Martinelli claimed to become ‘world class 100%’ by experienced team-mate

Bernd Leno has insisted that Arsenal wonderkid Gabriel Martinelli will become ‘world-class’, revealing his rare leadership qualities at such a young age.

The German goalkeeper was featured on Soccer AM this weekend and has asserted that team-mate Gabriel Martinelli will make it to the top of the game, before revealing that he has strong leadership qualities despite his young age.

The Brazilian has been a rare positive note amongst our lacklustre season, along with fellow breakthrough youngster Bukayo Saka, but Martinelli is the one to catch the most attention.

Leno has revealed what sets him apart from his rivals as the next generation all bid to become the best in years to come.

“He can become a world class player,” Leno stated.

“World class 100 per cent because he has talent, he has quality. But I think his biggest strength is his mentality. He is working unbelievably [hard].

“I remember in our bad time when we struggled a lot, he was working so hard, he was one of the leaders and at 18 years-old he came from nowhere, nobody knew him before and to play like this, to behave like this is very good to see.

“I think if he keeps going like this he will be an unbelievable player.”

You wouldn’t expect the younger players to be the ones demanding and pushing the rest of the squad in times of hardship, but it shows an immense amount of character for somebody so young to be showing such qualities, and you can’t help but thing it shows a level of hunger that our side has lacked in recent years.

The Brazilian has already insisted that he wants to become an Arsenal legend in the coming years, and he may well prove to be just that.

Can Arsenal match the ambition of Martinelli? Can we build the team around the Brazilian and climb the table once again?


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