far from happy with their performances of his team against Europe’s big boys. Speaking to Norway’s TV 2 Sporten (transcribed by the Metro), the Arsenal number eight said, “We have played many big matches in recent years but have not managed to solve it optimally all the time. We thought it was good to have a chat about how we avoid making new mistakes.”

Odegaard was the front face in a meeting that was held recently in the Norway camp

The young midfielder continued, “We have played many important matches where we have subsequently come and said that we should do this and that. This time we thought it was okay that we got to air everything in advance. It was not something revolutionary, we really just had a chat.

“It was really about what has happened over several years. At least since I joined the national team, we have not been quite where we should be during big matches. I feel the response after the chat was very good.”

Arsenal spending £30m for Odegaard was already being hailed as a coup due to the potential talent that the Norwegian possesses. However, the board at London Colney will be even more impressed with how the attacking midfielder is developing as a leader, both on and off the pitch.

And that is something the current North London outfit are in short numbers. There is no question that it would benefit the young squad that Mikel Arteta has at his hands.

And who knows that within a few years, Odegaard is the one, leading the Arsenal team for their escapades.

Yash Bisht

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  1. It’s Holding to me, because he can see the games better as the last CB, he’s English and he’s been playing for Arsenal since 2016

    1. We need someone that will be starting most games though. I’m not sure if he will be a regular starter if White and Gabriel are fit, also Saliba may return within the next year.

        1. I do like Holding though, he seems to be the only one in the team that gets vocal sometimes. Nice to see because our players are dead silent on the pitch.

        2. gai, Yes he(White) would ,which jettisons your not too bright idea of Holding as a leader or captain as unrealistic. As such, I reject all unrelistic arguments, far preferring realities.

    2. @Gai I agree with you absolutely 👌

      Assuming Elneny performances was assuring and not on several loans would have chose him after holding.

  2. Ideally the team Captain should be a nailed on starter,and ,with respect , while I like Holding for his determination ,attitude and aerial domination, will he ever be an automatic choice? Odegaard seems to relish the additional responsibility of captaincy for Norway, but he too, is not a permanent first choice for Arsenal in my opinion ,which leaves Tierney .

      1. I really think you are going over the top as far as Tierney’s injury record is concerned particularly as we now have an able deputy at LB who can step in to prevent burnout.I am sure Arteta, having spent money on Tavares, will not overplay Tierney this season.

        1. Number of games missed per injury:

          16/17 Ruptured ankle ligament, 85 days 15 games
          17/18 Calf injury, 22 days 3 games
          18/19 Hip Injury 77 days 17 games
          18/19 Cals Sclerosis 5 days 2 games
          18/19 Hip Injury 13 days 2 games
          18/19 Groin Surgery 33 days 3 games
          19/20 Hip Injury 93 days 13 games (for Celtic and Arsenal)
          19/20 Shoulder Injury 96 days 19 games
          20/21 Groin Injury, 14 days 2 games
          20/21 Knock 3 days 1 game
          20/21 Knee Injury, 28 days 6 games

          83 games missed since the 16/17 season

          Nearly 17 games per season ,so no I don’t think he is going over the top at all ,it’s quite concerning .hopefully Tavares carries is good start at the club and pushes the lB spot for himself and not just cover as Edu put it .
          We cannot rely on injury prone players as seen over the years .

  3. Holding is not 1st team material & we all know it. 4get he’s English, he shouldn’t be in the team while we loan out William Saliba. One of the reasons Arteta’s a rookie. Odegaard will make a good captain, but country divide may relegate him 2 become a vice captain in future.

    1. If Granit Xhaka gets pushed forward for being captain of Switzerland, why shouldn’t Martin Odegaard as captain of Norway. Now that Odegaard is settled at Arsenal expect his career to flourish.

  4. We gave it to Auba and Xhaka and seem to fail. Lacazette seems a good choice but he is leaving. Holding would be great but as discussed here he would likely not be a starter. Tierney may be a good candidate but he is frankly injury prone and needs to prove his leadership qualities before assuming captaincy. I think I can remember only the Tottenham game last season where he showed significant leadership. I agree Ode might be a good choice, but then again some question marks do remain on him. He left Madrid when he had a chance to fight for first team minutes and we can argue had a step down in career. Maybe questions over his ambition. I too agree with TRVL’s suggestion made a few articles back that giving it to ESR would also be a viable choice. Or if we need a CB as captain hopefully Rolls Royce would be ready by next season to assume that role.

  5. Some former arsenal captains:

    Xhaka – cursed the fans

    Van Persie – went to a direct rival

    Gallas – sat on the pitch after a poor match

    Koscielny – threw up a fuss and for ed a move away

    Vermaelen – always injured

    Fabregas – left for Barcelona and then to Chelsea

    Aubameyang – late comer and non-leader

    Take that armband far from me. It’s cursed. Cursed. Cursed. Cursed

    Arteta – back to destroy the club

  6. I think the armband should be given to players we want to sell or cast away. My pick would be Kolasinac or Cedric. Nketiah will also do

    1. nice dgr8xt…as a Bizarro World homage to the time period when our troubles actually began, we could deploy the latter years Wengerian captaincy model

  7. At the moment there are issues with any player being given the captaincy. However by this time next year a lot of the transitional phase of club development will be over, and I think Odegaard has an excellent chance of emerging as a good captain by then.

  8. I wouldn’t make any changes now unless Aubamayang doesn’t want it. Detracts attention from more important issues imo. For the first time in awhile it feels like there will be multiple candidates in a year or two’s time – Odegaard, Partey, Lokonga, White and Tierney, maybe even Ramsdale.

  9. We have a far greater problem at our hand than who should be a captain. Arteta can give it to anyone or everyone even Edu. All I want to see is good performance accompanying with 3 points and Norwich to relieve us of the load on our head by Saturday evening

    1. My advice is never take up chess or financial trading.

      On both those matters you need to be able to see far further than the mere one move ahead your post shows you only capable of seeing.

  10. For what reason should Odergaard be offered the captains armband? Firstly he has just joined Arsenal after a less than exciting loan spell and second, he is not even properly out of the box for Arsenal, lets let him play first. The problem is Arsenal hasn’t got a decent captain type player at the club at the moment. Auba wont have it taken off him while he is at Arsenal.

    1. so true Reggie, I accidentally posted the following in another article about Ode:
      (I apologize if you read this twice)

      so let me get this straight, according to the infinite wisdom of some, our most logical choice for Captain should be a player who only came to our club because we required no financial assistance, when it came to his full wage, unlike his previous loan, we gave him contractual assurances regarding playing time and positional preference and we were willing to do so with no “option to buy” clause…during his time here he had 3 performances of any note, missed 4 games due to injury and was blatantly clear about his deep desire to return to Madrid…the fact that the narrative surrounding his “desires” changed drastically when he quickly realized that he was an afterthought to Real’s afterthoughts, shouldn’t be forgotten by those within the fanbase who’re so thirsty for anyone with some sort of name recognition to don the kit that they’re willing to completely disregard/ignore these facts

      now this isn’t to suggest that he’s devoid of skills, as that isn’t the case, or that he doesn’t have the requisite characteristics to justifiably wear the armband at some future date, but to do so now, after his cup of coffee stay, would make no sense whatsoever…not to mention, at this time when our mettle is being tested, would it really make sense to have someone who doesn’t like to stick their foot in wearing the armband…no thanks, at least not for the here and now

      1. TRVL4e and Reggie, please pray tell what was Martin Odegaard supposed to do to pursue a footballing career? Sit on the bench at Real Madrid, without the opportunity to show his wares? Go on another loan? Just play internationals for Norway?
        How about we give him a full season under the marvellous hierarchy at Arsenal to see how he progresses?

        1. OG…this wasn’t so much an indebtment on his decision to come here or his footballing skills, as I remarked in my post, but more about why it wouldn’t make sense at this juncture for him to be awarded the armband…seems like you might have only read the first half of my statement

  11. Has everyone forgot that someone has his head shoved up Xhaka’s bottom?

    As long as GX stays with Arteta… no point talking about another Captain.🤬☹

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