Martinelli misses out Brazil’s Olympic squad in boost to Arsenal

Arsenal has been handed a boost in their bid to start next season positively after Gabriel Martinelli missed out on the Brazil squad for the summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Martinelli is an Arsenal fans’ favourite and we expect the Brazilian striker to play an important role for the Gunners next season.

After missing out on the European places at the end of last season, Arsenal will be keen to start the next campaign brightly.

The Gunners will want all their top players available and the Olympic games were always going to disrupt their plans for the campaign.

This is because two of their players are important members of the Brazil Olympic team, Martinelli and Gabriel Magalhaes.

The tournament is set to start from the 22nd of July and will run into August, just before the resumption of the Premier League season.

The Gunners have now received good and bad news after Brazil named their squad for the competition.

As reported by Football London, Martinelli was excluded from the final squad, however, Gabriel was selected and on balance, that should not be too disruptive for Arteta.

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  1. Gutted for Martinelli and tbh, I think Arsenal would have benefited from him playing and possibly winning the Olympics. Now he is could either sit in the doldrums and be gutted, thinking what might have been if Gabriel returns with an olympic medal or he could show Brazil what they are missing and force himself into their world cup squad. Over to you Arteta to manage this. 😳😳😳😳

    1. Why be gutted for Martinelli? I am not, as I SUPPOORT THE CLUB FIRST, NOT ANY INDIVIDUAL PLAYER.
      Since it aids the club by him not being selected for Brazil, I AM VERY GLAD. YOU WOULD BE TOO IF YOU SUPPORTED THECLUB, BEFORE ANY PLAYER. Wrong priorities Atid!

      1. As a supporter of the club you should want our current players to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

        It’s a shame that you don’t want the best for our players Jon.

      2. Look like you only support MA. Martinnelli not selected not because he is no good but because he played less last season. Most of us support the club and not individuals. Anyway, the owner has no choice but will decide the fate of manager by this December. Fans are coming back to stadium.

        1. Kenny, you are right. Brazil is not going to select Martinelli, when he isn’t playing regularly for his club.
          It would be expected that Martinelli will be disappointed, if not selected to go to the Olympics.

  2. How is this good news for Arsenal? He’ll end up of not being used by Arteta anyway. I can bet his lack of game time is why he didn’t make the squad for the Olympics. If I were, martinelli, i’ld leave arsenal the moment I saw arteta retained his job after the season he had.

  3. Unfortunately I would imagine it was Martinelli’s bad injury that kept him out for so long that ultimately prevented him from being selected for Brazil’s final squad in the Olympics this time around but at his young age maybe time is on his side to feature in the next one, probably not too much consolation for him today though

    My main concern would be when/whether he will come back to where he was before that injury, hopefully that will be at the start of next season, had he gone to Olympics that may have delayed that possibility

    By the way Gabriel Magalheas made the final squad, so if Arteta is to blame for Martinelli not doing so should he take the credit for Magalhaes doing so?

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