Martinelli’s international decision could cause problems for him next season

Gabriel Martinelli’s decision to choose Brazil over Italy in international football could affect his start to next season.

The attacker is gradually working his way into Mikel Arteta’s plans as one of Arsenal’s key players after a long-term injury.

He is a fan favourite and would be keen to start the next campaign very well after starting this one injured.

However, Football London says because he plays for the Brazilian national team, he could miss the start of the next season because of the Tokyo Olympics.

They moved Tokyo 2020 to this year after the coronavirus pandemic put the world on standstill for much of 2020.

The games are expected to end on the 8th of august and the report says if Martinelli and the Brazilian national team go all the way to the final, then he would miss the start of next season.

He was a part of the Brazilian Under23 team when the competition was to be held last year.

He has spent the last few months on the sidelines and he hasn’t really gotten up to speed at Arsenal yet, however, he is still one of the country’s best Under23 players.

For now, the attacker will be focused on having a good end to this season.

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  1. What always baffles me is the ability of most Arsenal fans to hype “average” players….

    There’s absolutely NOTHING that Martinelli has done to warrant a place in the starting 11 ahead of other wingers. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!

    Pepe, Willian should be the starting wingers at Arsenal. I know fans Will realize later.

    All these young players, to me, it’s just smoke and hype. Now see how Saka is struggling BIG TIME!!!

    Actually, the unpopular opinion is I see REISS NELSON as the only young player with EXCEPTIONAL talent. And if we lose him he’ll definitely bite us like GNABRY.

  2. The last thing we need moving forward is to provide Arteta with more excuses to not play Martinelli…whenever I think about the Olympics it reminds me of Gnabry scoring goals for fun, then leaving the club shortly thereafter…Wenger should have hand delivered a new contract, with assurances, directly to his hotel room in Brazil

    1. Manager do not hand contract but recommend/offer

      At that time, it should Gazadis or Law and his team that handle the negotiations and admin work

      Previously it was done by Dein and Cashley Cole almost flip his car when a new deal was offered at that time

  3. Martinelli may as well play in the Olympics for Brazil, rather than sit on the bench for Arsenal.

    1. I believe if you say one word that Arteta dislike then you are out of the team.
      Struggling with Luiz , Willian, Auba yet they are the ones who play.
      He has shortcircuited Saliba, Guendouzi, and now Holding and Matinelli. Zero chance for Balogun.
      Hail Arteta

      1. Ken, is holding being dropped for something he said to the gaffer, coz really he’s been so good since the start of the season

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