Martinelli is not first choice to be Arsenal’s striker tonight

With Lacazette still out injured, and Aubameyang forced to play as central striker in every game, all Arsenal fans fully expected that Unai Emery would give our top scorer a day off and play with Martinelli in the centre-forward role against Standard Liege this evening.

He may still get the nod tonight, but speaking to HITC yesterday, Emery seemed unsure about playing Martinelli down the middle and even said it was not the best position for the talented young Brazilian. “Martinelli, we are using him in training, we used against Nottingham Forest as a striker – it is not the best position for him but he played well and he played some times there in Brazil but he can play right or left,” Emery said.

And as for tonight’s game, Emery also admitted he was considering other options. “Maybe, Reiss Nelson can play as a striker in one moment but in the beginning, I am thinking about Aubameyang and I am not sure [if he will play] and the second option is Martinelli.”

We al know that the Europa League is one of Emery’s main objectives, especially after losing badly to Chelsea in last years Final, so the Spaniard would like to get our Group points wrapped up quickly so may well prefer to have the vastly experienced Aubameyang up front. whereas Martinelli has only played 6 minutes in the League, and one League Cup game, although he did manage to score twice.

I certainly can’t see Reiss Nelson in that role, so i’m really hoping that Emery gives Martinelli the chance to emulate his two goals against Forest….



  1. Reiss Nelson has a lot of work to do. Appears weak for my liking. Send him out on loan for a year.
    Martinelli is a baller and heir to Aubameyang.

    1. Thought the article quoted Emery saying he doesn’t think striker is Mantinelli’s best position? And maybe Nketiah also thinks he’s heir to the Auba position too.

  2. Martinelli all the way for me!
    It’s about time Auba had a rest (bet his back has just about had it, what with carrying everyone 😆)

    1. Emery’s woolly thinking: ““MARTINELLI… it is NOT THE BEST POSITION for him . . .”

      Emery also admitted he was considering other options. “Maybe, Reiss Nelson can play as a striker in one moment but in the beginning, I am thinking about Aubameyang and I am not sure [if he will play] and the second option is MARTINELLI.”

      So he’s thinking about starting Auba but he’s not sure he will play – and his second choice is Martinelli but just said it’s not the best position for him. Reiss Nelson’s name is then thrown into the hat.

      So that’s the striker position sorted out then. Glad he made it so clear.

      P.S. Liked your lineup thank you Sue but alas I don’t see Emery breaking his habit and giving Ozil a decent chance so didn’t consider him for mine. Miracles have happened of course – Leeds winning a ‘Fair Play’ trophy comes to mind – but UE looks too settled in his ways I fear.
      In fact I always have a rueful smile when someone starts a sentence with the words ‘Emery is not afraid to change blah blah blah.’ Not afraid? Petrified more like! So we can all look forward (with disgust) when Xhaka’s name is the first on the teamsheet against Bournemouth, taking the place of a proper player and ruining any chance of an excellent midfield.

      1. GJ, I’m not so worried about his English as much as the content, which is just gobbledegook which only he understands. A kid who enjoyed scoring two goals as a striker is deemed to be not for that position. Wonderful eh?!

        1. Yes he baffles me Viju. He should be able to put out a very decent attacking team tonight with players who had injuries coming back and some of the youngsters coming good.

      2. I don’t either, GJ.. I’ll be speechless if he (Ozil) even makes the squad tonight!
        Well, thinking ahead to Sunday.. we haven’t conceded a penalty in 4 (?) games (is that a record?) but, as you say, with Xhaka being the first name on the team sheet, anything is possible…..

        1. @Sue, I don’t like the sound of what I’m saying, but after the waffling answer by Emery at the presser yesterday, I think Ozil’s time in Arsenal had ended. If he plays again it’s a miracle

          1. If he doesn’t even make the squad tonight, I think that will be the last straw.
            Amazes me how some of our players who are consistently rubbish, yet are never dropped..even after dropping repeated clangers, yet 71 minutes of game time and he’s rested! I mean, seriously??? You really couldn’t make this up!
            It really is a shame it’s come to this…

        2. For me Sue the biggest problem when Xhaka is in the team is that the midfield, which could be great, is absolutely ruined.

          It’s not just that he’s denying a good player a chance (and it may be just me I know) but I am unable to compile a good, dynamic midfield formation when he is in there. Take him out and a few good midfield formations readily spring to mind.

          Anyway I’m looking forward to a Xhaka free game tonight and if Ozil is selected I hope the youngsters are on top form and make themselves available for what he creates.

    2. Good afternoon Sue. I hope Mustafi, Ozil and Kola get a shout tonight. Mustafi has been playing well.

      1. Hello georgie! I reckon Mustafi will start.. would love to see Ozil, but I honestly don’t know if we will (surely he can’t be rested again??!!) As for Kola, I was hoping to see Tierney instead 😱😂
        Should be a good game

        1. @Sue.I forgot about the new man. He is one of those people I took an instant liking to. Well, good afternoon Sue and this should be a good game.

          1. I’m too impatient, Nitsram.. I can’t wait until Sunday! I’m hoping he’ll play around 70-80 minutes tonight… play the tank on Sunday. Then Tierney isn’t playing for Scotland during the break, so hopefully he’ll be good to go at Bramall Lane (& beyond!)

  3. Emery is an idiot
    Simple why pay someone as a strikers who’s not having the best time instead of someone who shone last time

    1. You call someone father an idiit for no just cause? U need to have a reorientation. This man is currently more famous and probably more succeful than you.
      Show some respect

      1. Respect is earned not given and without disrespect please explain what the rest meant as I don’t have a clue

  4. I hope Martinelli gets another go at being striker.
    Auba maybe on the bench, and hopefully we can let him rest, if we don’t have to chase a result.

  5. Rest Auba, Guendozi, Chambers and Saka because they offered alot on Monday. Keep Auba and Guendo on the bench though just in case we get into trouble.

    I would want Pepe to play atleast 60 minutes in hopes of him getting back his form and learning more about his other team mates like Bellarin who he needs to form a partnership with. My preference is:

    Bellarin Holding Mustaphi Tierney
    Willock Lucas
    Pepe Ceballos Nelson

    Subs: Leno, Auba, Guendozi, Niles, Ozil, Chambers, Xhaka

    1. Good XI. Also agree that Pepe needs to start this game so he can start putting together some performances, and quickly move on from the United showing.

  6. My choice would be:

    Saka. Ceballos. Pepe
    Willock. Torreira
    Tierney. Chambers. Holding. Bellerin

    It all depends on whether Chambers needs a rest, in which case Mustafi plays. Same with Saka, who can be replaced with Reiss.

    Auba should not be run to the ground and so is the case with Guendozi. Looks like Ozil’s career with us is over, judging by Emery’s waffling at the presser.

    Hopefully Freddie calls the shots or else Tinkerman will do his own convoluted moves.

    1. I really don’t know why Emery is the one talking to the media when according to you Freddie is the Europa league coach, it should have been Freddie speaking to the media.

    2. Again what proof do you have of Freddie being a better coach than Emery, other than that you don’t like Emery?

      1. Nitsram
        I think you should ask Viju Jacob, looks like he has some hidden proof on that. Am sure if the team play well tonight it will be Freddie team but if they play bad it will be Emery team.

      2. If you choose to read, Nitsram, it was in the public domain about how all the players speak highly of Freddie and his abilities, so I urge you to read just like I did.

        1. As they did about Henry and look what happened at Monaco. Aside from that they are talking about him as a coach ie trainer, not a head coach ie manager. The two do not necessarily go hand in hand.

          1. Henry declined AW’s to to coach our youth team, if you jog your memory. As an assistant manager for the Belgium team he didn’t do much either. So why is Henry being mentioned when Freddie’s obvious success as a budding coach is the reality? Any written rule that all explayers must fail as coaches? Or vice versa?

          2. He turned down the offer to be head coach, but he coached (trained) the under 18s for about 18 months between February 2015 and August 2016. Perhaps you didn’t know that and just like to appear to be an expert. As for your final point “is there any rule that successful players can’t be successful coaches or vice versa”: no there isn’t, and that’s exactly my point.

          3. @Nitsram, Freddie is successful thus far in his coaching role while Henry has failed, that’s the reality. Freddie has worked wonders with the kids at the academy and his move to the senior team is to facilitate the youngsters coming in to the first team. As much as I want Henry to succeed, I want Freddie and Viere to succeed too. They are our guys.

          4. Again this is my point; just because Freddie has had one successful season as under23s boss doesn’t mean very much, just as it didn’t when Henry went to Monaco. I hope Freddie will go on to be successful, but to say he’s better than Emery is ridiculous, and is solely based on a dislike of Emery.

          5. Viju Jacob

            Henry did coach our youth teams for a while, but was let go by Wenger.

            Quoting from Wikipedia: “Henry began coaching Arsenal’s youth teams in February 2015, in tandem with his work for Sky Sports. His influence on the team was praised by players such as Alex Iwobi, who dedicated a goal against Bayern Munich in the 2015–16 UEFA Youth League to his advice. Having earned a UEFA A Licence, he was offered the job of under-18 coach by Academy head Andries Jonker, but the decision was overruled by Wenger, who wanted a full-time coach for the team.”

            You mentioned that Freddie should call the shots instead of UE because players speak highly of him and implied Nistram is not as well-read as you.

            Nistram rebutted by giving you an example of a coach who was spoken highly of by players but did not make a good manager.

            It seems like a valid argument. Don’t see anything wrong in that

          6. Thanks lol. Again I would love to see any of our ex players (except maybe Cashley) go on to become great managers- we should definitely be keeping an eye on Paddy at Nice- but it is beyond ridiculous to start treating ex-players with extremely limited experience like they are sure fire successes

          7. Nitsram

            Yeah it would be great to see our ex-players excel in management, especially the legends. Cheers

          8. @Lol, I knew Henry coached the junior team but he decline to be a full time coach for the Under-23 as he wanted to be a pundit on the side. I think Wenger and he fell out over this. I’m a Henry fan, so I was disappointed that he failed in Monaco, but Freddie is doing well. I know none of our current players will say anything bad about our Legends, but apparently all the players sing praises about Freddie and how I wish Henry stayed with us back then. Or even Viers joining us, but I don’t know who else took up coaching from that group.
            I talked about Freddie because of what I saw in the Forest game, a game that was exactly what was played back then and it was clearly NOT Emery’s style. Then there were articles that said Freddie will be active in Cup games, and I don’t have any other source of information but what is there in the public domain.

          9. @Nitsram, I like the moniker Cashley, like how Phil called Spurs as 2pu7.
            Can anything be coined for the other mercenary Nasiri?

          10. Viju Jacob

            Fair enough. I just didn’t get why you wanted Nitstram to jog his memory about Henry declining to coach our youth team when he was pointing out that Henry had a positive stint as our youth team coach but didn’t do well as a manager.

            Anyway that Forest game was a breath of fresh air. Let’s hope we repeat that tonight and enjoy the game later. Cheers

          11. @Lol, it was just a debate about our club, but from our different perspectives. If I upset Leno with my attempted humour, I apologise. Nitsram and me were having a healthy debate and I have no hard feelings about what he said. He is a fellow gooner, not a spurs fan! We all state our pov, and if I upset any of you guys on this thread I apologise. I just didn’t fancy everything I said was taken as binary argument (Freddie Vs Henry for example) and my desire is we get our Arsenal style back.
            We are losing a lot of fans worldwide and in the Arsenal pub here where I watch the game, now it’s just us two gooners, one Nigerian gentleman and myself. The younger lot have moved to City, Liverpool, Barcelona etc. Since I’m worried my disappointment with Emery is all the more (again it’s viewed from a binary perspective..Wenger lover etc) and if we keep losing our fanbase just because the coach hasn’t bought into the Arsenal way, then we will end up with even lesser budgets that Wenger faced with.
            Emirates being our sponsor, one would reckon there will be pubs in Dubai which will be Arsenal home, but I watch the games along with one other fan in a corner of the pub. The pub owner told me Arsenal isn’t that big a club anymore, and that’s where I’m coming from.
            So let’s all debate till we get the glory days back.

    3. I think it hinges on Bellerin’s fitness, he was out for such a long time. If he is not ready, Chambers will fill in. For the center back position, Mustafi may partner Holding because Chambers will be needed on sunday so Emery might want to rest him.

  7. “Leno has more professional matches than me, but in qualities I am equal to or better than him.” Emiliano Martinez. I love his confidence and the fact that he believe he’s tge best keeper in our club.

    1. Somehow I feel he is a lot more authoritatively than Leno, who just doesn’t seem to be vocal enough.

  8. my lineup would be..
    Ainsley sokratis chambers Kola
    Xhaka Joe Mesut
    Nelson Martinelli Pepe

    The only one of these players I would start again on Sunday would be Pepe, assuming he puts out a better performance. This team should be strong enough to get 3 points and field this team Sunday.


    Bellerin Holding Luiz Tierney
    Torreira Matteo Ceballos
    Pepe Auba Saka

  9. We re better of with Martineli as our point man. Auba gets a rest & Lucas starts in the middle of the park. Chambers & Holding central. TK & bellerin full backs. Cellbalos behind the front three. Pepe must start for his morale bost.

  10. Uni Is Not A Good Manager For Arsenal Football Club, Appointing Xhaka As A Captain Of The Team Is A Total Failur, Xhaka Is One Of The Week Player In Arsenal Football Club, He Is One Leg Player, He Cannot Run And He Cannot Turn Around As A Defending Middfilder, So Arsenal Need A Good Defending Middfild Like Ndidi To Balance Our Team. Arsenal Need Matured Players Not Willock, Nelsion, And Some Of The Other Craps In The Team, We Need Esterblish Players Not Inexperience Players, Arsenal Need To Turn Thing Around With Experience Players.

  11. Sucks to see emry without any tactics. Arsenal presently lacks tradition and that always put the team in a tight corner when things fail to go our way. Right from his (emry) time in other clubs, he had always studied other teams more than he improves his team and it tells on the field.I think we need our legends and to manage the team and bring back our tradition. Wenger won’t struggle with the class of players we have @arsenal right now. Turning Mesut into a Deadwood is not good for the club and it will present a bad image of the club in the future. Carzola, Gnabry, etc are players we almost killed but today are ahead in the game.
    We need a tradition in arsenal. Sometimes I don’t understand what we are playing on d pitch…are we pressing? No. Do we control possession? No. Do we play counter? No. Do we defend? Certainly No.

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