Martinelli will sign his contract and wants to win everything with Arsenal

There are always going to be rumours about whether Arsenal won’t be able to persuade Bukayo Saka, William Saliba and Gabriel Martinelli to sign new contracts as they will only have 12 months left at the end of the season, and the media love to speculate on if Man City will come in with 100m-plus offers.

But Saka has always made it clear that he loves Arsenal, William Saliba has also recently told us that the Gunners are his dream club, and now Gabriel Martinelli has made it clear where his priorities lie.

He is currently with the Brazilian national team in Qatar with Gabriel Jesus, and has given an interview with The Players Tribune talking about how he sees his future: “If you see us in training you’ll understand why we’re playing well, because even in a simple passing game nobody wants to lose.

“At home we haven’t dropped a point yet, because the atmosphere this season is better than ever. The opponents are always feeling the pressure at the Emirates.

“We will continue to go for the win each game, because that is what this club should do. Arsenal is not about ‘getting a point’.

“Arsenal is not about finishing fourth. Arsenal is about titles. The league. The Champions League. That’s what the fans deserve.”

Well, what do you think?  Does that sound like a player that isn’t keen on signing a new contract? I think we can safely say we will be keeping our young star-studded team together for a very long time…


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  1. As Arteta said, things can change rapidly in football. If Mudryk’s rumor is true or if other big clubs are tapping into Martinelli, he might not want to sign a new contract

    1. Please stop all these silly stuff you say sometimes.
      If you have your doubt, at least go read the full interview.
      Only Arsenal will be negotiating contract renewal with players they want and players who make it clear they want to be at Arsenal and still you’ll see our fans making statements such as it’s all just talk until it’s officially signed. Have you been listening to Martinelli about Arsenal for the last 3 seasons?
      We are more likely to lose Saka than lose Martinelli, not because of abilities but because GM11 is always reiterating the fact that he doesn’t want to leave unlike others who don’t say it often

        1. Why should it?
          A new contract is being negotiated, you don’t think get should the best possible offer for himself or what?
          Let me guess, you’re one of those who thinks these kids shouldn’t demand what they feel they’re worth even though they’re performing steady?

          1. Our wage bill is limited and Arsenal haven’t extended Saliba’s/ Saka’s contracts yet. If Arsenal give Martinelli 200k per week, they may have to give Saka more than that

    2. At big clubs players should have to fight for their starting spot, the top sides who win major honours have two players for each position, which we currently lack(quality wise) in certain positions. Mudryk would be a good signing and I think Martinelli would relish the challenge of trying to keep his place.

      1. Mudryk’s rumor doesn’t make sense to me, because:

        – Smith-Rowe was a productive LW before he got injured

        – Jesus, Nketiah and Balogun can play on the left wing. Signing a new LW will further limit Nketiah’s or Balogun’s game time

        – Arsenal seem to have been giving Nelson one last chance to prove his worth of a new contract

        1. Wow, which planet are you living in? The only thing that makes no sense is why Arsenal did not push hard when Mudryk was still a bit cheaper. If Arsenal push for him this winter or summer, I would support the move 100%. He can push for 1st team as LW or as attacking midfield challenging Odegaard. When you look at his intelligent passing and the assists he had last season, there’s absolutely every reason why he can perform better as attacking midfield.
          Secondly, I don’t understand why so much negativity around GM11… Had his commitment being suspect to you perhaps?

        2. I understand your thinking re Mudryk, not sure I agree re Martinelli though since he seems committed to the club and his team mates.

          Signing another LW would probably mean a lot of players running for the exits. But… MA likes to invert wingers, so perhaps he’s actually looking at him as cover for Saka as much as for Martinelli?

          I can’t see him being affordable for FSR (new FFP) reasons though, not if we also want to buy in other positions.

  2. This is the time when players lips get a little loose, being away from their clubs feeling relax with countrymen.

    No doubt there will be a few nervous clubs knowing hell can break loose at any moment history has though them so, it is always best to have your most talented players tied down on long term contracts during these time as unscrupulous clubs will be sniffing around and words will be twisted some probably got lost in translation.

    A keep saying of all three kids Saliba, Saka and Martinelli, its Saliba am most worried about and it has mainly to do with his initial handling.

    Martinelli is consistent the kid mouth has always been loose about how he felt at Arsenal, his connections are now under pressure to sign for the club, but Arsenal have never been in such great position in many years, so even my concerns about Saliba may not be necessary.

  3. I really hope he signs (our best player iMO)but we know what footballers are like ,one week they will be kissing the badge the next lining up for a new team after being offered thousands more per week .
    Just because he’s been saying all the right words for the last few seasons means absolutely f all until he’s signed up and
    I will say Arsenal doing their best to leave it to the last minute once again .

  4. Martinelli has always given 100% on the pitch, both sides of the ball, reminds me of energizer bunny Alexis Sanchez.

    His commitment is evident on the pitch, why would his words mean less? I will take him at his word until his actions show otherwise.

    Remember when Willian had all that big talk when he signed, then his displays were the laziest, most unproductive, and wasteful I have seen wearing our badge.

    Martinelli’s actions match his words, so let’s extend his contract and continue to enjoy his performances in an Arsenal shirt.

  5. I fail to understnd the constant speculatuion about our young players signing new contracts. Either they will or they won’t. Nothing we can say alters that fact.

    I believe all three mentioned in this piece WILL sign anew but my opinion means nothing . I would rather wait to see what happens and then comment accordingly.

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