Martinelli and Lacazette are awesome – How can Auba get back in the Arsenal team?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has now missed our last two Arsenal games after his “breach of discipline”, and one has to say that the team has has played brilliantly without our former top scorer and scored five goals without reply.

The win against West Ham last night was particularly special, and has put us up in the Top Four at last, but who came in to take Aubameyang’s place? Lacazette was the new captain, and Mikel Arteta gave him special praise after the game. The boss told “Well he’s the next in line [for the armband] and he’s taken it the way everybody saw today – with such a pride and commitment, and I’m really happy with the way he played.”

And did he think Lacazette is relishing the captaincy role? “Absolutely – but Laca has always been like that in the dressing room. You see the way he acts with the young players, how willing he is to help. It’s in his nature. He’s not a selfish player. He’s happy when he makes the rest better, and he’s like that in the dressing room as well.”

So, if Laca is now the confirmed new captain, surely he should now be starting most games?

And the young Martinelli was brought in as well to give Arteta even more selection headaches. The Brazilian scored another brilliant goal, and Arteta was asked if it was his best game yet for the Gunners. “Well certainly it was one of the best in every aspect of the game. He was cramping again and he needs to mature in that sense but his overall understanding of the game is getting much better. He’s able to put some gears into his play. Sometimes he’s still doing everything at 100 miles per hour but the energy and quality he shows at times is top.”

Gabi is going to be very hard to drop now that he is fully fit and firing on all cylinders.

Even Smith-Rowe, who started on the bench, managed to come on and dazzle us with the decisive second goal to put the game to bed. He is now our clear top scorer, and with both Lacazette and Odegaard also climbing the scoring charts, and with Saka undroppable, I am failing to see how Arteta can even justify putting Aubameyang back into the starting line up, unless we get a glut of injuries at the same time.

Do you think that Aubameyang is now set for an extended period sitting on the bench? Could he become a supersub?

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  1. Its the high pressing game that makes the opposition to rush kicks and passes hence handing the possession back. This is what the front 3 did very well yesterday.
    compare with other games that we did not press, we lost.

  2. Being out of Europe and lack of injuries is creating a 14 man squad.
    Our striker situation remains fragile with ESR and Odegaard covering the cracks.
    With Auba I believe Arteta will want to avoid another Ozil situation by freezing out a 300k p/w player who then leaves on a free.
    Maybe he will miss the Afcons to show club committment?
    Another suffering because of no European football is 72mill Pepe. May be we are mothballing him because Newcastle are readying a 50 mill bid for him in Jan ? 🙂 Nketiah getting minutes over him seems a little strange. Lacazette is getting a positive rap after the win v Westham but he missed a penalty.
    Will the Sunderland game see Pepe Nketiah and Balogun get minutes?
    Does any one else think Covid may see the return of empty stadiums and a forced winter break?

    1. Seriously you mean he should miss the AFCON and what on earth you make him do that…….. That your club is more Important than his country? Would you make that statement if it was an English player missing the Euros for the three lions just to show commitment to Arsenal?

      1. Greenwood ruled himself out for England until after the New Year to focus on his performance at club level. It’s not uncommon for a player to rule themselves out for national selection. It being a chance to win silverware is why he probably will choose not to.

  3. Aubamayeng needs to go. I’ve been saying this for a long time. He doesn’t respect the Club and the fans, instead he’s playing politics with people in the fan base who he knows is a bit of influence. But those people are losing their influence a certain Kelechi from AFTV is trying very hard to protect Auba, and even he will be losing his popularity now.

  4. I don’t think Aubameyang can rediscover his motivation, after his captaincy removal was publicly announced. If the amount of money and support he’s been receiving since two years ago aren’t enough to improve his performance, let alone the announcement

    However, the incident seemed to be a great shock therapy for his teammates. I have never seen Lacazette do the high press as intense as he did against West Ham’s defense

    We can only hope Aubameyang get another chance to redeem himself, because we still need his aerial ability and pace in some games

        1. Yes, he did won some area ability this season. But those have not really led to goals. I guess Arsenal are not tough with high earners who are not performing. Ozil experience have made the board and Arteta tough. And you can’t blame Auba employers.

  5. Aubameyang has lost his pace and has been trying to sabotage Arteta for a few games consistently. The way he has gone missing in big games is unbelievable,as, Arsenal looked like, they were down to ten men every time he played. Aubameyang performances for the team outside from scoring goals are zero. As long Martinelli keeps performing, Aubameyang should be kept out of the starting line-up. It would surely be better for Arsenal to sell Aubameyang in the January transfer window and buy Alexander Isak (Vlahovic is not interested in playing for Arsenal).

  6. I have one question ,why did it take a disciplinary issue for Auba to be benched?based purely on form,this should have happened a while back.also,MA shouldn’t get credit for selecting both players,had it not been for Auba being dropped, he would have started last night game.once again,due to circumstances out of his control,MA was forced to make positive changes (like in the NLD or Chelsea last season),must be beginner’s luck!!

  7. It is irony that while most Of us Arsenal fans were upset that we were not buying expensive players, in the last 3-4 years most of the experienced /expensive/high salary players have failed and it is the cheaper or academy players who have delivered the most. Time for Arsenal to put a salary cap?

  8. Don’t see how anyone gets in other than as a sub.

    Only a fool would sit Saka or Martinelli; they are clearly the drivers up front, and delivering.

    ESR showed why he deserves to play as well. Personally I would have Laca up top, Martinelli and Saka on the wings, and ESR behind as a 10.

    If someone has to sit, it has to be Odegaard. Only other thing I can think of is Dropping Odegaard back and sitting Xhaka, or making Odegaard part of a 4-3-3 midfield.

    Ramsdale, Tomi, Gabriel, and White are un-droppable on current form, and Tierney is finding form after his assist recently, but he starts for me because he is a better defender than Tavares and has more experience.

    I know some will complain, but the team is showing they can perform without Xhaka (10 games is no small sample size) in the midfield, and that Auba was not missed in the last match.

    Having a selection headache is great for the fans, but it’s up to Arteta to read the tea leaves and make the best selections.

  9. I will still credit MA for the decision. Dropping a well proven striker and captain is not an easy task. It is a decision that can make or unmake your team and it takes courage or patience to cross that bridge.
    MA chose patience and it is working for him now although that wouldn’t have been my choice.
    However, better late than never.

    1. So you really believe that ,had Auba been available for selection against WH,MA wouldn’t have started him?I somehow doubt it.

  10. I find it very difficult to see how Auba will get back into the team with the current form of Laca and Martinelli. Since day one, I have been a proponent of Laca getting a contract extension. He brings so much to the game, his high press, link up play and general leadership abilities are very good traits. Also the youngsters look upto him and I just hope the Club gives him an extension, I am sure he would love to stay with Arsenal. As for Martinelli, the lad keeps improving with every game and the sky is the limit for his talent. Auba can be tried out as a super sub or in the Cup games. Most likely Arsenal will try to sell him in January.

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