Martinelli more important to Arsenal than Aubameyang?

It has been reported that Arsenal may have to sell players this summer in order to finance their venture into the transfer market, and both Gabriel Martinelli and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are supposedly being targeted.

Real Madrid are one club believed to be a potential suitor to both players, with some reports claiming that we approached the Galacticos over a potential deal for the Gabon international, with PEA set to enter the final year of his contract this summer.

New reports are now emerging that we could be willing to part ways with the Brazilian Martinelli, who only joined the club in 2019, and is looking like a real future star. It has been said before that every player has his price, and Arsenal will supposedly listen to any large offers made for his signature, despite his recent insistence on making his way to become an ‘Arsenal legend’.

This poses the question, ‘If our club really does have to raise funds in order to strengthen the team, which one should we sell?’

For me, the answer boils down to whether we believe Martinelli can reach the level that Aubameyang is at over the coming years, and also whether there is any possibility of extending the 30 year-old’s contract.

On the outside, Aubz could very well be using the interest in his signature, or speculation should we say, in order to secure strength in contract negotiations, a ploy we have seen one too many times. I wouldn’t be overly shocked if he did extend with our club, expecially given the exciting venture we look to be on with our new coach.

A new contract for Aubameyang could be crucial in our push to return to the Champions League over the coming years, with him being near irreplaceable in terms of experience and ability.

Martinelli is also deemed a key part of our future also however, with him very much showing signs that he will become a world class player over the years. The term wonderkid gets bandied about often with young players, and he has already shown that he deserves the tag, highlighted by links with Real Madrid.

I’m struggling to choose between just which one is the more important to the club moving forward in the short-term, and would much rather see a number of other fringe players depart the club in their place, but if I was forced to choose one, a new contract for Aubameyang would would probably seal my decision.

Which would be more important for you?



  1. I f Gabriel Martinelli as a 19 year old starter at Ashburton get a break through the season 20-21 he will be better than Auba ever was. Hopefully.

  2. Even though Martinelli is our future (and almost our present, given his performances), we can still get a really good 3/4 years out of Auba, maybe more, given his fitness levels, and pace.

    I really hope we can shift Laca in the summer, sign Auba onto a new deal, and then use Martinelli as his main backup, and on the wings.

  3. Once again pure journalist crap. At the end of this current crisis no, or very few clubs, will have the luxury of having any money with which buy players. This negates all this talk of having to sell before we can buy. It time to get real. After this crisis the game will change in many ways, particularly the financial side and the movement of players will be done at a much lower cost. All this talk of “in for this player or that” is just talk. Little or none of of it likely to happen. We not got the money and we have no way of generating it in the foreseeable future. Any suggestion that Kroenke will put money in is pie in the sky.

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